However… We highly do NOT recommend the Trapology escape game as your corporate team building event if you are:

      • Not ready to see how your co-workers react to peculiar high-pressure situations.
      • Are a slowpoke. We’ve been told that players consider Trapology escape games to be fastest 60 minutes of their lives.
    • Uncomfortable with seeing “Bob from accounting” away from his routine and his desk. You’re going to learn a LOT about your teammates!
    • We would love to chat with you and answer any questions you might have!

      Please schedule a time HERE to speak with us about your event!


How much are tickets?

Ticket prices are posted on the Buy Tickets page. To make the game private for your group, book the entire room ?

How many people can fit in the room?

The Drunk Tank – 10 participants

The Huster – 10 participants

The Retreat – 5 participants

25 people can be in three games simultaneously. There must be a 15-30 minute gap between each game for a full-game walkthrough and game reset. We will happily run the games back to back.

Is catering and bartending available?


Wait, but we don’t want to play with strangers…

We understand. For teams that prefer a private experience, we recommend that our corporate teams book all available tickets in the game.

Highly effective teams:

    • “Working effectively as part of a team is incredibly important for output quality, morale, and retention.” // “All of this doesn’t mean that working on a team is easy. We’ve all probably had our share of project experiences where slackers who don’t pull their own weight take the fun out of teamwork. But given the above risks, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t figure out and practice how to build effective teams.” – Why and Where is teamwork important

Trapology® Boston is located in the heart of downtown Boston, directly across the street from The Boston Common, next to the Lowes movie theater. Our space is 2300 sq feet and handicap accessible. The entire space is available for functions, summer outings, team building events, client gatherings, and conferences.

Trapology® Boston, a suspenseful escape game, provides a perfect scenario for colleagues, students and strangers with an environment where clear communication is essential and a common goal that is fun and simple – get out of the room. Almost everyone has experienced a stale ice breaker game and cheesy teamwork exercise. They are ubiquitous in corporate and school environments in hopes of fostering effective teamwork. Trapology Boston provides the ultimate teamwork challenge, one that involves stress and pressure, and requires complete strangers to dig deep for creative problem solving skills.

Trapology® Boston introduces a series of challenging puzzles that will  ignite a sense of primal survival skills. Some can be solved with one individual. Some involve every hand in the room. Team members will motivate each other, emitting positive morale that is sure to continue on after the game is over. Out-of-the-box thinking is always encouraged during the Trapology Boston game to solve mind-bending puzzles. It’s very common that a team member will suggest a connection between several clues, and though the suggestion may be incorrect, it often sparks another team member towards another idea. Team members create their own safe environments, where ideas can be shared without judgment. Each member is expected to perform to the best of their abilities, utilizing their strengths and compensating for the other’s weaknesses.

Contact us so that we can create a unique and fun team building experience for your organization!