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Why Trapology Boston is the Best Escape Room

What makes Trapology Boston escape rooms better than the rest? People ask us this question all the time, but there’s not one simple answer. A few things that distinguish Trapology from other escape rooms are our amazing staff and our unique rooms. Most importantly at Trapology, we aim to go above and beyond in all areas. It also doesn’t hurt that we have floor to ceiling windows displaying a wonderful view of the Boston Common! Here are even more reasons why Trapology Boston is the best escape room around:


One unique thing about the Trapology game masters is that we make an effort to connect with the players in order to provide a great customer service experience. We like to engage with players by asking about their previous escape room experience and if they feel we reach their expectations, or how we can improve. We wouldn’t be able to do what we love if people didn’t enjoy themselves, which is why we believe that getting customer input is the most important part of our job. When customers have fun, we have fun!


Our fearless leader (and manager), Tina, ensures that game masters are always on task. She makes sure that games are being watched and reset properly so that all customers have a flawless experience. Tina is the ultimate jack of all trades, addressing and fixing technical issues, handling any issues customers have, and making sure the Trapology ship is running as smoothly as possible. She also has a fondness for dogs and Game of Thrones that is unparalleled!


Cori is a dedicated employee that focuses on corporate events and team building. She works hard to make sure the companies that come to Trapology have the best corporate bonding experience possible. Thanks to Cori, corporate teams that reserve our lobby space for their events can enjoy an open bar and catering! If you’re interested in planning a corporate event at Trapology, feel free to get in touch with Cori at


There’s no way Trapology Boston would even exist without the owners, Nicole and Jason. Not to brag or anything, but they are some of the most creative and driven people you will ever meet. They design all of our rooms with care and precision because they strive to provide a fun and inclusive experience for everyone. They also take the time to read all customer feedback that we receive so they can constantly improve Trapology and make it the best it can be.


At Trapology all of our games are fully designed in-house, which is something we are very proud of. While Nicole gets most of the credit for this, she always asks for input from the Trapology staff and often incorporates their ideas into the rooms. While the exact methods of our design process must remain a mystery, we do allow members of the public to get involved by beta testing. If you’re interested in beta testing our new rooms head to our website and see if you can find the hidden button that leads to our beta testing page!

Still don’t believe that Trapology Boston is the best escape room around? Don’t take it from us, check out this awesome review left by one of our many satisfied customers:

This is the best escape room in Boston. The rooms are complex but rewarding, with excellent attention to detail and very professional staff. Our guide was Craig and he really brought the story of the room to life for our team. Their system of hints is great and all of their rooms are well done. Highly recommend!”


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Trapology speaks at PAX East 2019


We had a great time speaking at PAX EAST for the third year in a row!

Trapology partners with WGBH to create a Twitch interactive escape game

It all started with, Tina saying, “Nicole, someone named Joanie called you and she wants you to design something for her on Twitch”.

The very brief phone conversation that I had with Joanie left me extremely excited. Following that phone call were hundreds of e-mails, phone calls, Zoom video chats, and in-person brainstorming sessions about the Twitch interactive escape game. Each time we spoke, we clarified our goals for the project a little bit more. When our teams (and legal counsel) reached an agreement and a signed project plan, I cried tears of happiness. Jason and I signed the contract while we were in the middle of nowhere Alaska. Getting proper signal to return it back was a challenge in itself!

The goal:

Design and build an interactive escape game in six weeks. It would be live-streamed on Twitch. YouTube and Twitch influencers would be the players. Trapology would design not one, but two sets of puzzles – one set for the live in-studio players and another set for the viewers on Twitch. In addition, WGBH would be live-streaming our design sessions, behind the scenes content, build days, production meetings, and interviews.

You can watch the entire stream here:


During a brainstorming session, we talked about a STEM theme for the Twitch interactive escape game

Dozens of ideas were tossed around. Some were very bad ideas. Here are some of the slightly better ones: Clean renewable energy, chemistry lab experiments, and a time machine that would bring us back to the Mesozoic era. WGBH selected the concept that we all loved the most: Space. (Well, it was my close second choice. Dinosaurs will always be my first choice!)


In one week, I video-conferenced with five different people from NASA!

It was important to us that our game design was based on science. Though we ultimately ended up on a futuristic Space Station that was orbiting Mars, everything that we designed is within close-future reach or already happening on the International Space Station, such as growing vegetables and 3D printing. Joanie, Tory, and Rob, of the Emerging Platforms group at WGBH, connected us with all of the right people. We were able to interview folks from NASA including a flight directors, engineers from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and experts about the current experiments on the International Space Station.

I photographed all of the headshots above! Photo credit: Nicole Chan Studios

The WGBH team lined up a fierce group of astronaut players for the Twitch interactive escape game: The Skorys focus on puzzles, games, and all-around hysterical positivity with 1.43 million YouTube subscribers, EJ_SA focusing on Kerbal Space Program and an incredible space-related influencer with 54,000 Twitch followers, and Das Valdez who streams about science, technology, explosions, and math wit his 60,000+ Twitch followers. The experience was hosted by Justin Shaifer, the emerging STEM personality who is entertaining and very relatable.

Designing this Twitch interactive escape game was much different than the typical Trapology escape game because of its scale, timeline, and audience.

Together, we wrote a script for Justin to interact with the players. His role was “CapCom” or Capsule Communicator. Joanie took this rough script and translated it into multiple documents for the production crew. Trapology designed a puzzle experience for the astronauts that are physically in the game, but also puzzles and interaction opportunities for our Twitch audience. Typically, the escape game players dictate their successes and failures. It was interesting to be able to have the Twitch audience decide some critical elements that helped and hindered the astronauts.


Jason often lost his box of screws.

Above and below was our Trapology game master station.

Everything was heightened!

We had our normal cameras, audio, and speakers within the experience, but WGBH also had their own set of cameras, audio, speakers, and so many cables and wires so that their control rooms would be able to choose which camera to feature in the stream. Trapology had our standard Control Room setup. CapCom (Justin) and ChatCom (Tory) had their own Control Room, where they interacted with the chat and of course had several cameras and mic pacs. Then, there was a third, the mother of all Control Rooms. Eddie, the director, called the shots in this one. He chose which camera was “live”. I admired his control of multi-tasking and quick-speaking, clear direction.


The Narrative

You are astronauts on a futuristic international space station that is orbiting Mars. The space station was built by a private space agency called PEARL (Planetary Exploration Agency of Remote Locations). You’re conducting experiments on the space station such as growing plants and vegetables on the Space Station as well as 3D printing using Mars rocks and soil.


The Twist

There was a extreme air leak that causes you and your team to evacuate into the Emergency Pod.


The Additional Layer

The Twitch chat is called ENID, the US government’s agency for Exploration and Navigation of Intragalactic Domains, which PEARL relies on for support. ENID makes some critical decisions that impacts the gameplay. They can either help or hinder!



This project exceeded all of our expectations.

We had so much fun creating it and are so thankful to WGBH for the partnership and the opportunity. I now have a whole new vocabulary: take, QQ, box, and so many more. I also have a newfound respect for those that contribute to TV and broadcasting.


Below is one of my favorite ENID interactions. Twitch Chat had to use a heat map to click around the game to help the astronauts find out where a key was hidden!

This amazing collaborative partnership with public media company, WGBH, was the most fun we’ve had all year. Tory, Joanie, and Rob are positive, supportive, and creative individuals who went above and beyond to give us as much as they could. The WGBH staff became our new work family for these weeks – Steve, Phil, Margaret, Chloe, Eddie, Hillary, and many more. We even became close with the security guys when we checked in daily for our contractor badges. They’d ask us, “How’s your spaceship coming?” One would even remind us, “It’s almost Launch Day!” To everyone at WGBH, it was a joy to work with you all. We will miss our game master desk station in the corner of Calderwood.

This entire project would not have been possible if we didn’t have an incredible TrapStaff that was holding down the fort for our existing six escape games. Carolina, our assistant manager, stepped up and took the reins  of 177 Tremont St. while Jason, Cori (Director of Serious Matters), Tina (Director of Fun), and I scrambled around working in space.

I’d like to take a second to acknowledge the Welsh’s fruit snacks, Dunkin’ Donut coffee runs, and the delirium after consecutive 16-hour days. During these six weeks, I am reminded of how truly lucky I am to have people like Cori and Tina. We motivated each other, kept each other accountable, and annoyed the crap out of one another. Most importantly, we recognized when we needed to take a break. Once a day, we’d take a 30 minute break to go to Mainely Burgers to get a root beer float, brussel sprouts. Most importantly, we didn’t talk about the spaceship for those 30 minutes. We create experiences for teams to practice communication and teamwork skills, but let me tell you… there is no better teamwork than what we did together, here. I’m so proud of us, and I can’t wait for the next project.

The spaceship is on display!

The PEARL Spaceship is living at WGBH for another two weeks. Trapology Staff will be giving tours and running private games for WGBH VIPs!


You can watch the entire stream here:

escape room

What To Do After An Escape Room


The Trapology staff have played enough rooms to know it can be hard to figure out what to do after an escape room. When we finish an escape room, our adrenaline is still flowing strong and we want to do something fun with our remaining energy! We figure that we aren’t the only ones who never know what to do after an escape room, so we decided to come up with a list of our top 5 things to do after an escape room. Check them out below!

1. Ask for an in-depth walk through of the room


After each game, we offer complimentary walk throughs of the room. Whether your team gets out or not, we are happy to provide a chronological walk through of the solutions to all the puzzles in the room. 


2. Play another Trapology room


After your wonderful escape room experience at Trapology Boston, while you’re in the fun-having, puzzle solving mindset, be sure to ask what our availability is for the rest of the day! Here at Trapology Boston, we currently have five rooms (Drunk Tank, Hustler, Retreat, Crush Depth and SteamPunk Train). As an added bonus, if you play more than one game on the same day, you get a free Trapology Boston t-shirt! 


3. Take a Team Photo


In our lobby, we have a professional photo booth complete with signs, props, studio lighting and a Trapology Boston backdrop! Feel free to take as many photo booth photos as you’d like! We can also email and print out the complimentary photos so you can commemorate, hang up or share your exuberant experience. 

4. Reflect on your experience 

After a stimulating one-hour of teamwork and puzzle solving, be sure to reflect on your time in the room. Give your friend, son, mother, a slap on the back and tell them what a great job they did! If you had a good experience, feel free to write a Yelp or TripAdvisor review (just be sure you don’t reveal any of the room’s secrets). Reviews are always greatly appreciated, especially by your lovely game masters. If you give your game master a review shout out, they get a free pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! 


5. Celebratory drinks


After playing a room, whether you successfully escape or not, go out and celebrate afterwards! Bars are the perfect place to engage in celebratory drinks and post escape game reflections. Trapology is located on Tremont Street, in close proximity to various bars and restaurants. Teatro (a restaurant and bar) is conveniently located right below Trapology Boston!


