9 Things Escape Game Players do that Game Masters Can’t Stand


I’m surprised that it has taken us this long to compile this list. Lord knows we’ve been dealing with these things for as long as we have been open. Give this a quick read and learn from our Game Masters’ escape game pet peeves.

  1. Stop breaking our stuff!

The number one thing that game masters hate to see is players being destructive within the escape game. We understand that accidents happen, adrenaline is high, and that we are all here to have a good time. However, there is a clear difference between:

a.) Accidentally dropping an item that you had in your hand or accidentally snapping a key

b.) Flipping over a table. Throwing props against the wall, etc. etc. etc.

If you wanted an hour to work on your anger management, stay home and smash your own belongings. Or go to www.angerroom.com. Please leave our puzzles out of it.

We, the game masters running your escape game at Trapology, can see and hear you at all times. We will be able to stop you as you are about to smash that item you have in your hands. Be warned! We are also very proud to share that we devote a very specific 1:1 ratio of game master to ongoing game. We find that each team truly needs and deserves one person running their games at all times. With this set up we are able to guarantee the quality, attention, and uninterrupted fun that comes with experiencing a game at Trapology Boston.


  1. “We already did that!”:

We promise, you didn’t. Game masters know where you are in the game at all times. If we give you a hint regarding a certain puzzle, it means you have not yet solved it correctly, even though you think you may have.


  1. Take our keys and clues home from our escape games:

We will say it once, twice, three times, for the rest of our lives. Don’t take our keys/clues/locks/games home with you! When you do, it causes game masters serious panic and inconvenience. It can also severely impact the escape game for the next players. Save a life; check your pockets before you leave!


  1. Playing the escape game twice:

We are happy to hear that you enjoyed our game so much! That is what we strive for with every team that passes through our doors. But please don’t come back already knowing the solution to all of the puzzles you solved a week earlier.

Especially…especially, if you are bringing a date to try to impress them. We have had that happen too many times, and it is just not a fun situation for anyone involved. Bring them on a date in which you aren’t lying to them and pretending to be a genius to try to win their love.


  1. Ignore your teammates:

This just breaks a game master’s heart. You should listen to your teammates’ ideas. Entertain any possibility, because anything is possible in an escape game. If something isn’t working for you, give someone else a try!


  1. Disregard everything we clearly stated in the rules:

There’s a reason we ask you to arrive early before your game. We have important rules and information that are essential to your game play! If you disregard our rules, not only will you not escape, but your experience may not be as fun as you had hoped going in.

Example of going against our rules: [que Rules video] “…Rule #1: Please do not use your phones inside of the game room. We ask you to refrain from photos and videos in order to keep our rooms secret…”

[15 minutes later during the game]

“Guys, lets take a selfie for my snap story”

We have had this scenario happen too many times to count. And if you are not going to listen to and respect this rule, we truly will provide a place to lock up your phone and not allow you to have it for the rest of the game. We have worked extremely hard to bring you these great experiences, so we ask that you please listen to the rules and keep everything a surprise for future players.


  1. Being stubborn and never asking for hints:

We understand that many teams who come through our doors are looking to beat a record and not use any hints. And to those people we say, right on! But when we do have a team that has been stuck for the past 10 minutes without solving a single thing, and fighting over whether or not to ask for a hint, we start to become a bit upset. We are here to help and provide you with helpful hints at your disposal. The ideal game for us is when we work seamlessly with the teams inside of the room, as they work cohesively and productively together. When we have a divided team arguing over whether or not to receive a clue, that makes us sad.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have teams that refuse to take clues, but stand idle and give up on the puzzles they are working. These are usually the teams that we decide to throw a free hint to, and the reaction we receive is more often than not a negative one. If we see you struggling, we like to make sure you progress through the game. We are sorry that we gave you a helpful hint, but please don’t get so mad at us.


  1. Saying mean things about the room or game masters out loud:

Like we tell you at the beginning of every game, we can see and HEAR you at all times. How would you feel if you heard someone say something very rude/inappropriate things about you? We always appreciate feedback on our games, but please keep your insults to yourself.

We have feelings too!


  1. Sneezing, putting things in your mouth, general lack of sanitary common sense:

Are players not aware of how many people have played these games before them? Well, game masters are. And when we see you hold a flashlight in your mouth, we have to wonder: what are you thinking? Now we have to go in there with gloves and disinfectant. So many people go through coughing and sneezing all over. And to those people, game masters ask: would you please cover your mouth? Note to all other player: We at Trapology do our best to frequently lysol and clorox our game props and sets.
When you decide to join us here at Trapology Boston for one of the most challenging and immersive experiences in the city and area, we ask that you keep this list in mind. We hope to have a smooth and amazing experience for you, and if you avoid doing any of these things, we will be at our best.

The Wonderful Transformation of Trapology Boston’s Lobby

If you played an escape game back when Trapology Boston first opened in July 2015, you probably wouldn’t recognize our lobby if you walked in today. We put a lot of tender love and care into transforming our lobby from the white-walled, stained-carpet-sh**-hole that it once was, into the inviting, entertaining space and welcoming lobby we have cultivated.

Walk into Trapology Boston today and you are greeted with the smiling face of Trapology team members (that much has stayed the same). After the waivers get signed and the jackets have been hung, you step into our waiting area. Hardwood floors! A free photo booth! High tables and bar stools! Beautifully designed posters! Did you just step into heaven? Who am I to say?

At your disposal, you find a wide assortment of small games to play before you begin your escape adventure. There are cards, trivia, riddles, and physical puzzles… and we are always adding more. We have plenty of seating, and a large, comfortable couch. “How did they ever get that enormous and luxurious couch up that teeny, tiny stairwell?” you wonder. A lady never tells!

