9 Things Escape Game Players do that Game Masters Can’t Stand


I’m surprised that it has taken us this long to compile this list. Lord knows we’ve been dealing with these things for as long as we have been open. Give this a quick read and learn from our Game Masters’ escape game pet peeves.

  1. Stop breaking our stuff!

The number one thing that game masters hate to see is players being destructive within the escape game. We understand that accidents happen, adrenaline is high, and that we are all here to have a good time. However, there is a clear difference between:

a.) Accidentally dropping an item that you had in your hand or accidentally snapping a key

b.) Flipping over a table. Throwing props against the wall, etc. etc. etc.

If you wanted an hour to work on your anger management, stay home and smash your own belongings. Or go to www.angerroom.com. Please leave our puzzles out of it.

We, the game masters running your escape game at Trapology, can see and hear you at all times. We will be able to stop you as you are about to smash that item you have in your hands. Be warned! We are also very proud to share that we devote a very specific 1:1 ratio of game master to ongoing game. We find that each team truly needs and deserves one person running their games at all times. With this set up we are able to guarantee the quality, attention, and uninterrupted fun that comes with experiencing a game at Trapology Boston.


  1. “We already did that!”:

We promise, you didn’t. Game masters know where you are in the game at all times. If we give you a hint regarding a certain puzzle, it means you have not yet solved it correctly, even though you think you may have.


  1. Take our keys and clues home from our escape games:

We will say it once, twice, three times, for the rest of our lives. Don’t take our keys/clues/locks/games home with you! When you do, it causes game masters serious panic and inconvenience. It can also severely impact the escape game for the next players. Save a life; check your pockets before you leave!


  1. Playing the escape game twice:

We are happy to hear that you enjoyed our game so much! That is what we strive for with every team that passes through our doors. But please don’t come back already knowing the solution to all of the puzzles you solved a week earlier.

Especially…especially, if you are bringing a date to try to impress them. We have had that happen too many times, and it is just not a fun situation for anyone involved. Bring them on a date in which you aren’t lying to them and pretending to be a genius to try to win their love.


  1. Ignore your teammates:

This just breaks a game master’s heart. You should listen to your teammates’ ideas. Entertain any possibility, because anything is possible in an escape game. If something isn’t working for you, give someone else a try!


  1. Disregard everything we clearly stated in the rules:

There’s a reason we ask you to arrive early before your game. We have important rules and information that are essential to your game play! If you disregard our rules, not only will you not escape, but your experience may not be as fun as you had hoped going in.

Example of going against our rules: [que Rules video] “…Rule #1: Please do not use your phones inside of the game room. We ask you to refrain from photos and videos in order to keep our rooms secret…”

[15 minutes later during the game]

“Guys, lets take a selfie for my snap story”

We have had this scenario happen too many times to count. And if you are not going to listen to and respect this rule, we truly will provide a place to lock up your phone and not allow you to have it for the rest of the game. We have worked extremely hard to bring you these great experiences, so we ask that you please listen to the rules and keep everything a surprise for future players.


  1. Being stubborn and never asking for hints:

We understand that many teams who come through our doors are looking to beat a record and not use any hints. And to those people we say, right on! But when we do have a team that has been stuck for the past 10 minutes without solving a single thing, and fighting over whether or not to ask for a hint, we start to become a bit upset. We are here to help and provide you with helpful hints at your disposal. The ideal game for us is when we work seamlessly with the teams inside of the room, as they work cohesively and productively together. When we have a divided team arguing over whether or not to receive a clue, that makes us sad.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have teams that refuse to take clues, but stand idle and give up on the puzzles they are working. These are usually the teams that we decide to throw a free hint to, and the reaction we receive is more often than not a negative one. If we see you struggling, we like to make sure you progress through the game. We are sorry that we gave you a helpful hint, but please don’t get so mad at us.


  1. Saying mean things about the room or game masters out loud:

Like we tell you at the beginning of every game, we can see and HEAR you at all times. How would you feel if you heard someone say something very rude/inappropriate things about you? We always appreciate feedback on our games, but please keep your insults to yourself.

We have feelings too!


  1. Sneezing, putting things in your mouth, general lack of sanitary common sense:

Are players not aware of how many people have played these games before them? Well, game masters are. And when we see you hold a flashlight in your mouth, we have to wonder: what are you thinking? Now we have to go in there with gloves and disinfectant. So many people go through coughing and sneezing all over. And to those people, game masters ask: would you please cover your mouth? Note to all other player: We at Trapology do our best to frequently lysol and clorox our game props and sets.
When you decide to join us here at Trapology Boston for one of the most challenging and immersive experiences in the city and area, we ask that you keep this list in mind. We hope to have a smooth and amazing experience for you, and if you avoid doing any of these things, we will be at our best.