Now that you’ve figured out what to do after an escape room, all that’s left to do is play the escape room first! Buy your tickets for a Trapology escape room right here.

escape room tips

The Best Escape Room Tips

As a Game Master for Trapology Boston I have seen many teams go through our rooms. Many excited from their recent success, and others who just enjoyed their attempt to escape. After analyzing what makes a successful team, the Game Masters here at Trapology have come up with the Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts while playing. If you follow our escape room tips at all costs, you’ll be sure to see your success rate skyrocket at any escape room!


And now for our best escape room tips!



1. Use Clues

While some escape rooms do not permit or use clues, here at Trapology we actively promote using your 3 available clues. Puzzles are designed to be tough and push your problem solving skills to the limit. Clues are perfect for when you’ve been stumped for awhile and don’t see yourself making any progress. And don’t worry, you’re not penalized for using one (at least here at Trap).

2. Communicate

Communication is key, and this one will either make or break your team fundamentally. Ideas will be flying left and right while doing an escape room. If you don’t share your ideas, the whole team loses out on a potential solution or clue that can push you forward. Alternatively, even if you do have a solution to a puzzle, improper communication can lead to incorrect execution. The last thing you want is to give up on a puzzle entirely. Solutions can also get lost in the chaos if you don’t make sure your teammates are listening to your contributions.

3. Trust Your Game Master

This might seem like an obvious thing to write for escape room tips, but I can’t stress how important it is to trust your Game Master. While each GM has their own style, we all share the common goal of wanting to get teams out of the room. Whenever we give you a clue it’s always to help progress you further. While there will be times it seems that your team already knows the information given in a hint, look at it more deeply. If you receive a seemingly obvious clue, reflect on why you’re being told something you’re already aware of. You probably just need to try a different approach, or fill in some missing pieces.

4. Work Independently, But Also As A Team

Out of all of our escape room tips, this one probably seems the most contradictory. Communication and teamwork are vital to succeeding in an escape room, but sometimes it’s also helpful to divide and conquer. If your group is smaller than the recommended size for a room, there are probably a lot of puzzles to get through, and you don’t want to waste a single minute. Just make sure you keep everyone updated on what you’re solving!

5. Move Past Finished Puzzles

This tip may seem redundant, but is essential in saving time and progressing further. I have seen countless teams return back to completed puzzles, used keys, and so much more. Most times when you use or complete something, it leads you to the next step. After that, set it aside in a designated “finished” area so that you can move on. This can save a lot of time and brain power. When you lose focus of what you need to do next it can be hard to move forward.



1. Get Frustrated

This one is the most important escape room tips. Getting frustrated can make you lose sight of what you can still try, and you begin to just want the solution handed to you. Giving up can have a huge impact on the morale of a team, and no one has fun when they feel defeated. As a Game Master I always want my teams to enjoy what they are doing. When you get stumped: step back, breathe, and consider all your options. Use a clue, ask teammates for help, take a new perspective on your puzzle. Because getting frustrated can stop you from getting anywhere close to escaping a room.

2. Break Rules

While most teams do follow this and don’t break our rules, unfortunately we’ve run in to players that have ruined the experience. Game Masters understand that sometimes you just need to check a text or the time. But when someone is sitting on their phone or doing something that takes their focus away from the game, the rest of the team loses out on help they could’ve provided. Not to mention it can be distracting for other team members. This is especially negative when you are playing with people you don’t know, because it may make them wary of public bookings.

3. Argue

Whenever you go out to an escape room the expectation is to have fun. Usually most groups show up ready to have a good time, but that isn’t always the case. When you’re under a time restraint and looking at what feels like an impossible room, tensions can build. While this doesn’t happen often, every now and then we see groups get a little too heated inside of our rooms. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a breath and focus on having a good time. Of course there’s a competitive component to getting out, and the potential to set a record, but most importantly remember to have fun. This helps to keep a cool head and keep everyone at their best to solve puzzles. You never know who is right or wrong until you finish the room and no one wants to be put down while playing.  

4. Do everything solo

While you maybe an escape room pro and quick on your feet, you want to make sure you include your team. This way they get the full experience and can provide insight you might not have. This can help improve your problem solving and equip you with even better odds of escaping rooms in the future!

5. Ignore ideas

This one can feel like a battle of give and take where some ideas are listened to and others are ignored, and can lead to a salty “I told you so”. Like previously mentioned, ideas are flying left and right in any escape room, which makes it all the more important to listen to everyone. While some may not lead you where you need to go, you never know which answer is correct until you try. This can feel like a waste of time, but I’ve seen many teams forced to return to puzzles or clues because a previous idea was ignored. Remember that every idea could be your way out and everyone wants to be included in the experience!


From every Game Master here at Trapology Boston, we hope these escape room tips are helpful. Regardless of your experience level playing escape rooms, come down and give us a try. Who knows, these tips might just lead your team to victory!


Buy Tickets Here!!!


Our number: (857) 285 – 2085



****Always follow the rules, respect property, and be respectful of all staff and other people playing in rooms no one wants their experience to be lessened by one mistake****


7 Boston Birthday Celebration Ideas

So you’re trying to plan a Boston birthday celebration? There are hundreds of bars, restaurants and attractions to choose from. Here is a list of the top 7 best things to do for your birthday in Boston from the team here at Trapology:


  1. Versus

Versus is a new bar-cade that opened up in downtown Boston a little less than a year ago. There is a $5 cover at the door, but for that $5 you can play all of the games they have to offer. They have single player games, and – as the name of the bar suggests – several multiplayer games. You can settle in at the bar and play Fifa, or get a little more social and play skee ball, table shuffle board or duck hunt. There’s high top seating for bar bites and bean bag chairs for lounging. It is a great place conveniently located for a little fun birthday celebration.


  1. Shakespeare on the Common

This one is weather and season dependent, but it is a great time spent outside with friends enjoying something a little out of the ordinary. Shakespeare on the Common runs during the summer months of Boston. Local actors put on different plays, mostly the comedies and dramas. Pack a blanket and a picnic and arrive a little early to experience the perfect Boston birthday!


  1. Tiki Rock

This tropical, pan-asian restaurant will transport you to any beach of your imagination. They serve from a menu packed full of tropical and Asian flavors. However, the drinks are the main event at this tiki themed bar! They have speciality cocktails inspired by all manner of traditional tropical drinks. The Ohana Punch can be ordered as an individual beverage or a behemoth of a shareable bucket of deliciousness that can serve up to four people! This bar provides a unique and laid back experience that is perfect for a birthday celebration!


  1. Wink and Nod

This speakeasy inspired lounge is not the easiest to find if you’re not looking for it. It’s tucked away on a side street in Boston’s South End. The bar is dark, has a sophisticated decor and feel, and the cocktails are finely crafted works of culinary art. Expect to wait several minutes for a drink, but also expect that wait to be well worth it.


  1. Archery Tag

If you are looking for something very unique and a little more active and competitive for your birthday celebration, look no further! Archery Games Boston is located in Chelsea. In this indoor arena you are armed with a bow and arrow (marshmallow pad instead of arrow head on the end), a face mask and an arm guard, then you’re sent into the archery pitch. You are divided into two teams separated by a middle neutral zone. You can play different variations of the game with a referee to make sure the play is fair and safe. Expect to be sore and sweaty when you leave!


  1. Barcelona Wine Bar

This restaurant is perfect for dining and drinking with small to mid sized parties. The majority of their menu consists of tapas, so get ready to order a ton of small delicious plates. They also offer shareable plates and some more unique meal choices. The cocktail variety is vast, but the wine list is even more expansive! It’s several pages long and most choices are offered as whole bottles. This place is fantastic for a truly shared dining experience. It gets crowded fast, so reservations are a must!


  1. Trapology Boston

Located in Downtown Boston, just steps away from the green line is Trapology Boston. An immersive, interactive and challenging live escape game! Trapology currently has five different themed games open that can accommodate teams anywhere between two and ten players. Here you will be challenged to really think outside of the box and work together with your birthday team to try solving our puzzles and escape within sixty minutes! See if you have what it takes to get on our “Wall of Awesome” and have your birthday celebration live in infamy!

trapology after hours

What Happens at Trapology After Hours

Have you ever wondered what your beloved game masters do at Trapology after hours? Well, we all have lives outside of working at Trapology Boston of course, but sometimes we actually choose to stay here after work. On spring Sunday nights, when the last game of the night concludes, we used to congregate in the second floor lobby to watch Game of Thrones. Seriously.


While our watch may have ended, we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the show just yet. So we’re writing this blog to give you the inside scoop of what used to go down at Trapology after hours every Sunday night!

Within seconds of the final game of the night concluding, the second floor was transformed into a GoT viewing theater. Blankets, cushions, and tables were used as a makeshift seating area. We even have a projector that our CEO Jason installed into the ceiling so we could project the screen onto our big floor-to-ceiling windows.

Everyone would take turns preparing dinner and dessert for everyone to munch on during the episode. And just like any good watch party, we had strict rules in place to maximize everyone’s viewing experience. The rules are simple. No talking, no cell phones, no high-fiving, and most of all no fun allowed. Okay, we’re kidding about that last one, but there was a strict no speaking rule. Acceptable noises include “ah”, “oh” and *dramatic sigh*.

Now you know the inside scoop on what went down at Trapology after hours. So the next time you come in, feel free to ask your game master even more about Trapology’s Game of Thrones nights. Or better yet, strike up a conversation with your game master about favorite (or least favorite) characters and your feelings about the finale!


What To Do After Your Graduation

Calling all graduates! Have you spent countless sleepless nights reading, researching, and studying? Did you spend thousands of hours presenting, perfecting, and testing? Have you spent more money than you would like to think about on some form of higher education? Have you had one too many mental breakdowns in the last few years? Don’t know what to do with yourself now that graduation is over? Worry not! Trapology is here to make it all better.


Whether you’ve just completed your bachelor’s degree or a phD, I hope you’re feeling like a real smarty pants right about now. Give yourself a pat on the back, a round of applause, whatever – you deserve it! We congratulate you on all your accomplishments and challenge you to navigate your way through just a few more insane situations. Start post college life right, with a victory (or at least a good time), here at Trapology.


No one wants to peak in college, make sure you can put that degree to use and prove you earned it. We promise it won’t take 4+ years to escape any of these rooms. We invite you to wear your caps, gowns, capes and sashes here to Trapology and see just how smart (or, honestly, the opposite of that) our rooms can make you feel. Come and see if you have what it takes to graduate from the School of Trapology! We have five different themed rooms that will hopefully not remind you of school at all. If they do – yikes.


Click here to celebrate your or a loved one’s graduation at Trapology! We promise you won’t regret it!

The Best College Student Activities

As a college student, activities that allows you to be productive in a fun way are the way to go. Keeping up with classes can be stressful, especially around finals season. When you have exams coming up that stress is only amplified, and it’s important to make sure you find ways to unwind! We may be a bit biased, but we think Trapology is definitely the best solution.

