Five Concerns players have about Escape Games

Many players come to us here at Trapology Boston with concerns and worries regarding their experience looked in a room for an extended period of time. Whether they are stressed about actually being locked in a room or uneasy about the idea of tackling multiple puzzles with a group of people you don’t really know that well, we are used to these concerns and very able to run your game smoothly and relieve your stress. We’d like to share with you Five Concerns players have about Escape Games and provide some responses!


  • I am claustrophobic, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to play!

This concern is quite often shared with us, and for a very good reason. This is definitely the top of the five concerns players have about escape games.  For those of us who have a hard time dealing with small spaces, the idea of intentionally being locked in a room for an hour is a terrifying one. Of course, this was a top priority in the designing of our rooms; keeping everyone comfortable. While playing any one of our rooms, participants will, at all times, have the ability to unlock the door and leave the room for any emergency reason.

push to exit

push to exit

Pictured above, is our emergency exit button. They are located next to each door in our game rooms and that will be the way for you to leave if need be. And before you ask, NO it is not an accepted form of escape!


  • I’m not smart enough!

We believe that our games are designed to truly allow every member of your team shine! Quite often the most timid people, players who start off not speaking for the first 15 minutes, are the team members who end up contributing the most and solving the hardest puzzles. And speaking with players after their game, we have learned that people are mainly quiet because they come in with the idea that they don’t have anything to add and aren’t smart enough. And that couldn’t be more false! We have never had a single player, in the thousands that have come through our doors, that has not added anything to their team or the path to escape. Our puzzles are designed to combine both everyday common knowledge and some complicated critical thinking. So that even if you can’t solve 53x=57x-2 within seconds (which none of us could), you will still be able to say, “Hey! Maybe we should put together this puzzle!”


  • Is it scary?

Many people are concerned that these rooms are made to intentionally scare our guests. To that we have to say, we are not a haunted house experience, there are multiple hidden effects, but ultimately we are not in the business of scaring people.


  • Am I going to have fun?

Well, we may be a bit biased with our answer to this question, but we believe that the thousands of happy faces that have left our doors speak for themselves. Across many experiences reviewing websites, we have numerous positive reviews that we believe truly reflect the time you will have at Trapology Boston.


  • What if we don’t get out?

Well, I guess you’ll be spending the night at 177 Tremont Street. Just kidding!! When your 60 minutes are up, we will come into the room and walk you through what you solved and the remainder of the puzzles. Each team gets a walkthrough and even the teams that do successfully escape our game frequently miss a few subtle clues around the room. And just to let you know, we’ve never had a team too disappointed that they couldn’t make it out of the room.


Those would be the top five concerns players have about escape games expressed to us here at Trapology. We hope that we have addressed them in a way that will make you comfortable and ready to come join us for Boston’s greatest escape game.