That pallette wall you see there? Labor of love is an understatement. A whole lot of trial and error. Sanding, resanding, making the whole damn thing fit together. Laughs were had, tears were shed. Mostly tears. Frankly, it was a little hard to watch, but boy was it worth it.

You sit, you gab, until it is time for your Trapology experience to really begin. One of our staff will put on an animated video for you and your team, explaining our house rules on our 55 inch 4k television. It is quick and highly entertaining. Then you are taken down our mysterious black hallway, until you arrive at your game door. There your live action escape game begins, and there you are fully immersed in the story of the game, forgetting all about the wonderland you left behind….

But Rome was not built in a day.

Take a time machine back a year or so and your first acquaintance with Trapology Boston might have been…different. Picture this: white walls. Sad, stained, could-have-been-blue-at-one-time carpeting covering the entire floor. A bench or two. Maybe. That was what we had to work with, what the office had left us with. Talk about starting from scratch! We used to do the rules sitting on the floor because we had no seating! Like animals!

Man. You didn’t know how good you had it, did you?

We have come quite a long way. This metamorphosis is just one example of how hard we work to constantly improve. Be it in our welcoming lobby or in our games, we want you to be wowed. We subscribe to the business philosophy that continuous improvements should be made, and hope that our service and lobby space reflects that.

Not only do we want our guests to be comfortable here, in a beautiful and welcoming lobby, but we want that for our team as well. We frequently have game nights here at Trapology where we get together off the clock and play some games, relax, and have some fun! I bet you wouldn’t choose to spend extra time at your place of work, but that’s how we roll. There WAS that one time when our team had a heated moment over playing the board game “Clue” but we have since buried that bad blood. We are a family and this is our home. A home where we want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable. So come hang out!

The final product (a welcoming lobby)…

We would also love your feedback/input. Let us know if you have a cool idea for our space!

Bars Within a 15 Minute Walk from Trapology Boston

We see it all too often: disappointment, rage, sadness. Our players’ experience a range of emotions when realizing that Trapology Boston does not actually provide the drinks leading them to their Drunk Tank lockup. However, after the game (if you haven’t learned your lesson) you and your team might want to head out for a celebratory drink, or one to drown your sorrows away. Either way, there are a ton of nearby options for you to choose from and we’ve compiled a top ten list of bars based on ratings and proximity! So you are sure to find the best Downtown Boston bar for your taste.

A map directing you to the perfect Downtown Boston Bar:


Located just one floor beneath Trapology Boston, Teatro is the most convenient bar following a game here. This is the place for you if you’re in the mood for a crafty cocktail or a classic Italian dish.

The Tam:

The Tam is just a 2 minute walk from Trapology Boston. Reviewers rave about the cheap but strong drinks along with the friendly atmosphere. Be aware this bar is cash only, so be sure to make a quick stop at the ATM if you’re thinking of stopping by here!

Sip Wine Bar and Kitchen:

If you are looking for a more quiet and casual night cap, Sip Wine Bar is a good bet. They offer wine by the sip, which allows guests to try different varieties.

Shojo Boston:

Awarded the top Downtown Boston bar for cocktails by Travel + Leisure, Shojo Boston will surely provide you with a good time. This bar provides a modern asian flare to it’s unique cocktails.

JM Curley:

Named after one of Boston’s most celebrated mayors, James Michael Curley, this bar is a fittingly good place to celebrate with friends. Reviewers rave about their extensive beer list, and blended concoctions blended up right before your very eyes.

JJ Foley’s Bar & Grille:

A family-owned bar since 1909, JJ Foley’s is a friendly Irish pub located in South Boston. They pride themselves on great food, drinks, and service that has followed the family tradition.

Good Life:

In the neighborhood is Good Life bar. It is a hip Downtown Boston bar offering a youthful vibe and a great cocktail menu. The bar also acts as a great hub for nightlife, being a 2 floor mini club.


It may look like you are walking into a hair salon, but in actuality you are entering one of Boston’s coolest, hippest restaurants/bar. If we may go as far as to suggest a drink… an Old Fashioned.

Cheers Beacon Hill:

“Where everybody knows your name!” Visit everyone’s favorite watering hole, Cheers in Beacon Hill. Enjoy some great pub food, drinks, and the famous sitcom facade. If you are going to eat, we suggest the chili.

Silvertone Bar & Grill:

In this below-ground hip location, Silvertone offers great, warming food and an extended list of specialty cocktails. This Downtown Boston bar is themed with a retro vibe that creates a truly enjoyable setting to relax with friends.

We are sorry that we can’t offer you the liquid courage that you may think you need to escape. And we do want to let you know that drinking prior to the game is definitely not the right idea. However, we think going for some celebratory drinks (or ones to sooth your loss) are a great idea, and that is why we have compiled this list.

Restaurants within a 15-minute walk From Trapology Boston

Did you work up an appetite spending an hour in one of our amazingly well designed, original games? Yeah, that’s what we were expecting. We find that all we can think about throughout the course of the day is food…and we’re just watching you play. Well, we thought that you might like some suggestions of places to eat within walking distance of Trapology. We wholeheartedly suggest you check one of these great downtown Boston restaurants.