At Trapology we offer an interactive experience where you and your friends are locked up for 60 minutes with one mission: ESCAPE! Each of our Boston escape games has a suspenseful storyline that will unfold as you and your team explore the room, find clues, and solve a series of connected mind-bending puzzles. Whether you’re a first-time player or an escape room expert, Trapology has a room for you! Our games are challenging and innovative, so you get to exercise your mind and enjoy yourself at the same time. What could be better than that?

During finals season it’s important to keep your mind active, even while relaxing. Trapology is the perfect way to use analytical and problem-solving skills in an entertaining manner. You don’t even realize that you’re doing actual work while having fun! Escape rooms are also great college student activities because they give you an adrenaline boost. Once you’ve finished playing a room at Trapology, you can use that adrenaline to be productive in studying and preparing for exams.

Conveniently located right next to the Boston Common, we are easily accessible to any college student in the area. There are also plenty of restaurants and other activities nearby, so you can fill your entire day with activities all in the same area! What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now!

Top 5 Places to Take Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Last week we gave you 5 amazing gift options for Mother’s Day, but since Trapology prides itself on being helpful we’ve decided to go the extra mile. Now that you have the perfect gift for your mom, you need to figure out the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day with her! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of great places you can take your mom to make this Mother’s Day one she’ll always remember.

5. Mother’s Day Brunch

Brunch might be a bit basic, but it’s a classic Mother’s Day outing for a reason: People love food. That alone is why brunch will never go out of style, and luckily Boston has an endless number of brunch options. Some of our personal favorites are The Buttery, Stephanie’s on Newbury, Sonsie, and Back Bay Social Club, but you can find a much longer list of popular brunch locations here!

4. Boston Public Garden

Now that Spring is here it’s time to get outside! The Boston Public Garden is a great place to go if you’re looking to take a nice leisurely stroll outside, and you’ll also be able to see a variety of trees, flowers, statues, and more. If you don’t feel like walking, you can also sit back, relax, and take a ride on a swan boat!

3. Chocolate Tours

If you’re looking for something to do with a mom who’s got a sweet tooth, look no further! Cocoa Beantown offer 2 and a half hour long walking tours throughout Boston that are all centered around everyone’s favorite food: chocolate! With tours of both Back Bay and the South End, there’s no excuse not to give your mom the sweetest Mother’s Day she’s ever had.

2. Brewery Tours

Speaking of tours, perhaps your mom prefers the taste of a nice cold beer over chocolate. Or if she loves both, make an entire day out of Mother’s Day by taking your mom on a brewery tour! The Samuel Adams brewery is popular among tourists, but if you’re looking to mix it up check out City Brew Tours. With City Brew Tours you can browse over 10 different Boston breweries, and book your tour right on their website!

1. Trapology Boston

I mean, come on. You had to know this was coming. Obviously we’re going to say that the best place you could take your mom for Mother’s Day is Trapology. But seriously, we’re not just saying that to give ourselves some shameless promotion, it really is a great place to take her. An escape room is a unique activity filled with thrills and adventures that promote teamwork and collaboration, making it the perfect opportunity to get in some bonding time with mom! If that sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day to you, you can buy tickets right here. And if that doesn’t sound perfect, click here. (It’s definitely not the same link, we promise.)

5 Gifts To Get Your Mom This Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! It’s time to begin your frantic journey of finding the perfect gift that emulates all the love and affection your mother (or mother figure) has unconditionally given you. Luckily for you, Trapology has made it easy for you this year! Look no further than this list of 5 perfect Mother’s Day gifts.



1. Escape game at Trapology Boston


How better to celebrate your mother than by coming in with family to play Boston’s top rated escape room? Trapology was voted the hardest escape room in Boston, making this Mother’s Day the perfect opportunity to come in and show off some of the great life skills (teamwork, problem solving) that mom has taught you. Sure, your brother might be difficult to say the least, but for the sake of good ole mom, you can pretend to like each other for an hour. Who knows, maybe you’ll have so much fun that you’ll actually grow to stand each other! Wouldn’t that make mom happy?

The Drunk Tank

Break out of prison with mom in Trapology’s Drunk Tank. A fan favorite and a classic escape room experience, how better to celebrate your mother than a prison break? After all, if anyone can get you (in or) out of trouble, it’s mom.

The Hustler

Take your mother out for a nice dinner in Chinatown. After a lovely meal, the owners of the restaurant invite you and your mom to try your hand at some gambling. You play a little blackjack, some mahjong, and now you’re being held hostage until your debt is paid in full.

The Retreat

Treat your mom to a glamorous camping trip in Trapology’s camping escape room. Your supposedly relaxing glamping trip has taken an unexpected turn and now you’re locked in a tent, but at least you’re locked up with mom!

Crush Depth

Take a tour of a decommissioned submarine in Trapology’s Crush Depth game. The submarine’s vengeful sea captain has returned from the grave and has mistaken you for his past crew. To avoid suffering a similar fate, you have one hour to commandeer the vessel back to the surface and rid the sub of the vindictive sea captain.

Steampunk Train

Engage in a train heist in Trapology’s Steampunk Train. You joined Jack’s gang and he’s sent you and your mom off on your first heist on board the train. Or maybe this isn’t mom’s first heist, you know she was a little wild in her day… After all, there’s a reason mom knows best.


Tickets are available at for $32 per person.



2. Something handmade


This may sound cliche, but mothers seem to always appreciate handmade gifts. Whether the gift is a beaded keychain, clay vase, or decorated photo album, your mother will treasure the thought and effort you put into this gift (or at least pretend to).



3. Breakfast in bed (with a hug)


One of our resident game masters, Patrick, insists that one of the best Mother’s Day gifts is a home-cooked breakfast in bed alongside a hug. Both wholesome and feasible, I’m sure this heartfelt gesture would be much appreciated. What are you waiting for? Grab an apron and get ready to whip up your mother’s favorite morning meal!


4. Succulents

Children can be a challenge to take care of, so this year why not give your mother the gift of taking care of something easy? This gift is perfect for empty nesters, children who want to get their mother’s off their backs by purchasing an addition to the family, or plant loving mothers. Compared to human children, succulents require very little attention and nurture, and assuming you’ve made it this far, I’m sure your mother can handle a succulent. It’s harsh, but true.



5. Take your mother out to brunch


A Mother’s Day classic, treat your mother to a wonderful brunch. Boston is rich with delicious brunch locations, but of course after brunch be sure to check out Mother’s Day gift #1 on our list. A few brunch locations nearby Trapology include but are not limited to The Paramount, South Street Diner, Cafe 26 and Tatte Bakery & Cafe.



Now that we’ve shared these great ideas with you, you’ve got no excuse for skipping out on a great gift for your mom this year! All that’s left to do is choose which one to get her, there are no wrong choices. (But there is a right one, and it’s tickets to Trapology.) Just remember that above all, the most important thing to do this Mother’s Day is tell your mom (or other important female figure) how much she means to you!




-Blog is written by the lovely Leanne  of Trapology.

Adult Activities in Boston

Top Adult Activities Around Boston

There’s plenty to do around the great city of Boston. Really, there’s no surprise there. But if you’re taking a look at most lists you’ll probably notice an influx of family-centric activities. Don’t get me wrong, I love families as much as the next blogger. Heck, I’m even part of one if you’d believe that. But if you’re heading into the city with a group of adult friends you’re probably looking to do some more adult activities. Well lucky for you, Boston doesn’t have a lack of those either. In fact, here’s a compilation of a few of our favorite adult activities that we’re sure you’ll have a fantastic time at! Forget that you have a job, responsibilities at home, or bills to pay – today’s all about celebrating adulthood – like a child!


6. Brewery Tours

Boston is home to some of America’s earliest history. From the Boston Tea Party to the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Boston has had a lot to celebrate over the years. And celebrate we did! Enough so that craft breweries have become a growing staple of ol’ Beantown. Take a stroll over to Sam Adams, Harpoon, Trillium, or a host of other breweries in the area for a tour of how the appetizing ales (and lagers) get brought from barrel to glass to mouth to questionable decisions. All in the name of fun adult activities!


5. Bar Crawl!

Boston is host to a crazy amount of bar crawls all throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled on any Boston related Facebook page or blog and you’re sure to be alerted to one sooner or later. From the always popular Santa Bar Crawl during the winter season to an “educational” crawl around Fenway, there’s literally* a bar crawl for everyone. So grab your Santa hats and your state issued I.D.s because we’re getting “crunk” kids!


4. Roxy’s A4cade

Do you like grilled cheeses? How about arcade games? Alcohol? Of course you do! Quite frankly, I’m a bit bothered that I even needed to ask any of those needless questions but my editor insisted on some sort of a lead in. Regardless, you can partake in all of these adult activities with a visit to the Roxy’s Grilled Cheese’s Central Square location. Tucked away in back is A4cade, a barcade with an array of arcade cabinets both new and old for customers to get greasy grilled cheese fingers all over!


3. Boston Grown-ups Museum

We’ve done a lot of talking regarding celebrating your status as an adult by acting like a dang child. Objectively, there’s no better way to exercise this right than to take part in a night at the Boston Grown-ups Museum. For a few choice nights throughout the year, Boston Children’s Museum mystically converts itself into an adult’s only night of fun and activities. And yes, this includes alcoholic beverages my dear friends. So keep an ear open for the next time one of these events comes around!


2. Versus

Barcade #2. You literally can’t go wrong when you combine awesome games and a bar – it’s just impossible to mess up. Versus recently opened up shop and is just a quick 10-minute walk from Boston Common.  Plus, for just five dollars you can play every game they have!


1. Trapology Boston

You knew this was happening. Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s a top 5 adult activities list published on a private small businesses blog – darn right there’s self-promotion. Hear me out though – I wouldn’t put the effort into this article if I didn’t truly believe in the payout. So what makes us a bona fide ‘adult’ activity and different from other escape rooms? Well, for one, we carry an 18+ policy. This ensures that a game with us truly is something for the adults(who are still kids at heart). With 5 unique games that have stumped even MIT’s best (and a sixth on the way that is STRICTLY 18+. It didn’t earn its name “Boobie Trap” for nothing) we guarantee that we’ll have something to pique your interest. See what all of my raving is really about by booking a game with us today!

Guests aged 14-17 require the supervision of a parent/guardian and guests ages 13 and under are required to book a private game.







escape room tips

10 Riddles to Get Your Brain Working

Stretching is good if you need to warm up for a sports game, but how do you warm up your brain before an escape room? Riddles! Prepare for your escape game by trying to solve these fun riddles!



