Arrive 17 minutes before game start time

Leave extra time for Boston “Masshole” traffic and parking. Your 60 minutes game experience will start exactly on time – with or without you!

Gaming under the influence (GUI) is strictly prohibited.

If you are excessively drunk and/or being destructive, our gamemasters will end your entire team’s experience without refund or reschedule. Don’t be that guy.

To book a private game, book all 10 tickets.

Trapology has a “open gaming” philosophy. You may be playing with strangers in your group. Fear not. Most of our leaderboard teams are mixed teams.

Each Trapology game can fit up to 10 players.  Aged 18+

Mature teens (14+) must be accompanied by a legal guardian. All must understand that our games have references to adult themes (drinks, drugs, gambling).


A Boston cop decides that you and your rowdy friends are having a bit too much fun during your pub crawl. He throws you and the drunkards into the Charles St. Jail drunk tank. You pass out. When you wake up, still in the jail cell, you realize something feels off. Explore your cell and uncover clues about where you really are, who really put you there, and escape before someone comes back and finds out your escape plan.

The Drunk Tank requires a minimal amount of physical activity. Elevators are also available upon request. Please inform us ahead of time so that we can adjust your experience accordingly. 

Difficulty: lock-xxllock-xxllock-xxllock-xxllock-xxl
Maximum # of players: 10
Success rate: 17%

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A little blackjack here… a little mah jong there… and before you know it, you’ve amassed a healthy debt. You knew that getting involved in the gambling ring behind a well-known Boston Chinatown restaurant on Tyler St. was a bad idea. Now, you are unable to pay your debt. The triads put you in a room, and you have one hour to get out. Hurry, and warn your family. The triads are on their way to shake them down.

Your team is split up into two groups and put in separate rooms. You might be playing the role as the locked up gambler that the triads are angry with… or you might be a courageous and loyal friend trying to bail out a buddy in a distress.
The Hustler requires mild physical activity (i.e bending, crouching, kneeling).  Please inform us ahead of time if you require any special accommodations and  we can adjust your experience accordingly. Elevators are also available upon request. 

Difficulty: lock-xxllock-xxllock-xxllock-xxl
Maximum # of players: 10
Success rate: 25%

buy tickets online for trapology boston escape game


In addition to several pop-up games in the works, we will be adding four additional ORIGINAL escape games at our downtown Boston location (177 Tremont St. Boston, MA 021111). We are excited to show you high production quality, challenging new puzzles, and incredible technology.