Ten funny things heard in The Drunk Tank – A Boston Escape Game.

Trapology Boston’s first escape game, The Drunk Tank has had over 1,000 teams come through since we first opened. Our game masters have seen and heard some pretty wacky things! We’ve made a list of ten funny things heard in The Drunk Tank, that were rated PG enough for us to share with you.

Woman: Uhm, that’s mine….

2.“We have a minute and 28 seconds left…(face fills with despair) uh-oh.”

3. Man with an extremely determined face: Let’s find everything we can find!

5. How do you use a white-board?

6.“Sometimes a coat rack is just a coat rack”

7. Group of 6 grown men;
After reading the hint 3 times….. “OOOOOOOoOOOOoOOOHhHHhHhhhhh
8.  YAY!
Two seconds later…
9.“Guys, we done goof’d”

10.Person 1: It has a do not touch sticker!
Person 2: What does it mean?
Person 1: Do not touch!

We promise to keep this list growing and let you in on all the fun. Next time you play a Boston escape game, remember that all your game masters are laughing along with you!