  1. What’s brown and has a head & tail, but has no legs?
  2. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?
  3. If you take away the whole, you still have some left over. What is it?
  4. What is seen in the middle of March and April that can’t be seen at the beginning or end of either month?
  5. They have not flesh, nor feathers, nor scales, nor bone. Yet they have fingers and thumbs of their own. What are they?
  6. A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays for three days and leaves on Friday. How did he do it?
  7. I’m always there, some distance away. Somewhere between land or sea and sky I lay. You may move towards me, yet distant I stay.
  8. The man who makes it doesn’t want it, the man who buys it doesn’t need it, and the man who needs it doesn’t know it yet. What is it?
  9. A prisoner is told “If you tell a lie we will hang you; if you tell the truth we will shoot you.” What can he say to save himself?
  10. A farmer is trying to cross a river with a bag of corn, a hen, and a fox. The farmer’s boat is only big enough to take himself and one other item per trip. The hen cannot be left alone with the corn or she will eat it. Likewise the fox cannot be left with the hen, or the hen will be eaten. How does the farmer get all three items across the river?




  1. A penny
  2. Footsteps
  3. The word “wholesome”
  4. The letter “r”
  5. Gloves
  6. The horse’s name is Friday
  7. The horizon
  8. A coffin
  9. You will hang me
  10. The farmer takes the hen across first, and leaves her on the other bank. Next, he comes back, loads the fox onto his boat, and takes him back across the river. He drops off the fox on the opposite bank, picks up the hen, and brings her back to the original bank. He swaps the hen for the corn, and returns to the far bank with the corn – leaving it with the fox. Then, he returns once more to the original bank to get the hen. Once he brings her across, all four are happy to be on the other side.


Now that youve got your mind all revved up, its time to book your game at Trapology and put your puzzle solving skills to the test!

10 Reasons why Trapology is the best Team Building Activity

A team building activity is one of the most important components to creating a positive work environment. There are hundreds of different ways to get your employees to engage with one another, but none are better than Trapology. Check out our top 10 reasons to come to Trapology for the best team building experience around!

Productivity Improvement

One of the main goals of a team building activity is to improve productivity through the 3 P’s (policies, processes & procedures). What better way to work on all three than coming together in order to solve puzzles and break out of an escape room?

Increases Collaboration

The whole point of a team building activity is to encourage people to work together in order to achieve a common goal. At Trapology your task is to work with the people you’re trapped with, making it the perfect opportunity to meld minds with your group and learn how to work together.

Encouraging Creativity

Working together in order to escape requires you to be creative, as our puzzles and rooms are designed to be unique and unordinary. Escaping our rooms means thinking outside the box, so let your imagination run wild!

Improve Communication

Recently MIT researchers conducted a study to determine a team’s potential to be successful. Their results showed that the importance of having strong communication skills is equal to the combined importance of multiple other factors. Communication is also the key component in succeeding at Trapology! Our rooms are designed so that all members of a team play a different role in ensuring your success, but you must combine your efforts in order to work efficiently.

Boost Engagement

Studies have shown that many American companies have shockingly low levels of employee engagements. Gallup reports that 70% of American workers are not showing up to work committed to delivering their best performance. A team building activity is an easy way to change this! Show your employees that you care about their well-being and that your interest in them extends outside of the office. Host a fun and engaging event at Trapology!

Payoff of Boosting Engagement

Regarding our reason listed above, the Kenexa Research Institute found that companies with highly engaged employees achieve twice the net annual income of companies whose employees lag behind on engagement. The same research also showed that 50% of the positive changes in communication patterns at work can be credited to social interaction outside of the workplace.

Sharpen Problem Solving Skills

Figuring out how to escape our rooms helps employees work on their ability to solve problems out in the real world. Think of Trapology as practice: it’s just a game, so the situation has less pressure than if you were solving a problem at work. If they practice at Trapology, employees will solve problems at work with less struggle and more confidence.

Breaking Barriers

One massive benefit of a team building activity is that it breaks down barriers. Try getting everyone together in a neutral setting! It gives them the opportunity to socialize and connect in a more personal way, and makes employees feel comfortable around their bosses. Trapology offers you a unique way to do this, as our immersive storylines and challenging puzzles put everyone on a level playing field.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

An article recently written for Forbes stressed the importance of an engaging team building activity. It detailed why these activities are more effective than doing something simple like company dinners. They explained that having a strong company culture is becoming more and more important to new prospective employees within the millennial generation. Additionally, companies that can boast about their great work environment are able to better recruit new employees. So skip the company retreat where people practice trust falls with each other, and come to Trapology instead!

Discover Hidden Potential

Perhaps one of your employees tends to be on the quieter side; someone who gets the job done but doesn’t go out of their way to improve. Sure they’re doing their job, but maybe there’s more you could be getting out of them and you just aren’t aware of it! Putting them in a situation where they have to collaborate in a hands-on activity and use unconventional thinking methods can show you that they excel in ways that you never realized before!


If you think your company could benefit from anything on this list, you definitely need to visit Trapology Boston. Gather your coworkers and employees, and head over to the Team Building section of our website to begin planning your event!

Trapology Staff Patriots' Parade

Trapology Boston’s Patriots’ Parade Celebration

Trapology’s view of the Patriots Parade!

There are so many reasons why Trapology loves being located right across from the Boston Common. The best one? Having a perfect view for the Patriots Parade! We were so overjoyed by the Patriots’ Superbowl win and wanted to spread the joy!

Our staff spent the night before prepping some signs for the players and fans to see on their way by the parade. A giant “WE’RE STILL HERE” sign dropped from our 5th-floor windows after being strategically hung by the staff.  After a couple years of being here, we’re lucky enough to watch so many parades from our window. We’re getting pretttttty good at banner making, hanging, and throwing swag.


FUN FACT: Devin McCourty, Logan Ryan, and Duron Harmon visited Trapology to play a game before their last Super Bowl win. We don’t want to say that we’re the best way to team build, but I think the evidence speaks for itself :]



Want to relive some moments from that day?

Check out the video below taken from our Instagram: we captured a behind the scenes look at how Trapology celebrated and got involved with the Patriots Parade!

Top 10 Best Boston Experiences for the Perfect Holiday Gift


Struggling to figure out what to get your loved ones that will make them know how much you care, or no idea what to get for the person you drew in your groups’ holiday gift exchange? Don’t worry, we at Trapology have you covered! We have  Boston’s best experience gifts for you to give this season. Studies have shown that people remember experiences more than gifts, so they will be talking about how great of a gift-giver you are for times to come. Here are the Best Boston Experiences as Holiday Gifts:



  1. Trapology Boston


Ages:14 -100, 104 – 162

Cost: $32

Must See: Crush Depth and Jason’s…smile?

Give one of the Best Boston Experiences with the gift that never ceases to challenge, a Trapology Boston escape room experience! Great for ages 14-100 and 104-162, couples, friends, and families; a gift that is suited for anyone in your life and even enemies that you want to frustrate with a good challenge. At only $32 a ticket, this fun-filled challenge will leave your gift-receiver with an overwhelming feeling of excitement and a memory to last a lifetime.

These five mind-bending games, The Drunk Tank, Hustler, The Retreat, Crush Depth, and The SteamPunk Train are sure to challenge and provide a unique escape room experience that cannot be matched for both experienced and new escape room players. Trapology offers the best rooms in the city filled suspenseful storylines, immersive sets, and complex puzzles.  



Phone Number: 857-285-2085



  1.   Cocoa Beantown – Chocolate Tour

Ages: All…As long as they love chocolate

Cost: $50-$75

Must See: South End Walking Tour


Give the most delicious present you can think of! Get your gift-receiver the chance to explore the historic scenes of Boston while being able to eat chocolate the whole time. This is the perfect gift for your significant other, parents, workmate, or anyone who enjoys chocolate and sightseeing (Or someone who doesn’t like chocolate and will re-gift this great experience to you)!

With tours of the historic Back Bay or the oft under-explored South End, this experience includes all of the tastings and an extremely knowledgeable guide on both chocolate and Boston. It’s not often you can find an adventure that is delicious and informative!

Choose from a public tour, or help craft the perfect private tour for your friends. Cocoa Beantown. One of our favorite parts is that you can have a zip-lock bag if you’re unable to finish all your treats on the tour (like that’s possible)!



Phone Number: 1-617-855-8567


Best Boston Experiences



  1. Boston Duck Tour

Ages: All

Costs:$10.50- $41.90

Must See: Tour guide: Scott Milk, and the reactions of pedestrians who deserve a good “Quacking”


Give the gift of Boston’s most known city tour. A best Boston experience that is considered a right of passage among Boston and tourists alike. There is nothing quite like the exhilaration that comes from driving on land through the beautiful Beacon Street to suddenly pioneering through the Charles River.

Do you want to see all the famous Boston landmarks such as; Copley Square, The Bostons Commons, and Faneuil Hall, but want to avoid walking? This truly provides one of the best tours for people of any age that want to see Boston from multiple perspectives and learn the incredible stories behind each historical location. You may be asking yourself, “Bettie, who will tell you all this amazing information?”.  Well, Bettie, I’m not sure who specifically, but I can guarantee you it will be one of the many unique and well-informed tour guides that this fine city has to offer.

Give this experience to those who you want to have an amazing time for only a price of




Phone Number: 617- 267-3825



Best Boston Experiences



  1. Museum of Science Membership

Ages: All

Cost: $23-$28

Must See: Music Under the Dome – David Bowie!


Give the gift of continuous learning… bear with me… and FUN! A gift great for people of all ages, sizes, and smells, with this present your gift-receiver will have free access to any of the exhibits, presentations, and drop-in activities.

You can start at the newest space exhibit, move to the Colossal Fossil area, through the butterfly garden and finish off the creme de la creme, the world famous lightning show powered by the world’s largest Van de Graaff generator.  Lightning accompanied by music, uhm yes, please!

Learning should never stop, and why not have fun while doing it! This gift will give your gift-receiver fun that they can remember for so much longer than any physical item you could give them!



Phone Number: 617-723-2500


Best Boston Experiences



  1. New England Aquarium

Ages: All

Cost: Free – $28

Must See: Myrtle the Turtle, and the Penguins

Let me start off by saying you may need to buy 3 tickets for each gift recipient, because the first two times you go will be spent watching the penguins play until the aquarium closes, leaving everything else unseen.  

Give the gift of knowledge and adventure for your gift-receiver this holiday season with a membership of lifetime allowing them to visit (with a guest/certain somehow who gave them the gift) all day, every day.  At $109 (30 cents a day) for the standard membership, your gift-receiver will never forget the amazing present you have given to them.

They can visit the 550-pound queen of the ocean, Myrtle the Turtle, try and talk to the Fur Seals, the giant octopi, or even pet and play with sharks and rays (the dogs of the ocean) in the touch tank! The NEAQ ticket is a great gift for your marine loving friends and family.


Phone Number: 617-973-5200

Best Boston Experiences


  1. Archery Games

Ages: 10+ (with youth days for 7-12!)

Cost: $27

Must See: The game, “The Medic”, Gamemaster Andy

Do you like tag, but are always “it” because you’re the slowest of your friends? Give the gift of Archery tag to your friends and family that want an exhilarating form of fun.  At Archery Games, they offer various forms of archery tag that allow you to shoot arrows at your annoying little brother! You can play good ol’ fashion rules, The Medic, or Zombie modes (Not sure what that means, I guess you need to book a session to find out!)