Scale for all Downtown Boston Restaurants:

$ = $10 and under/person

$$ = $11-$30/person

$$$ = $31-$60/person



Located on the first floor in the same building as Trapology Boston, treat yourself to drinks and a high-quality Italian meal. Karen recommends the risotto! P.S. We may be biased for adding this establishment to our downtown Boston restaurants list, but we fully recommend it for your hunger satisfying needs. $$$


177 Tremont St

Boston, MA 02111


Barcelona South End:

If you’re in the mood for tapas, this is the place. It is great for large or small groups, and serves small plates perfect for sharing. Amelia recommends the potato tortilla OR the chorizo with figs.$$


525 Tremont St

Boston, MA 02116

Luke’s Lobster:

Have a classic Boston experience and treat yourself to a little seafood. Small menu selection, but that is because they focus on the quality of the food! We have heard good things about their lobster roll. $$


290 Washington St

Boston, MA 02108


The Salty Pig:

Chow down on some authentic italian cuisine. Treat yourself to the real italian deal, or play it safe with some of their delicious pizza! Either way you will not be disappointed. You can’t go wrong with their charcuterie plate (it comes with fig jam!). $$


130 Dartmouth St

Boston, MA 02116



This place is great! And depending on what time you play your game, you might be able to sneak in for brunch. This place has awesome modern european/french dishes, great service, and good prices. Try the steak frites! $$


560 Harrison Ave

Boston, MA 02118


Jm Curley:

Here’s another great lounge/restaurant spot with delicious American food. The restaurant has a great interior. Fun experience and kid friendly! Get the fried chicken. You know you want to. $$


21 Temple Pl

Boston, MA 02111


The Parish Cafe:

You when all you want is a sandwich, but you also want to feel cool and fancy? Well this place can satisfy all of that. Great spot for groups, and you can tell how much care they take to construct each sandwich. Amelia likes the Rialto. $$


21 Temple Pl

Boston, MA 02111



This asian fusion tapas bar is awesome! They have a wide assortment of It’s casual and hip, and they have a very cool wall mural. Carolina recommends the Suckling Pig Bao. $$


9A Tyler St

Boston, MA 02111


Avana Sushi:

This place is awesome if you are looking for takeout. It’s a pretty tight squeeze, so not recommended for large groups. It’s located right downtown inside a food court, so it’s a little hard to find, but the food makes it worth it! They have awesome vegetarian maki rolls. $


42 Beach St

Boston, MA 02111


New Dong Khanh:

A small space that offers traditional vietnamese cuisine and a cozy vibe. They also offer a great menu of bubble tea. We obviously recommend you try the pho, because who doesn’t love pho!! $


81 Harrison Ave

Boston, MA 02111


Kaze Kabu Shabu:

Have no fear! Delicious Japanese hot pot is right around the corner! The service is friendly and the food is great! Perfect for groups and cold weather. Nate recommends you try the lamb. $$


1 Harrison Ave

Boston, MA 02111



This place is great if you want something casual.Grab some sandwiches and french fries and unwind. It’s right in the north end, a block away from Improv Asylum, and it’s open late! Amelia recommends the poutine (obviously). $


33 Union St

Boston, MA 02108


Da Vinci:

High end italian food that accommodates all dietary restrictions! They have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options. Located an easy 0.4 miles away, they have fantastic food and you can watch the chef while he works! $$$


162 Columbus Ave

Boston, MA 02116



Enjoy your evening at a swanky lounge restaurant with delicious food and cool ambiance. Set up as a speakeasy, Yvonne’s is sure to thrill anyone looking for a good night out! Tina recommends the Buttermilk Hush puppies. $$$

2 Winter Pl

Boston, MA 02108
We hope to see you soon to play one of our amazing and original games at Trapology Boston. Hopefully after that record setting escape, you will choose to celebrate with a well deserved lunch or dinner at one of these great downtown Boston restaurants. Cheers!

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Boston board game night @ Trapology Boston

The team at Trapology Boston hosted an awesome Boston board game night this week. It was a night filled with laughter, goofy antics, and of course, inevitable blaming. I took a second to step back and look back at the people that sat in front of me and the facility that we were sitting in. We had been having these Boston board game nights on a regular monthly basis, and it’s something I look forward to.

Eight months ago, Jason and I longingly looked at a beautiful 5th floor, 2500 square feet property that overlooked the Boston Common. The ceilings were tall, floors were polished, views were spectacular, and the monthly rent… well, that was spectacular in its own way. We were heartbroken, but there was a silver lining: We were lucky enough that the 2nd floor was available, and we somehow managed to rub two pennies together to make this piece of property work for us. Neither Jason nor I are strangers to hard work. We were committed to making this venture work, no matter how many people called us crazy. (“People pay you to lock them up?”) After countless hours of sanding, painting, and sweating, (with special thanks to Bob, Erin, and my Dad) we launched our first escape game – the Drunk Tank. It was an absurd idea that was born from a long wifi-less flight from Tanzania.

If you had told me eight months ago that we would have grown our measly team of just him and I, to a ridiculous family that collectively speaks eight languages, possesses unusual special talents (animation, karate, love of baby vomit scents, and doggie daycare), and varies in height from 5’0″-6’5″, I’d tell you that you were batsh’t crazy. Well… this crazy Trapology Boston family is the reason why we’re still alive, kicking, and having an amazing time. Escape rooms have been popping up around every corner. Maybe they’ll be flashier, more popular, and higher tech than ours, but one thing is for sure… their Boston escape room team will NEVER be as awesome. I’m also pretty sure that I cherry-picked some of the most competitive people in the city and so, we’re dedicated to constantly improvement so that our games stay on top!

