Game Master: Hayley

Likes: Dying her hair

Dislikes: Mushy foods

Game Master Hayley is the newest member of the Trapology family, so in some respects, she is still a mystery to us. Here in this blog, we will reveal what little we know about her thus far.

Hayley is from Fort Worth, Texas. She came to Boston for her education and because she finds Texas to be too darn hot. An interesting fact about Hayley is that she has no sense of smell, which means that she tastes everything very mildly. Because of this, texture is a big thing for her, hence the dislike of mushy food.

In her free time, Hayley enjoys giving back to her community, teaching elderly people synchronized swimming and macrame. Her talents extend into the far reaches of artistry. She is a talented photographer and videographer, an eloquent public speaker, and can draw a perfect circle. Sometimes she makes outrageous claims, like that her mother invented dental floss, or that she can beat any of us in an arm wrestle. I don’t buy it.

Much about young Hayley is still wrapped in mystery, but we hope to learn more about her in the coming months/years. Based on observation, she is a friendly, adaptable person who carries herself with the utmost grace. We hope you like her as much as we do!
If you would like enigmatic Hayley to run your game, you can request for her when you book here.