The Refs keep your game competitive but fun!  For only $27 for a 75-minute session, who wouldn’t want to give this as the perfect gift? This would be great to spark some competition between friends and take out some of that holiday stress on the family.

Never shot a bow before? No problem! The staff teaches everyone how to properly hold your bow and fire the perfect shot!  Archery Games is one of the places that you know the owners love what they are doing for the people who come to play with them.



Phone Number: 617-466-0142

Website: ttps://

Best Boston Experiences


  1. Cambridge School of Culinary Arts

Ages: 18+, teen classes for 8-17 are available

Cost: Dependent on class

Must See: All the delicious courses you prepare

Have an aspiring chef in your life? Want to send a hint to your significant other? With classes starting at $80, the kitchen is your oyster (with you learning how to properly prepare oysters)!

This is the perfect gift for teens, blooming chefs, experienced chefs, or a couple that wants to spice up their kitchen life. The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts allows your to visit the world by offering 6 week courses in specific regions such as Asia with Thai cuisines.  Already know how to make the world’s tastiest Pad Thai? How about taking the Italian cooking course and learning how to how to make the perfect Sicilian cannoli?

Send your friends to learn New Techniques or send your bakers to an Advanced Pastry Class.  Giving a professional and fun environment to learn, Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, is the perfect gift for you to give this holiday season. If all goes well, you will be handsomely rewarded with delicious meals that will make you learn about the real Flavor Town.



Phone Number: 617.354.2020



Best Boston Experiences


  1. City Brew Tours

Ages: 21+

Cost: $99

Must See: In the Studio – Craft Classes

Ah Boston, the city of sports champions.  You know what goes well with trophies? Beer!

City Brew Tours offers unforgettable all-inclusive tours and, more importantly, beer-focused experiences.  You can sign up along with 13 of your most favorite adults to take this 5-hour tour and have the experience of a lifetime.  Along with tasting 16 different styles of beers, you receive a nice lunch with your beer pairing, round-trip transportation, VIP access at 4 stops and top notch SWAG.  

City Brew Tours offers 3 different tours along with seasonal events to ensure that you hit all the major breweries like Sam Adams, Downeast, Night Shade to name a few of the 18 possible locations. Skip the lines to come to refine your palate, get an inside look on Boston’s craft brew scene and learn the ins and outs of how your favorite beer is brewed!



Phone Number: 617-453-8687



Best Boston Experiences


  1. Boston Tea Party Museum

Ages: All

Cost: $17.10 – $29.95

Must See:“Destruction of the Tea!”

Not a beer drinker or have a little case of the sniffles, don’t worry we got you covered! Give the gift of the Best rated “Patriotic Attraction” by USA today.  Sure we have all read about The Boston Tea Party in school, however, this museum offers an immersive experience for all of its visitors, with choreography, interactive events, and fantastic actors. It only lasts 1 hour, making it much faster and much more informative than ready that boring old textbooks. Want to help Little Timmy get an A+ on his history test but not have him know that he’s learning?

Be part of the interactive colonial town meeting, Show the British who is in charge by Dumping the Tea and protesting taxation first-hand and finish it off with a lovely cup of tea in Abigail’s Tea Room. The staff at the Museum are history driven, theatrical geniuses who are ready to make your experience one for the history books!  



Phone Number: 866 955-0667


Best Boston Experiences

  1. Boston Lindy Hop

Ages: 12+


Must See: Lindy Hop Basics

This just in! All the hip young people of today know how to swing dance. Don’t fall behind the game and give the gift of dance this holiday season.

Boston Lindy Hop promotes swing dancing in Boston for all ages from Lindy Hop to Charleston to Solo Jazz and so much more.  There is always a good time to start with 6-week programs starting every month! With locations in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville, swing dancing is all around you.

We’ve all seen Dirty Dancing (or you better have), after 6 simple weeks you are well on y

our way to being the next Patrick Swayze.  Give that aspiring dancer the pep in their step that they always wanted when they were younger.



Phone Number: (617) 249-3715



Best Boston Experiences




We hope this helped reduce your holiday stress this year!  If you’re still worried about the in-laws coming over, just send them to us! Our Gamemaster, Phil loves meeting everyone’s family and will be happy to lock them up!

Game Master - Liz

Game Master Bio: Liz

Game Master Bio: Liz

Known Aliases: Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzy-D, Captain Liz
Guilty Pleasure: birds
Pet peeve: The destruction of Coral Reefs

A Brief History

Liz – Game Master by day, a connoisseur of fine antique wallpaper by night. I have no evidence to back up that last claim, but I also have nothing to say it’s not legitimate. Truthfully, the only reliable reality here is that Liz may or may not have an extensive knowledge of ancient wallpaper. And no, I’m not getting away from the point of this bio. Trust me, it comes full-circle, and when it does, won’t you feel silly about your judgy attitude! But this blog isn’t about me, the dashing young New Englander, whose fingertips elicit such beautiful blogs that their wording borders on the poetic. No, this blog is and always shall be for the one and only astounding Game Master and Master of the Sea, Liz. While her living quarters for most of her life have been in Revere, truly her heart belongs to the sea (well that and her nephew – who I must admit is factually ridiculously adorable but don’t tell her I told you that).

The Life Aquatic

From a very early age, Liz spent an extensive amount of her time around boats, water, and all sorts of aquatic life. She’s basically ‘The Incredible Mr. Limpet’. Look it up. If you’re in the business of reading about topical and relevant references then you’ve come to the wrong place. Read literally any other blog for that. But back to Liz. While she was born a Mass native, her credentials as the world’s coolest marine biologist have taken her far beyond the boundaries of the commonwealth. Her wayfaring has taken her to the Caribbean, where she’s taught sailing and the magic that the oceanic ecosystem has to offer to young aspiring explorers, to Alaska where she served as a data collector for the National Marine Fishery Service, to a plethora of other destinations. Quite recently she’s even received her license as a bona fide Captain – so if you see her around show some respect!

Recently over the course of extensive research on Liz for the porpoise* of this bio, I have stumbled upon a few remote destinations that Liz has visited. It seems that she’s made quite the impression during her travels because I was able to gather a collection of poems, songs, and other pieces of art created by the people she’s visited. Below are a few choice examples:

‘Brave Captain’

A Haiku

Oh brave Captain Liz
For you the seas sing brightly
We follow your lead

A Captain’s Epic

In the earliest days there is told of a brave sea Captain

One that all adored and which I can attest

In her arms there was safety always wrapped in

But those days are now bygone at best

As the years carried on and the threat of the sea became rarity

Any sightings of the dear sea Captain were utterly hard pressed

What followed were years of peace and prosperity

But what silence there was was short lived and stressed

Across the ocean there brewed a storm that screamed of severity

The sea rose up as if in a mighty rage

Greeting each door with thunderous vulgarity

The rising tides – her instruments, the island – her stage

But all is darkest just before the dawn

For on the horizon there shown a faint glow

The shape of what was long to be thought lost, strikingly burst upon

Toe to toe she went with each shaking blow

A flurry of waves forced her back but those that are her better are none

For although differently looking from the Captain of old she is

Her heroics made it clear that the two Captains were one.

There stood victorious on the coastline, our brave Captain Liz



And that’s a wrap! (told you it would come back around). This has been a brief history of our very own Liz. If you’d like a seasoned explorer to lead you through your next intrepid adventure through one of Boston’s most difficult and immersive escape rooms, then book a game right here and make sure to request Liz!


*I was never above this and you and I both knew it




How We Prepare for Escape Games

Trapology team building with Escape Games

Trapology Team Preparing for Escape Games


How We Prepare for Escape Games


As you probably already know, everyone who works at Trapology Boston loves escape games. The whole staff frequently goes on outings to other escape games around New England, just because we love it so much. All of us are useful in a game; each in their own way. Here we will explain what our team does when we are on our way to play an escape game.


Step 1: Setting up the meeting time – Without naming names (Jason), there are always team members who are going to show up late. There’s always that guy. When we organize our team to play a game, we like to tell everyone to meet up at least half an hour before we really need to be there. Better safe than sorry.


Step 2: Fuel Up – There’s nothing worse than trying to escape a room than playing on an empty stomach. Ok. There are probably a couple things worse, but this is pretty bad. We usually like to all go out for breakfast or lunch. Then, after we either escape, we can go out for pizza and desserts to celebrate or drown our sorrows in sugar.


Step 3: Pump each other up – Before every game, we all look at each other straight in the eyes, and say things like, “This game is a joke. You are the MAN” or “JUST DO IT.”  All of us want to get energized, and there is no better way to achieve that than doing some good old fashioned yelling. We also listen to the song “Pump up the Jam” on repeat, it’s our favorite hype song.


Step 4: Assign Tasks – Since we have played so many games together, we know everyone’s strong suit. Tina is big picture. She can oversee everyone’s puzzles and be the fresh eyes if someone needs it. If there’s math to be done, that’s all Nate and Nicole.. Carolina is the best at physical puzzles. Micha has logic puzzles on lock. Together we form…the powerpuff..wait, no. We are just a good team.


Step 5: Win – If you ain’t first you’re last.


Trivia Answer:


Teams - Planet Express

Top 9 Things We Love to see in Teams

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, humans of all ages – welcome to the Trapology Top 9! Now you may be wondering why it’s not a typical Top 10. You also might be thinking that Top 9 just seems like we ran out of things to say. And to that, I say – correct. So…here. We. Go!

Trapology Boston Presents:
The Top 9 Things we Love to See in Teams
(now with 30% more font!)


1.   Enthusiasm!

The world can be dull. That’s a fact. Sorry kids, didn’t expect such harsh truths this early on in the Top 9 list now did ya? Luckily the magical alcove we lovingly refer to as Trapology exists in a spaceship that orbits just outside of the monotony of everyday life. Our Spaceship: Fun if you will. And this Spaceship: Fun is fueled entirely off of the joy that teams produce within its walls. Well, that and about a gallon and a half of premium unleaded a day. Either way, we’re counting on you to bring the enthusiasm and keep this ship going!


2.   Sweet dance moves

We all know folks who think they’re “too cool to dance.” I bet you can see one right now in your head – leaning against a wall at a party, wearing jet-black skinny jeans and a hemp burlap sack, drinking absinthe out of a stone bowl and nodding their head to the beat while talking about how vinyl ruined the music industry. Well, guess what, absinthe hipster? No one’s too cool to dance. So put your hands in the air like you just don’t care, and don’t put ‘em down ‘till I say so!


3.   Teamwork – and lots of it!

The secret to success in any escape room is good teamwork. So no ganging up on poor Josh even though he missed that crucial clue that was sitting right out in the open. (But just between the two of us, Josh, come on man…) Accordingly, making sure that everyone is involved and is a team player is absolutely key! (and seriously, Josh, it was right there dude.)