This week, we welcomed two more people to our Trapology team – Micha and Carolina. We celebrated with an after-hours game night that was filled with inappropriateness, embarrassing stories, and infectious laughter. We’re excited that they’re on this fast-paced journey with us as Trapology Boston builds Game #3, and *drumroll* expands to the 5th floor! To our firecracker manager (and fearless leader), Tina, we have no doubt that you will keep us all in check. Who knew that when Jason and I hired you, that you would end up being OUR boss, too? 🙂 Nate and Pam, our middle management team, it is without a doubt that you both will be fantastic role models for our newbies. During game master training, try to share the Sour Patch Kids with them, yes? V, we miss you. Thanks for coming back and keeping us in your life! We attribute much of our success to your suggestions and constant feedback. Karen, you’re my rock. My life wouldn’t function without you. Jason, our bossman stressball leader, we all think that you should spend more time in the corner of the lobby (and not in the control room). 🙂

Without all of you, we wouldn’t be here. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. Every time I walk into Trap, I’m still a bit in awe of what we’ve built together. You all are awesome. Cheers to many more boston board game nights together.





Our welcome party for our new team members – Micha and Carolina
Images courtesy of Boston photogapher, Nicole Chan Photography

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston

Trapology presents Game design @ Milton Academy

This week, I stood in front of 120 students at Milton Academy, a co-ed boarding and day prep school, and talked to them about escape room game design and creative fields that have spawned from my passions in theater, math, and art. With the help from my Trapology Boston team (and our favorite volunteer temp employee, Gabriel Cheong), we designed an instagram game specifically for Milton Academy, using a room from our Hustler game as the background. Play the game on instagram: @trapologyboston

Special thanks to Heather Sugrue for inviting me. I had a wonderful time, and can’t wait to be back on Milton Academy’s campus! 🙂

Another special thanks to Karen Eng from Promessa Studios for capturing the below images.

Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology BostonBest Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology BostonBest Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston

The Adventurous Couple’s Perfect Valentine’s Day at Trapology Boston

Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Activity?

If you’re like me, you want your significant other to surprise you, take you out on the town, challenge you, connect with you, and most importantly want to have fun with you. There is no better choice than an escape room, as a fun and perfect Valentine’s Day activity!

Frequently it falls to one person to create and set into action the plans for this holiday. And if that sounds familiar, you’re in luck because we just gave you your decision.

Located downtown, we are right in the action, so this will definitely qualify as at least a few notches higher than sitting on the couch, watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and doing laundry. Your “honey bunny” will appreciate the effort.

Surprise them, challenge them, excite them with a game at Trapology Boston. You will be locked in a room together, and possibly with more teammates, for one hour and challenged to solve puzzles and escape! Whether you make it a competition, or try to test how well you work together, we know you will have a great time! Playing an escape room is an extremely bonding activity. You both will have to bring your A-game! What’s better than becoming fully immersed in a new experience with the person you love (or like like)?

Your S.O. is your best friend, your chosen life partner, and your ultimate teammate. But are they? Why not test just how good of a team you actually are. Put love on the line here at Trapology. And hey, whoever solves more puzzles, the other person gets to buy dinner!

Conversely, for the enlightened few that have realized that Valentine’s day is a fake holiday created by capitalism to sell cards, and loathe the sight of seeing couples out having fancy dinners and horse drawn carriage rides, Trapology Boston is STILL the place to go. Bring a group of your 9 most cynical and single friends and stick it to the Valentine’s day man. You can all have a laugh about the people you know in doomed relationships. When you love nothing, you have nothing to lose. And in this case, it still is the perfect Valentine’s Day activity (without the annoying parts).

So come play Trapology Boston!


Buy tickets here for your perfect Valentine’s Day activity.

Five Concerns players have about Escape Games

Many players come to us here at Trapology Boston with concerns and worries regarding their experience looked in a room for an extended period of time. Whether they are stressed about actually being locked in a room or uneasy about the idea of tackling multiple puzzles with a group of people you don’t really know that well, we are used to these concerns and very able to run your game smoothly and relieve your stress. We’d like to share with you Five Concerns players have about Escape Games and provide some responses!


  • I am claustrophobic, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to play!

This concern is quite often shared with us, and for a very good reason. This is definitely the top of the five concerns players have about escape games.  For those of us who have a hard time dealing with small spaces, the idea of intentionally being locked in a room for an hour is a terrifying one. Of course, this was a top priority in the designing of our rooms; keeping everyone comfortable. While playing any one of our rooms, participants will, at all times, have the ability to unlock the door and leave the room for any emergency reason.

push to exit

push to exit

Pictured above, is our emergency exit button. They are located next to each door in our game rooms and that will be the way for you to leave if need be. And before you ask, NO it is not an accepted form of escape!


  • I’m not smart enough!

We believe that our games are designed to truly allow every member of your team shine! Quite often the most timid people, players who start off not speaking for the first 15 minutes, are the team members who end up contributing the most and solving the hardest puzzles. And speaking with players after their game, we have learned that people are mainly quiet because they come in with the idea that they don’t have anything to add and aren’t smart enough. And that couldn’t be more false! We have never had a single player, in the thousands that have come through our doors, that has not added anything to their team or the path to escape. Our puzzles are designed to combine both everyday common knowledge and some complicated critical thinking. So that even if you can’t solve 53x=57x-2 within seconds (which none of us could), you will still be able to say, “Hey! Maybe we should put together this puzzle!”


  • Is it scary?

Many people are concerned that these rooms are made to intentionally scare our guests. To that we have to say, we are not a haunted house experience, there are multiple hidden effects, but ultimately we are not in the business of scaring people.


  • Am I going to have fun?

