Trapology Lobby
The story’s the same every year

You pick out all your classes, make sure that your room is outfitted with only the best in interior design, and your dream of becoming a world-class flautist are one step closer to completion. Every last minute detail planned out to the letter. Yet there’s that one teensy little detail that’s still lingering. You see, you’re about to be spending a good chunk of time with a roommate that you’ve very likely never met before.

Suffice it to say, things can be a little awkward at first. It’s kind of like if you were to walk into your room and there’s a bunk bed where there wasn’t a bunk bed before. That bunk bed is for Tom. Who’s Tom? Well, for starters, Tom is super into Hawaiian pizza and rollerblading. Also solving three sides of a Rubik’s cube, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Also, Tom’s going to be living with you for the next eight months. That’s the perfect concoction for a long lasting and meaningful friendship right? Okay, so maybe it’s not going to be the easiest adjustment.

So, as a fellow collegiate person, may I offer a bit of sage advice:

Make a point to spend some time together. Get to know your roommate — they could just be one amazing human being! Grab a burger together with some people from your building, rollerblade to grab a coffee in the morning before class, or just jam out together to a killer Spotify playlist.

The lesson is, don’t be afraid to have some fun with your new friends. You’re going to be meeting people from all over the planet so take some time to learn about each other. This is an exciting time in your life, so take advantage of it! And if you’re ever sitting around wondering what you could be doing on a Saturday that isn’t Can Jam or Netflix for the 300th time that week, know that there’s a place right next to the gorgeous Boston Commons that is always happy to see some new smiling faces.