4.   Positivity in the face of a challenge

Escape rooms can be truly difficult and it can be easy for teams to sometimes get hung up on a challenge. BUT we know you didn’t come to us to sulk in the corner! So take a deep breath, look that puzzle right in its face, and then show it who’s boss! Also, dancing for a hint doesn’t hurt either if you find yourself going in circles 🙂


5.   Humor

You like to laugh. We like to laugh. Heck, even the oft unsmiling Ron Swanson likes to crack a smile from time to time. Keep things fun and, by proxy, maybe give our Game Masters something to chuckle at while we’re watching from our state-of-the-art control room in Pasadena, California. Besides, maybe some of those laughs will even translate to some helpful hints (maybe).


6.   Involving Everyone

It’s no fun to be left out of the group. We learned that in elementary school when we consistently got picked last for kickball, if we were even picked at all. And when it was our turn to kick, we’d kick the ball behind us nine times out of ten. And then, of course, we never wanted to play sports again out of fear of being called Backwards Babe Ruth and getting laughed out of the room. Okay, maybe I’m projecting a little bit, but the core concept stands the same for escaping a room. Long story short, involve everyone in your team! – who knows, they might just have the answer to a puzzle you’ve been pondering for ten minutes. Wouldn’t you feel silly if that was the case!


7.   People Named Mike

Teams with people named Mike in their party objectively do better. Don’t ask me why, it’s just statistics. Unlike your nosy neighbor, Jerry, you can’t argue with numbers, people.


8.   Communication

Not only is good communication going to make solving the puzzles easier for everyone in the room, it’s also super essential for our Game Masters so that we can know what you’re thinking and give you the best clues for the situation. So don’t be afraid to speak up, we like to hear your voices!


9.   Snacks

You can’t bring them in the room, but you can sure bring them to us. To eat. It won’t get you an extra edge when it comes to escaping the room, but just know that you’ve made your way into our hearts, and really, that should be incentive enough.


That’s just a short list of some of the things that we love to see in our teams. Overall though, here’s honestly and truly the most important thing — just have fun! After all, at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. If you think you and your friends check off any of the topics listed above, then book yourselves a game and swing on by. We can’t wait to see you!




Saudi Arabia


Coffee Shops Near Trapology

Excited for your escape game but need that extra boost of energy to give you a winning start? Well, luckily the neighborhood around Trapology has you covered with a plethora of places to get a great cup of coffee and snag a quick bite while you’re at it!


186 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02111

Just a few doors down from Trapology Boston sits Explorateur, a new, hip coffee shop offering more than just a delectable cup of java. There, you can enjoy offerings from a European Cafe, a fine dining restaurant, and a bar all at the same location.


Thinking Cup
165 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02111

Right up the street towards Park Street station, Thinking Cup is a cozy coffee and food shop. Included amid their selection you’ll find Stumptown coffee and delicious grilled cheeses. What’s more, they make a mean chai tea latte.


Cafe Nero
560 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02111

Tried and true, Cafe Nero won’t let you down. Located right in Downtown Crossing, you’ll be right in the action – and in close proximity to lots of awesome clothing shops.


Jaho Coffee Roaster and Wine Bar
665 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02116

Don’t let “wine bar” fool you. While this place is a nice quiet spot for a glass of only the finest squeezed grapes – it’s also perfect for relaxing with a nice warm cup of coffee. Located right down the street in the theater district, they have a great assortment of coffee drinks and sandwiches.


George Howell Coffee
505 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02111

Located in the Godfrey Hotel Boston, this comfy spot might strike your fancy. Here they have yummy salted caramel doughnuts, a delicious London Fog (Earl Grey Latte), and a wonderful cup of joe, as well as an incredibly knowledgeable staff.


108 Lincoln St.
Boston, MA 02111

Their platters are made of wood! Who doesn’t love that? Incidentally, this place is halfway between us and the waterfront, and we have only heard good things about it! The Gracenote staff eats, sleeps, and breathes coffee. In short, they really care about their craft. Respect.


Boston Brewin Coffee
45 Bromfield St.
Boston, MA 02108

An adorable hole-in-the-wall coffee shop that supports local charities such as Haley House by selling their delicious baked goods. On top of all that, if you go on a “workout Wednesday” you can get a free coffee if you do 10 pushups and 15 crunches!


Boston Common Coffee Co
515 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02111

A warm comfortable coffee shop that is great for meeting with friends or getting some work done. They enjoy having their own house-roasted brew and in-house pastries. Really, what more can you ask for? Stop by here for a tasty treat!


Ogawa Coffee
10 Milk St.
Boston, MA 02108

A coffee shop on Milk Street. Does that make you as happy as it makes me? This place’s interior is interesting as well as relaxing and they have a delicious matcha latte and heavenly desserts to boot!


La Colombe Coffee
745 Atlantic Ave.
Boston, MA 02111

Located right by South Station, La Colombe is the perfect place to stop for a great espresso and fast wifi!


Peet’s Coffee
129 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02108

This place is right up Tremont Street next to the 7/11. Personally, I’m partial to their Mocha Lattes.


Flour Bakery and Coffee Shop
131 Clarendon St.
Boston, MA 02116

Flour is a great experience. In addition to their great coffee selection, they also have lots of different house-made sodas. Plus they have AMAZING sticky buns. Seriously. Amazing.


Espresso Love
33 Broad St.
Boston, MA 02109

A strong brew for a great price as well as lots of dietary accommodation. This place has an awesome vegan selection on their menu and people swear by their scones!


There you have it – all the delicious rocket fuel you could ever need within an easy 15-minute walk of Trapology Boston! So grab a cup of Joe, book one (or more) of our five immersive escape rooms, and come on by! We can’t wait to see you at 177 Tremont Street soon.

P.S. If you wanted to bring in a box-o-joe to share with the staff…we’d probably be okay with that.





Whisper in the Alley

Whisper – A Trapology Halloween Story

Today on this very hallowed eve, we gather to recount tales long passed but not long forgotten. Tales you’ve undoubtedly heard as a whisper in the night but turned a deaf ear to out of disbelief…or perhaps…fear? The type of fear you can’t put a name to, yet it still unnerves you to your very core. The kind of fear you wish to forget. It is with the deepest regret, my dearest friends, that I cannot allow that. Tonight, we enter a realm of disturbingly endless possibilities. A world where time ceases to exist. A realm that occupies the delicate balance between our world, and a world unlike anything imaginable. Welcome dearest friends. Welcome home.





The pitter patter from the tennis shoes of a non-existent companion as you walk through the park at night. The relentlessly nagging feeling that a passenger sits in the seat behind you on your drive home – yet the rearview mirror tells you that no such passenger exists. In the eyes of the scientific community, such feelings could be written off as mere phobias. More pointedly, apophenia – the need to relate two things that do not have any sort of genuine connection. I really do hate to be the bearer of bad news – truly. But what your feeling is no trick of the mind, no whisper in your head, no…apophenia. You may have been told at a young age that specters, spirits, and dimensional shifts are the writings of science fiction. Pity. But you and I know better – don’t we? Today I’m here to recount the story of one such instance where the whisper of your imagination is anything but imaginary. This is the story of a man that listened too closely to those whispers and paid the price for it. Take this as a warning, friends – as of right now it is not too late for you.


People often affirm that seeing is believing and that the worst horrors are the ones that are burned into your delicate retinas. But what of the unsaid and unseen? The truth that you can’t put a name to? Perhaps a man walking down a cobblestone street, the faint splash as his footfalls hit the remnants of a miserably rainy afternoon. Each step beckoning him a step closer to his inevitable fate. Out of the darkness, a stark light illuminates the briefcase he carries in his hand. The letters H.T. etched elegantly into the side, signaling a man of wealth or of high social stature, though his gait would suggest anything but. Lumbering his way forward, each time the lightning illuminating his eyes yet those eyes having no light of their own. Just blind cold determination. He careens forward at an ever-faster pace – a bull forcefully adorned with the lance.


I hear you

but I cannot find you.


I hear you




I cannot find





The thoughts – erratic – careen through my head. I see nothing, but it doesn’t matter. At this point I’m navigating by sound alone. I ignored it at first, but the sound was incessant. Not a voice exactly, but a calling – a siren song. A nagging noise that pulls tighter the more a person was to pull away. Well I tried to pull away and now I’m here. Getting pulled further and further into the devil’s snare. But I think none of that now. All I can think, see, hear – care about – is the sound of her deafening silence. Each crack of thunder, explosive. And with them, comes her voice.


Find me.


I turn a corner and find myself brushing past the stabbing needles of fir trees, though I know that none exist in the half mile that I’ve walked outside my office. I’m sure I couldn’t have traveled more than that.


Find me.


With the next crack I stumble forward and glean the faintest of light escaping from its vestibule. I swing wide the door that contains it to find myself in the smoky entrails of what seems to be a gambling hall. The potency of the smoke me heave and I drop to the floor.


Find me.


At the sound, I rise with a start and reach my hands out for the noise, only to find them handcuffed together. I’m turned around yet again by sounds outside the room. I hear screams for help, and the chugging of a…locomotive?


Find me.


I run forward. No time to think things through. I run either towards the whisper or towards the screams, which it is I do not know. Bursting out through the door I trudge my way to where I think I heard the noises. I move forward with determination but with each step my legs feel resistance. I look down to find myself entrenched in water up to my knees that is quickly rising. Panicked, I look around. I’m inside a submarine. One reminiscent of the one I was stationed in during my tenure in the Navy. Was it the same? I had no more time for thinking as I found the water up to my neck now. Up and up it went.


Find me.


The water pulled itself above me and I let out a scream but I neither drowned nor pulled in oxygen. Darkness once again became my companion.

What more can you want from me? I scream into the abyss. What more? I yell, and I yell. Please, someone take me away from this I yell. But no one comes. Please someone. Someone, find me. My screams turn into a raised voice which in turn becomes a barely perceptible mutter. It is all that I can muster with my failing strength. I whisper now. Repeatedly for I fear if I yell then I will wither away from the effort. Please I whisper to whoever can hear me.


Find me.




Missing Person’s report
Hubert Trapman
Last seen:  October 31, 1954
177 Tremont Street
Boston, MA

Relatives and last known associates report that Mr. Trapman had signs of an uncharacteristic distractedness confusion leading up the day of his disappearance. His wife, Mrs. Constance Trapman, is unrelenting in her assertion that she can hear her husband nearby, whispering for her. Though her disposition can be described as manic at best, so further testimony should be followed up with psychiatric involvement. Curiously, she has abruptly stopped more than one interview with authorities at the arrival of a storm. It was first assumed she was fearful of the weather. But later reports from multiple officers have described her mannerisms to be as as though she were listening intently, almost as if the thunder were telling her secrets meant for no ears but hers.




Editors Notes: Come visit the last whereabouts of the Whisper Man and see if you can still feel his presence. Perhaps take a moment to listen closely to the silence, for it’s said that in the moments where you think your mind is playing tricks that it might just never be closer to the truth.





