Game Master: Micha

Catch Phrase: “Sorry!”

Celebrity Crush: Eddie Redmayne

Micha, a quiet and reserved game master, is our resident Midwesterner. She grew up in Colorado but unfortunately doesn’t have any kind of an accent. At most, she says the word “rather” slightly posh-sounding. But she is friendly and easy to talk to, so we keep her around.

When Micha was young, she used to spend hours after school, biking around with her friends. She has a refined appreciation for nature, video games, and music of the pop-punk persuasion. She has a lot of buttons on all of her bags/purses/etc, and it should also be noted that she can speak nearly perfect Japanese.

Recently, Micha has been on a bit of a baking stint. She is slowly perfecting the art of fruit bread. So far, our favorite has been the apple cinnamon. Her other talents include graphic design, animation, and she is insanely good at the game “Just Dance.”
All in all, she’s a great game master and a good friend to have. Micha is a good man in a storm, and we are glad to have her in our corner.

Looking for a smoothly run escape game? Mention Micha’s name in your booking here and tell them I sent you!