Well, we may be a bit biased with our answer to this question, but we believe that the thousands of happy faces that have left our doors speak for themselves. Across many experiences reviewing websites, we have numerous positive reviews that we believe truly reflect the time you will have at Trapology Boston.


  • What if we don’t get out?

Well, I guess you’ll be spending the night at 177 Tremont Street. Just kidding!! When your 60 minutes are up, we will come into the room and walk you through what you solved and the remainder of the puzzles. Each team gets a walkthrough and even the teams that do successfully escape our game frequently miss a few subtle clues around the room. And just to let you know, we’ve never had a team too disappointed that they couldn’t make it out of the room.


Those would be the top five concerns players have about escape games expressed to us here at Trapology. We hope that we have addressed them in a way that will make you comfortable and ready to come join us for Boston’s greatest escape game.


Behind the scenes of the Chris Evans escape game



Authored by: Tina, Director of Fun


If you told me a year ago when I started this job at Trapology Boston that I would be in a basement with Chris Evans pranking people, I’d tell you that you were crazy.

It started off with a casual conversation between management about possibly working with a celebrity for a prank to help support a charity. We loved the idea of building something off site to put our skills to the test and for a good cause.

Flash forward to mid-October and Nicole, Jason and myself [Tina] are staring at each other in silence with sketch books, rulers, pencils and a notebook filled with crazy ideas spread across the table.


photo credit: Nicole Chan


Jason and Nicole went through what I assume was 100 different game designs and puzzles before they even told me what was happening. After playing a game of chance with our staff to figure out who was going to be the fourth person to help us get this project done, we had about 10,000 ideas.


With our brains full of ideas and puzzles, we set off to scope out the potential location for the event. We measured, we sketched, we looked strange talking about hidden doors and hiding cameras. Remember all those 10,000 ideas I told you about before? Forget about them because it gets narrowed down to about five puzzles total. For prank videos, the puzzles must “read” well on camera and be engaging enough to keep the unsuspecting players progressing to the end. Our ideas of multi-stepped puzzles, decoders, and other logic based ideas were just a litttttle too much for what we needed to convey.


I remember our staff all packed into the mini-van coming back from playing another escape game together (we like to take team trips to play other rooms because we are also addicted to them on top of running them). Jason and Nicole dropped us off at Trapology and I was eating pizza with the staff (it’s was an extra cheese from New York Pizza, it was delicious)  when we got the e-mail about the location change. Now, five days before the event is scheduled to run we have to change everything.


Jason came back to Trapology to pick me up and head over to Somerville. ComiCazi  is a dream world for all comic book lovers, it was packed to the brim with so much cool stuff.If you love comics, I suggest checking that place out. Our team was scouring around, discussing logistics and where to put all the puzzles. Things seemed to flow together nicely and we were happy with our final design! Jason and I had a phone meeting with Omaze, while sitting inside his tiny car at 10pm. After that meeting, everything was ready to be built.

Photo credit: Jason Loeb


Now to keep the element of surprise, we couldn’t do our build out until the night before. No pressure, right?


Wrong. The pressure felt pretty high for us. We wanted everything to be perfect for this event. Not only do we love when players enjoy our games, but this was also going to support Christopher’s Haven. If you don’t know, Christopher’s Haven is a non-profit that provides housing for families with children who are battling cancer. There is no way we were going to let any of our build out disappoint.


The days leading up to the prank were filled with a lot of running around. I’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to our Trapology Staff: Pam, Nate, Carolina, Amelia, and Sledder who held down the shop while Jason, Nicole, Micha, and myself were running around like madmen. We weren’t allowed to tell them who the celebrity was, which inspired them to make a crazy wall complete with red yarn, notes, and a lot of thumbtacks. They were our little rays of sunshine when we were feeling defeated.


We spend hours upon hours ordering, moving, building, stress-eating, testing, destroying, re-building, and not sleeping. This brings us to Friday morning, 24 hours before the event. We planned to drop our stuff off at ComiCazi and start working on set up in the basement.  After picking up Micha, we were ready to head over, until Jason and Nicole called us because their car died and was in the process of waiting for a tow truck in Chinatown. We tried not to take this as a bad omen. Micha and I picked up Jason and all of the equipment from the broken down car in Chinatown and left Nicole there to wait for AAA… in the rain. 


We got to ComiCazi to meet with the Omaze team and run through everything. After enjoying some burritos and bubble tea, we ran back to Trapology to pick up some more stuff to begin the final build out. The night arrives and we’re ready to get down to business in the comic book store. Our behind the scenes video at the bottom of the post will show you the insanity that took place.  You can think you plan for everything that could possibly go wrong, but you never can. No matter how many obstacles we hit, we were able to overcome them. Around 2am, we were as confident as could be with our build out. We headed home to sleep as much as we possibly could (it was 5 hours).


The morning of the event our emotions were pretty mellow, because we are not morning people and being up this early was foreign to us. Top it all off, we were sleep-deprived, and still weren’t completely finished with our cameras, audio, and other special effect tech. Once we got to ComiCazi, things started to heat up and we were ready to rock and roll!  After a several quick partial run throughs of the game, we were as cool as a cucumber!


Chris Evans showed up and we were able to get things rolling. A quick personal side note, you may think you can be prepared for Captain America to stroll into a room, but you can’t. I kept it together by slapping Micha’s leg a couple times. After that I was totally cool and Micha had a bruise.


We gave Chris a run through of how things work, and he was ready for his career as a game master. He’s ridiculously hilarious and watching him run a game and guide people through the puzzles was an experience we’ll never forget.  It was really fun for us to watch everyone go through our puzzles and get scared by Chris at the end.