Boston Indoor Activities - Trapology Boston - Steampunk Train

Top 6 Boston Indoor Activities (You Won’t Believe #8!)

There’s never a lack of things to do across the beautiful city of Boston. But, with the beginning of Fall greeting us, you might want to think of alternatives to your outdoor excursions. With crisp afternoons making way into chilly evenings, it’s quickly becoming cozy flannel season, my friends. But worry not, for fun still lurks just beyond the wintery nip! Luckily, it’s easy to find some not-so-well-kept secrets when it comes to fantastic Boston indoor activities! Read on below to see 6 of our personal favorites.

6.   New England Aquarium

Want a relaxing and educational(don’t tell the kids) way to spend some time in the city? Well then, Boston Aquarium has you covered. With an array of some of the most interesting sea life you’ll glimpse outside of going on a S.C.U.B.A. trip yourself, the New England Aquarium packs in fun for all members of the family. All of this underwater excitement culminates in a massive four-story cylindrical Giant Ocean Tank that is simply awe-inspiring. If you’re new to the city, you can’t go wrong adding this one to your Boston indoor activities itinerary!


5.   Boda Borg

A tangential take on the ‘escape room’ format, Boda Borg offers a series of ‘quests’ for players to dispatch their best wit on in order to complete. Always had a hankering to explore a haunted house or navigate a treacherous jungle? Well, Boda Borg is here to satiate that thirst. The challenges that ensue are both mental and physical so be sure to come prepared to sweat!


4.   Improv Asylum

Maybe you’re all puzzled out, just came off a 6-month deep sea diving trip, and just want to sit back and cap off your Boston indoor activities extravaganza with some gut-busting laughs. Then look no further than Boston’s very own Improv Asylum! Boasting hysterical live improv shows 6 nights a week, there really is no excuse not to give them a visit. And after the show, maybe ask about one of their many improv classes that you can sign up for. Then you can prove once and for all to your friends that you are in fact funny and that you never knew what you were talking about, Chad!


3.   Any of Boston’s Awesome Music Venues

If you’re a fan of music, then there’s no shortage of outlets for you to get your concert fix. From the popular House of Blues, to the intimate Brighton Music Hall, all the way to famous Fenway Park, the music is always bumping in Boston! 


2.   Self-guided Dunkie’s Tour

If you’re not from the Northeast then you’ve definitely heard the mythical tale of a Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner. Well, it’s true! While not an official tour by any stretch of the imagination, I sincerely implore you to try your best to make it into the over 60 locations and write tales of what you discovered. In terms of Boston indoor activities, I’d rate this three strawberry frosted donuts out of a bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant. I’ll let you figure out the conversion factor for that. What I will tell you is that tales of this adventure definitely reek of best-selling book potential – all it needs is an author!


1.   Trapology Boston

And naturally, last but certainly not least is our personal favorite, Trapology! If you’re looking for an outside of the box experience, then this one’s for you! Coming in strong with a plethora of puzzles and knack for creating immersive experiences, Trapology Boston is a terrific way to spend an hour with friends. Always wanted to save yourselves from a sinking submarine haunted by a real angsty ghost? We have you covered. Or maybe ever since Shawshank you’ve had a strange dream to stage an elaborate prison break. You know, minus the whole ‘going to prison for life’ thing. That dream isn’t strange to us, in fact we’ve dedicated a whole room to the pursuit of that dream. Really, we’re just here to fulfill fantasies and make smiles happen. Sure, we’re a little biased, but we’d love the opportunity to have you come in and play a game so we can show you why we’re so confident that a visit to us will be the highlight of your day in the city!



Of course, when it comes to Boston indoor activities there are way more than six. But if you want a fun way to spend a day in the city, there’s no way you can go wrong with any of these. And, seriously, if you do the Dunkie’s Tour and strike a publishing deal, I’m strongly expecting a mention in the back of that book somewhere. You can come over to 177 Tremont Street to talk details. Until then, enjoy your time in the city!


Martha’s Vineyard

Storytime with your Game Master

Life of a Game Master

So, what does a Game Master actually do?

Let us be the first to tell you, it is not as easy as it sounds. At first glance, being a Game Master seems like a lot of sitting around and watching a screen. Sure, that is a large part of it, but there is oh-so-much more! What is this ‘more’ you ask? Well, take a look below to see the characteristics needed to make up a top-notch Game Master!


The magic is in the details

Attention to detail is a very valuable skill to have when working in an escape room. This might come as a surprise, but the cameras in our game rooms are not extremely high-definition. Our best Game Masters are able to keep track of the smallest of clues even in the dimmest of light. Attention to detail also comes into play in game design and maintenance. Escape rooms are meant to be immersive, so every last inch of the space must be utilized and relevant. In the upkeep of the room, cleaning should be meticulous. After all, thousands of people have come and gone through those games and the rooms need to be as clean and as functional for game #1,698 as they were for game #1.


Finely tuned hearing

Listening skills are equally important while watching a game. Maybe you glanced away from your screen for a second and when you look back over your team is working on something entirely different. Did they solve the previous puzzle? Did they table it for later? Are they discussing what their favorite colors are in elaborate detail? With careful listening, it is very easy to understand a team’s process and point in a game or puzzle. Listening skills are also an integral part of good customer service. If a problem is being brought to a Game Master’s attention by a guest, it’s essential to be able to listen to them to really understand their experience and how the issue can be prevented in the future. This provides excellent opportunities for constant improvement and makes the escape room experience better for everyone.


A penchant for working under pressure

Problem-solving under pressure is probably the most difficult trait to become proficient in. Any number of things can take an unexpected turn in an escape room and it’s important to be able to think calmly and act quickly. Be it technology failure, destruction in the room, or conflicts between guests, acting quickly and efficiently are necessary for resolving these issues.

As you can tell, most of what being a good Game Master comes down to is ensuring that our guests have the absolute best experience that we can offer. It sometimes can get pretty hectic but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Come in to play a game with us and get to know some of the wonderful staff that keep Trapology running like the well-oiled machine that it is.

And if the title ‘Game Master’ has a nice ring to it and the above traits scarily match some of your own, maybe make a quick search for ‘Trapology’ on your favorite job postings website. We’re frequently looking for new members of the Trapology team and would love to hear why you think you’re a good fit!



Colonel Sanders

Game Master: Mike

Game Master Bio: Mike

Game Master: Mike

Pet Peeve: Being Grumpy
Guilty Pleasure: His “Tasty Burger” hat


Trapology is full of lively characters and Mike fits well into that category. He’s full of smiles and jokes that he shares with staff and customers alike — yet is also full of sass, (but in a loving kind of way) and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

A Massachusetts Native

Mike was born on a chilly November morning and came into this world ready for action.  Growing up in Webster, Massachusetts, his education journey took him into Boston. There, he graduated from Wentworth with a degree in Industrial Design and we expect nothing but great things for Mike with that cool of a degree. He found Trapology while still a student and was the perfect fit for this ragtag team of Game Masters. Prior to his time here, he interned at Hasbro and Fisher-Price — and as much as we think it was cool that our dear Mike made your toys, we’re also happy that he’s here at Trapology to help out with puzzles instead.

Mike in Real Life

You can often spot Mike making doodles in the control room or designing various things for Trapology. Safe to say we can add design and drawing to the many skills he has. Mike also writes many of the blogs (minus this one), so we can assume he did well in English class. In his downtime, Mike likes to spend it watching movies and playing games with his buddies (including other trapology members). We can confirm that the fun guy at Trapology is the same fun guy out in the real world.

As a Game Master, he is patient, quick on his feet, and always ready with a clever clue. Mike also helps with many things at Trapology and you might notice him bouncing around making sure they get done. On most days you can spot him sporting a nice dark jacket over his Trapology shirt and his Tasty Burger Hat that was previously mentioned (he’s not actually guilty about his hat, but we feel like he should be based on the number of times he wears it).  

All and all, Mike is a great team member and would be more than happy to host any team that is willing to have him. If Mike sounds like the cool Game Master you are looking for, click here!



Giorgio Armani

The Trapology Staff

Staff Retreat 2018

Another Year

It’s been an exciting year for Trapology Boston and a lot’s been happening in that time. We’ve opened a new floor with two new games, hired a bunch of cool new staff members, and have been working hard on so many new ideas that we can’t wait to share with you in the near future. This wouldn’t be possible without a team that thrives off the creativity, drive, and (let’s be honest) slight dysfunction of each other. We know we always say that we have a passionate staff, but it really couldn’t be truer. So much so that the whole Trapology staff came together recently for a two and a half day retreat to bond and get to know each other a little better.

Day 1

When we say that Trapology is run by some passionate folks, we’re not being dishonest for a second. In fact, we literally took a break from our daily puzzle infused jobs to…solve some puzzles. With nothing but a packing list and a vague idea of what the retreat might offer, we set off. Throughout the day, we solved riddle after riddle that our maniacal Game Master and Trapology’s resident Game Designer, Nicole, sent out to us via text — all in an effort to find our next location to get to.

This far less lethal Eagle Eye-esque adventure (we all remember that transcendent Shia LaBeouf thriller — don’t act like you don’t) took us on a wild journey that included archery tag and escape rooms courtesy of Archery Games Boston, two more enigmatic escape rooms from our friends at Concord Escape Room, and a quaint bakery where we had to utter a super secret phrase in a British accent to receive our next clue hidden inside a scrumptious cupcake — all culminating in our arrival at a beautiful Airbnb in the semi-secluded woods of New Hampshire. And before you ask, yes, collectively we made it out of every single one of those escape rooms we played. We’re no amateurs. Okay fiiine, one of the groups went two for three but the other half made up the lost ground, so props to them for taking it home! We’re a team after all!


Archery Tag

Day 2

The next day kicked off with a short visit to a petting zoo where adorable goats and pigs were aplenty. After that, it was off to the adjacent apple orchard for some good ol’ apple picking. In typical Trapology fashion though, this wasn’t an easy going afternoon — that’s not our style. As a collection of children that are legally allowed to vote and drink, we piggybacked for the highest apples, wagon raced from tree to tree, and had tasteful father-son catch sessions with Granny Smiths. If the whole afternoon had to be described with one word it would be ‘delightful.’

Apple Picking


One Staff to Rule them all

But what really brought the whole trip together was what happened in between; The moments we had amid activities where we cooked meals for each other, played games, or had intense sing-alongs. It was these little moments of honest interaction that made our staff retreat not just a great team building exercise but also a fantastic few days of fellowship. We’re not the Trapology family for nothing and we work hard to make sure being part of our staff feels that way. And now that we’re all back and
re-energized, we can’t wait to share this newfound comradery with you to make every experience you have with Trapology a special one. So, come and see what makes Trapology so exceptional by booking a game today. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Campfire Songs



The Division Bell

What Terrifically Funny quotes sign

Quotes from Inside our Escape Rooms – September Edition

We’ve said it month after month but it still remains true — our guests give us some of the biggest highlights of our days here at Trapology. With their fantastic attitudes and witty (and sometimes a little weird) remarks, our guests make Trapology the fun and welcoming place it is. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite guest quotes from the month of September. As a little twist this month, we’ve decided to make it a “quotes and answers” article. So whether they were meant to be answered or not, we’re doing it anyway! Here we go — Q&A September Edition in 3…2…1…


Quotes and Stuff!

