Game Master: Leanne

Pet Peeve: Other people’s silverware (You should ask her about it.)

Guilty Pleasure: Raisin Bread

Leanne joined Trapology earlier this year as a new Game Master and has quickly become a cherished member of our team! Whether it’s lending a hand in whatever needs doing, or by offering you a slice of raisin bread, Leanne is always there. Trust us, we’re really not kidding about the raisin bread thing; one minute, she’ll be sitting in the control room, and then BAM! She has an entire loaf of raisin bread in front of her. We think she might be a sorcerer.


Originally hailing from Needham, Leanne has forayed into the bustling city of Boston and set up shop at nearby Northeastern University, where she’s studying to be the world’s most renowned International Businessperson there ever was. Would we bet our lunch money that she’ll succeed? You’re darn right we would.


Leanne isn’t just a one trick pony, though! Oh no, my friends! In fact, she’s recently returned to us from a semester abroad in China, where she took on the Great Wall and mastered the inner mechanisms of the Mandarin language. Don’t let her tell you that the trip was simply “a good time” – like exploring China isn’t the coolest thing ever. Because it is, objectively. (Okay, so maybe space travel is a little cooler but my point still stands).

But besides someone who routinely employs her younger brother for scares and pranks around the building, who is Leanne? Well, in a nutshell: she’s one of the most good-natured and welcoming people you will ever meet, and a terrific Game Master to boot! Inside the control room, she never ceases to root on her teams and ensure that victory is always within arms reach.

If you like the sound of Leanne, you can request to have her run your game here!