Maybe you have seen her, if you’re lucky. Sometimes Sledder graces you with her wondrous and fleeting company out in the lobby of Trapology Boston.

Her name is Sledder. She is mysterious, beautiful, and wise beyond her years. She is a dog.

To be more specific, she’s a husky.

Stoic and poised, Sledder spends most of her time at Trapology Boston curled up in a little ball, underneath a desk in the control room.  We often wonder: What is on Sledder’s mind? What occupies her thoughts? Does she hate us? Is she hungry?

Here we have compiled a list of possible things that could be running through the mind of Sledder at any given moment:
  1. Why is my water bowl empty? The tall human probably stepped in it again.
  2. I just woke up from my nap, and I think I’m ready to go back to sleep.
  3. The humans seem to have just finished vacuuming the lobby. This would be the perfect time to go roll around on the carpet.
  4. I look cute today.
  5. The humans like to pick me up and put me on their laps while they watch games. Their deaths cannot come soon enough.
  6. (Follow up thought for #5) It seems a cruel twist of fate that on this mortal plane, the humans are expected to live longer than the likes of me. The universe is a fickle mistress. She gives dogs, like me, the power of time travel and telepathy, and the poor humans still can’t even figure out how to live without fossil fuels.
  7. (Follow up thought for #6) Even crueler still, I can’t go to the bathroom without some kind of assistance from them.
  8. I need to pee.
  9. I am hungry.
  10. This physical form constrains me.

Thanks for reading! Come and play at Trapology Boston and maybe you’ll see the pooch… but probably not!