Q:   “People have actually escaped from these? I don’t believe you.”

A:   Believe it or not, yes.


Q:   “If I don’t get out, do I have to pay rent?”

A:   Yes. yes you do. How do you think we afford such a great location?


Q:   *walks inside* “It’s so edgy in here!”



Q:   “You can’t tell my son how poorly I’m doing. I’d never hear the end of it.”

A:   Children can be so cruel.


Q:   “Maybe if we lie down on the floor and look sad, they’ll give us free clues.”

A:   You can try. It won’t work, but it’ll be hilarious.


Q:   Staff Member: “If you book a second game with us today, you each get a T-shirt!”

       Guest: “Sounds like a trap.”

A:   Nah, we’re just really big present people.


Q:   “Aren’t kids supposed to be able to do this?!”

A:   Are you smarter than a 5th grader?


Q:   *Playing Crush Depth*

        Guest 1: “What about Seamen?”

        Guest 2: “Stop talking to us like that.”

A:   Agreed. This is a family environment. Mostly.


So there you have it — another month and another collection of stellar quotes. If you’re the type that resorts to wit and banter under pressure–or if you’ve got a friend that’s famous for their non-sequiturs–you might just make our list next month by booking a game today! Even if you don’t break a record and end up on our scoreboard, a great quote might be the immortalization you’ve been looking for.




the famous fellowship of the ring

Famous Teams vs. Trapology

Famous Teams vs. Our Famously Difficult Escape Rooms

Besides being a terrific excuse to be in an air-conditioned room, Trapology Boston is also a fantastic way to determine the strength of you and your fellow escapees. Occasionally, complete strangers in the same booking walk out of a successful escape having become best friends. Conversely, friends can emerge from a failed attempt with more than a few things to argue about on the ride home. The famous teams we’ve listed below are no strangers to the values of teamwork, but would an hour of
mind-twisting puzzles at Trapology prove too much for them to handle? Join us in the realm of speculation…


The Avengers
Likelihood of Success: MEDIUM

It’s not a question of whether Earth’s Mightiest Heroes would be able to put aside their differences and work together; we’ve seen them do it time and time again. Not only that, but Chris Evans–Captain America himself–has worked with Trapology Boston before on pop-up games, so he’s no stranger to escape rooms. Our hesitation to give them a higher rating lies with their wildcard, Bruce Banner. If he can stay calm, his keen analytical mind would be instrumental in their victory. But if he goes full Hulk and starts smashing apart our room then the Avengers lose by default for breaking Trapology Rule #4: No force or strength necessary. We wouldn’t like him if he was angry.


The Fellowship of the Ring
Likelihood of Success: LOW

It took Tolkien’s famous band of heroes three months to make it to Mordor and destroy the ring. Despite their considerable adventuring skills they still had a few setbacks along the way. At Trapology Boston, you only get one hour to solve puzzles and find clues. Even with their experienced adventuring, the Nine Walkers are more used to larger scale conflicts. We expect the relatively intimate challenge of an escape room to devolve into petty arguments faster than you can say “Silmarillion.” Plus, you just know Gimli and Legolas would stand at opposite sides of the room and glare at each other instead of cooperating.


Ocean’s Eleven
Likelihood of Success: MEDIUM

We could spend all day nitpicking differences between Sinatra’s and Clooney’s crews from both the original and its remake, but any real debate would be useless since Trapology’s biggest escape rooms can only hold up to ten people. We imagine that the ensuing argument over who would have to wait outside would be catastrophic for either group. Sandra Bullock’s team of eight would be eligible and would probably have a better shot at success, but a good heist requires extensive knowledge of the environment ahead of time and we have a strict “no puzzle spoilers” policy at Trapology.


The Incredibles
Likelihood of Success: LOW

If you can find a single scene in either Pixar movie about the Parr family where they’re all fighting crime together that doesn’t turn into an argument then you’re more observant than we are. With a proper villain in their way, they might overcome their dysfunction long enough to prevail, but the only villainous presence at Trapology are our challengingly low escape rates. Plus, they’d have to find a babysitter for Jack-Jack, and that never ends well.


The Boston Red Sox
Likelihood of Success: HIGH

The Patriots and the Celtics have already made it out of rooms at Trapology Boston. We’re confident this one’s an easy win for Fenway’s finest. ‘Nuff said.


Think you might have a better chance at success than the famous teams listed above? Well, there’s only one way to prove it! Book a game with us today and certify that your team is truly the best of the best!


Lord of the Flies

Game Master Bio: Allie

Game Master: Allie

Pet Peeve: Linear Induction Motors
Guilty Pleasure: Japanese eye cleansing drops that burn her eyes but leave them feeling oh so minty fresh.


Carrying on the hallowed tradition of Game Masters worth their salt is Trapology’s very own Allie. A juggernaut in her own right, Allie simultaneously works her Game Master magic here at Trapology while also studying hard for her college courses and doing a bang-up job at her co-op at Spartan Race. You might also recognize some of her handiwork over at the Trapology Instagram account. Suffice it to say, if you want something done, you know who to go to.


But there still begs a singular question

Who is Allie? We know that she’s definitely a striking competitor in the working world. But who really is Allie? Who is this woman when the glitz and glamour of being a Game Master fade away at the end of the day? We’ve wondered this question long enough ourselves and eventually caved into our own intrigue and recently hired one of Boston’s most top secret private investigators. I’d give you their name but — well, top secret. What they uncovered was unbelievable and yet, knowing what we do about Allie, seemed to be entirely plausible at the same time.

Here’s the first thing you need to know about the real Allie

She’s a master at linguistics. A speaker of fluent Mandarin, it isn’t so far fetched of an idea that her expertise extends far beyond that. Is she moonlighting for the CIA? FBI? NSA? They all seem likely possibilities for this savant of speech.

We realize these claims may seem a bit forward but let me counter that with another bit of information. As an undergraduate of Marketing and Information Systems and Operations Management at Suffolk University, Allie works tirelessly to analyze large swaths of information. As a silver-tongued analyst who works at Boston’s best escape room, is it really speculation to say that there is a spy in our midst? Technically yes. But don’t think for one second that we’re crossing it out as a possibility.

That’s really all that our P.I. could dig up at the moment, but rest assured we’ll be getting to the bottom of this enigmatic woman in future updates. Until then we’ll just have to leave you with the undeniable facts.


Fact: Allie is the kind of person to always lend a hand in whatever way she possibly can;
          inside and outside of the Trapology universe.


Fact: She’s a world traveler so if you’re looking for tips for your next adventure outside of the
          States, definitely ask her about it.


Fact: If you like the sound of Allie you can request her to be your Game Master right here!


The book of the dead

Game Master: Dylan

Director of Serious Matters Bio: Dylan

Director of Serious Matters: Dylan

Pet Peeve: Solar Flares
Guilty Pleasure: Dylan’s never been guilty about any of his pleasures

As the Director of Serious Matters, it might come as a surprise that Dylan is anything but stern and overbearing. To Dylan, serious matters and playful adventure are never mutually exclusive. A man of the people, he continually sets the bar for his fellow employees. A literal bar that is. The unofficial spokesperson for the Tam right down the street; you bet Dylan will be trying his darndest to get us all over there with him any day of the week. Meet him there on Taco Tuesdays and you’ll be sure to come away a happy camper.


So where does Dylan originate from?

Surely a man with this expanse of positively descriptive words isn’t a native of the gruff and tough city of Boston — and you’d be right! Dylan originally comes from the land of Minnesota. What is Minnesota known for you may ask? Well, I’ve never been so quite frankly I have no idea. But if I were to make an educated guess based upon the one Minnesotan I know, I’d say that they’re a kind people who can find the positive in anything and always make sure to accommodate their guests to the absolute best of their abilities.

Yet all may not be as it seems

Beyond the warmth, there lies a darkness that haunts this brave Minnesotan. Something that scurries and digs its dark unhygienic teeth into his dreams at night, making sleep a nigh impossible feat. This horrifying figure I speak of is, of course, the Minnesotan’s natural predator – the rat. While larger in stature and physically the better, the Minnesotan’s natural reaction is that of sheer terror. Think of a cucumber next to a cat. Very similar reactions. It’s an unfortunate fact to have learned about our dear friend and co-worker, but make no mistake, Dylan has never once let this shortcoming define him. Quick on his feet and a suave debonair – Dylan is nothing short of a joy to be around.

If Dylan sounds like the kind person that you’d like to handle your next company outing, you can drop him a line right here!



Alfred the Great

What Terrifically Funny quotes sign

Funny Quotes from Inside our Escape Rooms – August 2018

Quotes of Immeasurable Wit

Albert Einstein was once allegedly asked what he would do if he were given one hour to solve a problem; he responded that he would “spend fifty-five minutes thinking about the problem and then five minutes solving it.” The ratio of minutes-thinking to minutes-solving tends to vary over the course of the hour that Trapology guests are allotted to work their way out of our puzzle-packed award-winning escape rooms. There is one thing, though, that they consistently do for all sixty minutes and that, of course, is say hilarious nonsense under the duress of extremely difficult challenges. Below are some golden examples of quotes from guests for the past month.


  • (Guest walks out room) Staff: “Is everything okay?” Guest: “Oh, I’m just farting.”
  • “I thought this was gonna be so much easier.”
  • “Everyone stop. Hang on…Are we idiots?”
  • Guest 1: “I’m too cool to ask for a hint.” Guest 2: “So you’re gonna be too cool to win?”
  • “Dude, this is just like Fortnite.”
  • “Get Mom to do this one, it involves reading.”
  • “We can’t do math! Take pity on us!”
  • “This is a nightmare, but in a good way.”
  • Guest 1: “We already used that key.” Guest 2: “What if it’s like…a magic key?”
  • “Retweet!” (A guest said this every time their group solved something. Every. Single. Time.)
  • “See! I’m actually smarter than you think!”
  • “We’re not fools. It’s just hard and we’re scared.”
  • Guest 1: “You’re too aggressive.” Guest 2: “Someone actually told me that today at a meeting.”


Einstein also had another quote: “there are two things that are infinite: the universe, and human stupidity. And I’m not so sure about the universe.” We here at Trapology like to have a little bit more faith in the intelligence of our guests, but what’s definitely infinite is the endless source of wisdom and humor they spout while waist-deep in riddles and padlocks. Tune in next month for another set of quotes straight from the escape rooms at Trapology Boston–if you book a game with us today, your catchphrase just might make the list!