Crush Depth: Our Newest Game

Are you ready for our newest challenge?

Here at Trapology our most recent room, Crush Depth, opened a few months ago and is now known as one of our hardest rooms. This room is coming in at a 13% success rate and has challenged both new and seasoned escape room players. The challenge in this room? Well, we can’t tell you, you will have to come and play to find out. But what we can say is that this room has puzzles that test your way of thinking, forcing you to try everything outside of the box. Even if you have beaten all of our other rooms, there is no guarantee that your team will be able to solve this room. What we can guarantee is an hour of critical thinking and light-hearted fun.

Delve into the story with us as you and your old crewmates decide to visit your old submarine after you hear that your beloved Captain has died. As you reminisce about the old days under the sea, you feel that something is off. You realize that the submarine is sinking further and further into the water at an alarming and speed.  You and your shipmates have come to the conclusion that your old captain might not have been as well-liked by the other members of the crew and that he may be reaching from beyond his watery grave to send you on the destructive plummet. It is your mission to find out what has happened to the Captain and give him the proper burial that he deserves. Send him on his way and bring the sub back up to the surface before reaching CRUSH DEPTH.

Join us for a voyage in our newest and most challenging escape room.

Jane Austen