Game Master: Dylan
Director of Serious Matters: Dylan

Pet Peeve: Solar Flares
Guilty Pleasure: Dylan’s never been guilty about any of his pleasures

As the Director of Serious Matters, it might come as a surprise that Dylan is anything but stern and overbearing. To Dylan, serious matters and playful adventure are never mutually exclusive. A man of the people, he continually sets the bar for his fellow employees. A literal bar that is. The unofficial spokesperson for the Tam right down the street; you bet Dylan will be trying his darndest to get us all over there with him any day of the week. Meet him there on Taco Tuesdays and you’ll be sure to come away a happy camper.


So where does Dylan originate from?

Surely a man with this expanse of positively descriptive words isn’t a native of the gruff and tough city of Boston — and you’d be right! Dylan originally comes from the land of Minnesota. What is Minnesota known for you may ask? Well, I’ve never been so quite frankly I have no idea. But if I were to make an educated guess based upon the one Minnesotan I know, I’d say that they’re a kind people who can find the positive in anything and always make sure to accommodate their guests to the absolute best of their abilities.

Yet all may not be as it seems

Beyond the warmth, there lies a darkness that haunts this brave Minnesotan. Something that scurries and digs its dark unhygienic teeth into his dreams at night, making sleep a nigh impossible feat. This horrifying figure I speak of is, of course, the Minnesotan’s natural predator – the rat. While larger in stature and physically the better, the Minnesotan’s natural reaction is that of sheer terror. Think of a cucumber next to a cat. Very similar reactions. It’s an unfortunate fact to have learned about our dear friend and co-worker, but make no mistake, Dylan has never once let this shortcoming define him. Quick on his feet and a suave debonair – Dylan is nothing short of a joy to be around.

If Dylan sounds like the kind person that you’d like to handle your next company outing, you can drop him a line right here!



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