While it was incredible to meet someone like Chris Evans, underneath it all, we were all very grateful to be able to work on something so meaningful. This video will draw so much attention to Christopher’s Haven, and that’s the most important part of all.


We’d like to thank Omaze for letting us work on this project and Chris Evans for being such a great game master!  Enjoy our behind the scenes video, and please consider supporting Christopher’s Haven!!!

Use the code TRAPOLOGY to get an additional 100 free entries!

A personal note from Tina:

Jason and Nicole are the owners of Trapology Boston and the best bosses you could ever hope to work for. Working with them has proved to me that you can accomplish anything given enough drive to get things done. I don’t know how they find the hours in a day, but they do. I couldn’t think of a couple better suited for this project! Thanks for letting me, and the rest of the Trapology Team be part of this amazing project :]

Ten funny things heard in The Drunk Tank – A Boston Escape Game.

Trapology Boston’s first escape game, The Drunk Tank has had over 1,000 teams come through since we first opened. Our game masters have seen and heard some pretty wacky things! We’ve made a list of ten funny things heard in The Drunk Tank, that were rated PG enough for us to share with you.

Woman: Uhm, that’s mine….

2.“We have a minute and 28 seconds left…(face fills with despair) uh-oh.”

3. Man with an extremely determined face: Let’s find everything we can find!

5. How do you use a white-board?

6.“Sometimes a coat rack is just a coat rack”

7. Group of 6 grown men;
After reading the hint 3 times….. “OOOOOOOoOOOOoOOOHhHHhHhhhhh
8.  YAY!
Two seconds later…
9.“Guys, we done goof’d”

10.Person 1: It has a do not touch sticker!
Person 2: What does it mean?
Person 1: Do not touch!

We promise to keep this list growing and let you in on all the fun. Next time you play a Boston escape game, remember that all your game masters are laughing along with you!

Trapology Boston escape game player regrets

I wish…A tale of escape game players’ regrets

Trapology Boston escape game players' regrets

Trapology Boston escape game players’ regrets


As we move into a new year, we all strive to establish a list of resolutions and goals and truly live up to the popular phrase, “New Year, New Me!” Here at Trapology Boston, the city’s best escape room, we like to keep in mind some of the mistakes we wished we hadn’t made and escape game players’ regrets we have from this past year. We aren’t usually a negative bunch — in fact quite strongly the opposite — but we know the benefit that many can have from remembering the negatives and using that as the groundwork for that “New Me.” Working at a Boston escape room gives us all a prime seat to see, in a short-term setting, the process of mistake, realization, regret, and finally growth.

Many a time, we have had teams who have fallen short in one of our games, return with escape game players’ regrets in tow, and succeed greatly in another one of our experiences. Following are some of those past escape game players’ regrets and what we believe to be the lessons that may follow:

I wish..
I had listened to my teammates more!
Quite frequently we have some players who feel that they are the lone voice and the only reasonable person on their team. With that, comes unlimited power and the inability to hear the thoughts and ideas of others around them. Now unless we have a master escaper (i.e. Houdini or Andy Dufresne), we doubt that one person could possibly single-handedly lead their team to escape.
Usually, there comes a moment in these types of games where the “Lone Wolf” realizes, Hey, maybe I should have listened to these other guys. And more often than not, that moment is during the walkthrough following their failure. We can promise that, when that person has learned they missed 6 hidden clues, incorrectly solved 5 puzzles, and hurt the feelings of 4 of their teammates, they will be walking out with quite a bit of escape game players’ regrets.

I wish…
I had planned to hit the bars after escaping.
Downtown Boston offers a wide array of dive pubs, nightclubs, and themed bars; a perfect area to spend a fun night out with friends, and maybe a few libations. With a few drinks comes tipsiness, negatively impacted decision-making skills, and the thought: That looks like a nice escape game prop! Maybe I should destroy it so no one after me will be able to experience this fun!!
When people come to enjoy our games drunk, or even tipsy, it never ends well. Both for the players involved and for Trapology Boston. We ask that if you are looking to play one of our rooms, that you wait to drink after and not have to regret making a complete fool of yourself in front of friends, strangers, and us.

I Wish…
I had trusted the guidance of my game master.
We’ve seen it all; the drunk, the insane, the confident, and the bewildered. But no matter the person or scenario, we find there to be a rather significant divide between player and game master. Now, we take every single one of our games here at Trapology very seriously, and we have no hidden agenda when it comes to your success or failure. We are here for the sole reason of helping you and making sure everything runs smoothly. Anything we communicate to you during the course of your escape is given for a reason and deemed to be the most useful tip or hint at that exact moment. It is not worth refuting a message from your game master, and it is definitely not worth leaving the room regretting that decision. In most cases, our game masters are jumping up and down hoping you find the items you need and solve the puzzles that will get you out of the room. As stated before, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!
As you gear up for your next escape game, keep some of our past escape game players’ regrets in mind!



Ten funny things heard in The Hustler – A Boston Escape Game

A lot of our players ask our staff after their escape game, “wait….you heard everything we were saying?”.  The answer is yes, yes we heard everything during your escape game. While we’re watching your games intently, sometimes we just have to giggle with you. Our staff kept a list of the funniest things they hear during The Hustler here at Trapology Boston.

  1. “Something has to do with something; and this thing definitely has to do with that thing”
  2. “I have the smallest hands here. Let me do the small thing.”
  3. “Oops, My penis fell off’ (bachelorette referring their penis keychain)
  4. “Woah, how did they get that up there”
  5. “Pam, it’s cause you pressed it into the hole!!” (buzzer)
  6. “Is it my left….or the lock’s left?”
  7. “We’ve got too many hands in the pot!!’
  8. Person 1: I don’t read anything.  Person 2: Well that’s why we have this problem.
  9. “Everyone start hissing!!” (Group all beings to hiss like snakes)
  10. “I laughed so hard I just farted…again!”

