Game Master: Nathaniel (Nate)

Height: 6’5

Catch Phrase: “Get over yourself”

Here are some things that you might not be able to guess about our Game Master, Nate;

First, he hates being called Nate. I don’t know who started it, but the people who work at Trapology Boston are the only people in the world who call him that. His whole life, his friends, family, every teacher, doctor, every person who has been introduced to him, calls him Nathaniel. Except for us! And he hates it.

Originally from Salem, Nate grew up a happy child, playing golf and baseball. Hold onto your hats ladies, Nate is actually in his high school Hall of Fame for varsity golf. He has boasted around the control room on more than one occasion that his mother is the best quilter in the North East, but I have yet to see any proof.

We like him because he’s very helpful around Trapology HQ. Nate is very good at reaching things on high shelves, and he does all the editing for those AMAZING blogs you’ve seen. He likes show tunes and his cat. He is also probably the best Game Master in the biz. You’re lucky if you have him watching your game. He’ll treat you right.

For more insider information about Nate, come play a game at Trapology and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse.
P.S. Do yourself a favor and watch the video for the song “Orinoco Flow” by the Celtic Women. Nate says that this song was the soundtrack to his childhood.

Want Nate to run your game at Trapology? Mention his name while reserving tickets here.