6 Tips for first time Boston escape room players


Is it your first time playing a Boston escape game? Don’t worry. We have six tips for Boston escape game players!  Our team here at Trapology Boston has encountered every type of player you can think of! We’ve seen teams who have never played an escape game before and teams who have played over 100+ games together.  We’ve put together our top tips for escape games for you to enjoy.


Communication is key

We always tell players to communicate loudly and often! Working together and communicating is one of the best ways to help ensure your escape. We’re not saying the guy over in the corner screaming about a lock he found is going to have all the answers, but it’s worth listening to! Talk about what you’re finding in the room and what you think you have to find. Make sure to communicate what you have solved to your team. No idea is too crazy or obscure inside an escape game.


Explore things thoroughly

We can’t stress this one enough! Escape games are designed to get you thinking outside the box. Seriously. Clues are hidden everywhere in the room, it’s your job to figure out how to use them. Not everything is going to be as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 open up this box and find all your answers. You’re going to need to look around, inside, behind, underneath, and beside everything to find the clues to your escape.

Although communication is key, trust will not get you far in this game! We advise each player to double check everyone’s steps, ideas, and processes. Just when you think you’ve searched everything, a secret door is going to pop up and open a whole new puzzle to you.


Use your time wisely.

Divide and conquer! We’re not joking when we tell you that this will be the fastest hour of your life. Use your time wisely and keep an eye on the clock. Although this is a team effort, having everyone work on one puzzle at a time might not efficient. Try to split up and conquer several different puzzles at once if possible; you will cover more ground in a timely manner.


Don’t stress out about not escaping!

       Enjoy your time! There’s no need to stress out about getting stuck and not finding your way out. Not everyone escapes every single game they play. Have fun, immerse yourself in the game and do your best. These games are designed to get you working together and having fun. Win or lose, you will have obtained new information to apply to any future escape games!




Be organized!

Keep your clues and puzzles organized. Too many times we’ve seen teams fail because something got misplaced. Having a centralized area where you’re keeping everything will help you out through all the chaos! Once you solve a puzzle, it’s usually safe to put the puzzle aside (you might want to check with your game runners, this doesn’t always apply to every game). Pockets are black holes of escape games. Picture


Ask for help!

If you’re staring at a puzzle for 15 minutes and haven’t solved anything, it’s probably a good time to ask for some help. Here at Trapology Boston we allow you to ask for 3 hints! Use these when you’re feeling stuck and not progressing through any puzzles. These hints are designed to help you get out!  


Corporate Event Rental Space in Downtown Boston

If you’re looking for a unique Boston corporate event rental space, look no further than Trapology Boston! Trapology was voted, by fans and followers, on to the “Top 10 Best Escape Games” list released by USA Today, and has been featured in such local media as The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, and Boston.com. Not just a space to simply play escape games centered around original storylines and immersive puzzles, but also a great place to host team building events and other corporate meetings. If our great space interests you, here are 6 reasons why Trapology Boston is the best corporate team building space in Boston.

1. Premiere Boston catering companies and bartenders

Having lasting partnerships with multiple local caterers and bartending services, Trapology is able to set your team in the right direction to guarantee a seamless night of games, food, and drinks. Enough to create a comfortable atmosphere and allow coworkers to enjoy their time together.

img_8058   \  img_9291

2. Wifi & audio/visual capabilities
Trapology offers the ability for any multi-media presentations on a 60″ smart TV. Our knowledgeable staff is always willing to assist in set-up to make sure the professionalism of the meeting is upheld.

img_88923. Large, flexible lobby area
A relaxing and comfortable lobby, with the ability to hold as many as 40 people, is what awaits you at Trapology Boston. This versatile space can play host to the ideal event you have been planning. We have comfortably hosted college reunions, large team building outings, networking events, and company meetings, and are willing to accommodate your special occasion.

img_81944. A convenient, attractive downtown Boston location
Located conveniently at the corner of Tremont and Boylston street in downtown Boston, and directly across from the Boylston stop on the green line, we can be easily accessed by multiple forms of transportation. Once inside Trapology Boston, you will find a lobby space with a relaxed vibe many have compared to the many local, independent coffee shops.

5. A unique team building experience
With 2 fully original escape games open and ready to be filled with you and your guests, we can offer the next best opportunity for bonding, creative thinking, and laughter. We have designed our games to guarantee full-team contribution and highlight strengths of which a wide spectrum of players can provide.


6. Photobooth and photo/video services
The Trapology Boston lobby space has a high-quality photobooth complete with printing and sharing capabilities. Our in-house team of photographers and filmmakers are also available for your event.

Ready to book? Give us a call at 857-285-2085 or email us at info@trapologyboston.com. We would be more than happy to help you set up your Boston corporate team building event space and answer any questions you have!


Holiday pop-up mini escape game



You have just stumbled into a magical winter wonderland, and who do you find? None other than Frosty the Snowman! Only something seems wrong… his magic hat is missing! Looks like you’ve got about 30 minutes till high noon. If we can’t find Frosty’s magic hat within 30 minutes, dear old Frosty has got a one way ticket to puddle town. We can’t let that happen! Look around, solve the mystery, find Frosty’s hat and save the day!

Trapology Boston will be donating proceeds from our Frosty mini pop-up escape room to help the Boston homeless.

“The mission of Women’s Lunch Place (WLP) is to provide a safe, comfortable daytime shelter, nutritious food, and supportive services to women experiencing poverty or homelessness in Greater Boston. Our maxim is ‘Dignity is Everything.’ Our belief that every woman is worthy of being treated with dignity and humanity encompasses every aspect of how we provide services. From the moment a guest first enters our door, we recognize her value and strive to help her feel worthy. We are prepared to respond to her critical immediate needs and after those are met we collaborate with the guest in reaching longer-term goals. First we feed the body then we feed the spirit. We support her desire to find a home, a job, or to seek treatment for a mental illness or substance abuse. We are always open to building a trusting relationship with each woman and offering personal attention to assure she is supported in the decisions she makes to recover and thrive. Since 1982, WLP has been a refuge for women seeking a respite from the streets or in search of a welcoming community.”

We, at Trapology Boston hope to raise our goal of a $1000 donation and also purchase warm sweaters, socks, and clothing that will really help people this winter! Trapology’s Frosty mini escape game is 30 minutes long and $90 per game. The game is suited for up to 6 players. The game can be adapted to be easier/more difficult dependent on the group.





Q: How can I book?

A: Purchase tickets here! — Ticket sales are not currently open. Join our mailing list above to be the first to know!


Q: How long is the mini escape game? 

A: 30 minutes


Q: How much are tickets?

A: Each game is $90 and can hold up to 6 players.


Q: How many people can we fit in the Frosty game?

A: 6 people!


Q:  Is this a family-friendly game?

A: Yes! This is our Trapology game that is available for all ages. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We recommend this game for ages 6 and above.


Q: What should I bring/wear?

A: Bring your sense of adventure, and wear your best puzzling pants! No serious acrobatics are involved.


Q: Where is it?

A: Please meet in our 2nd floor lobby of 177 Tremont St. Boston, MA 02111. We are expanding to a new home on the 5th floor of the same building and will escort you to Frosty’s winter wonderland.

What kind of an escape game player are you?

Click here: Take our QUIZ!

What type of escape player are you? 

The Hufflepuff/Hoarder; finds all the clues but solves nothing

You are The Hoarder! You start the game a little overwhelmed, and not too confident in your abilities. However, you are a great asset to your team, as you are able to very thoroughly inspect the room. You find and collect all of the clues and serve as a storage unit for your teammates. It is okay that you may not know what to make of your findings, as your teammates can come to your aid. Without your help, your team would not know where to even begin!

The Delegator

You are the team’s Delegator! You are extremely confident in your abilities and immediately decide to carry the team on your back. You give directions, pep talks, useful insight etc; You oversee things. You assign people to puzzles, then sit back and watch your ideas come to life. Your team would be nothing without you (or at least that’s what you think) leading everyone in the right direction.

The addict / Master of Escape; has played every escape room in every country

You are the Live escape game master! Ever since you got your first taste, it has been non-stop adventure. You try and satisfy your cravings maybe a few times a month, and even go the extra mile of traveling to various countries to play. You know all the tricks puzzlemasters have up their sleeves; as a result, you are well respected and appreciated by your team.

The Natural; supposed first time escape room player that breezes through everything

You are the Natural! You decided to attempt an escape room just for fun. Being that it was your first time, you were not expecting much out of it. However, out of this experience was born a star. You performed with so much excellence, that the puzzlemasters doubted that you never played a similar game prior. Naturals like you are rare, don’t let that talent go to waste.

Double checker. Distrusting of other teammates and rightfully so.

You are Doubtful Debbie! Whether you are playing with friends or strangers, you often have trouble trusting your teammates. You are very thorough and make sure to double check every inch of the room(s). However, you do so in a manner that is not hurtful to your teammates’ ego’s. You manage to pick up everyone’s slack very gracefully and your actions do not go unnoticed.

Lock picker; finds a way to successfully brute force every lock in the room/confident and trusting of himself

You are The Locksmith! You are able to use a minimal amount of clues in order to finagle your way into combination locks. You are also very thorough, and prefer to use mental strength versus physical. You are never one to begin a task without ensured completion.Your teammates can rely on you to get them out in record time; however, they may secretly loathe you for taking the fun out of puzzle solving.

The DO-ER; tries to solve everything in the room on their own

You are The Overachiever! You get very excited and competitive, maybe a little too much so. Even with a group of teammates ready to help, you often try and solve every puzzle on your own. You are of great use to the team but it wouldn’t hurt to take a step back once in awhile, and let your other teammates shine. You are confident in your abilities and want to get the full experience out of the game.

Quiet person; solves everything but doesn’t communicate it to their teammates…

You are The Silent, but Deadly player! To you, actions speak louder than words. You are not one to brag and boast on your successes. In a game, you are efficient at solving all the puzzles, but often fail to communicate your discoveries to your teammates. Your ideas are often great, so have a little more faith in yourself! You could lead your team to success.

The Skeptic

You are The Skeptic! In real life you might be one to follow conspiracy theories. In the game, you may feel like the establishment is out to get you; maybe they are… Is everything in the room a red-herring? Are the clues being given even true? Are you even really locked in the room? You do a little more questioning then solving, but at the end of the game, remember it’s all fun and games!

The Scatterbrain

You are the Team’s Scatterbrain. You seem to be afraid of commitment and prefer to bounce from puzzle to puzzle, contribute a bit, then run away. It might be that you do not want to be wrong or maybe you just want to experience every part of the room. This method is perfectly fine as you are both helpful but still allow your other teammates to chip in. At the end of the game, your teammates will be sure to give your ideas a shoutout.