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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, humans of all ages – welcome to the Trapology Top 9! Now you may be wondering why it’s not a typical Top 10. You also might be thinking that Top 9 just seems like we ran out of things to say. And to that, I say – correct. So…here. We. Go!

Trapology Boston Presents:
The Top 9 Things we Love to See in Teams
(now with 30% more font!)


1.   Enthusiasm!

The world can be dull. That’s a fact. Sorry kids, didn’t expect such harsh truths this early on in the Top 9 list now did ya? Luckily the magical alcove we lovingly refer to as Trapology exists in a spaceship that orbits just outside of the monotony of everyday life. Our Spaceship: Fun if you will. And this Spaceship: Fun is fueled entirely off of the joy that teams produce within its walls. Well, that and about a gallon and a half of premium unleaded a day. Either way, we’re counting on you to bring the enthusiasm and keep this ship going!


2.   Sweet dance moves

We all know folks who think they’re “too cool to dance.” I bet you can see one right now in your head – leaning against a wall at a party, wearing jet-black skinny jeans and a hemp burlap sack, drinking absinthe out of a stone bowl and nodding their head to the beat while talking about how vinyl ruined the music industry. Well, guess what, absinthe hipster? No one’s too cool to dance. So put your hands in the air like you just don’t care, and don’t put ‘em down ‘till I say so!


3.   Teamwork – and lots of it!

The secret to success in any escape room is good teamwork. So no ganging up on poor Josh even though he missed that crucial clue that was sitting right out in the open. (But just between the two of us, Josh, come on man…) Accordingly, making sure that everyone is involved and is a team player is absolutely key! (and seriously, Josh, it was right there dude.)


4.   Positivity in the face of a challenge

Escape rooms can be truly difficult and it can be easy for teams to sometimes get hung up on a challenge. BUT we know you didn’t come to us to sulk in the corner! So take a deep breath, look that puzzle right in its face, and then show it who’s boss! Also, dancing for a hint doesn’t hurt either if you find yourself going in circles 🙂


5.   Humor

You like to laugh. We like to laugh. Heck, even the oft unsmiling Ron Swanson likes to crack a smile from time to time. Keep things fun and, by proxy, maybe give our Game Masters something to chuckle at while we’re watching from our state-of-the-art control room in Pasadena, California. Besides, maybe some of those laughs will even translate to some helpful hints (maybe).


6.   Involving Everyone

It’s no fun to be left out of the group. We learned that in elementary school when we consistently got picked last for kickball, if we were even picked at all. And when it was our turn to kick, we’d kick the ball behind us nine times out of ten. And then, of course, we never wanted to play sports again out of fear of being called Backwards Babe Ruth and getting laughed out of the room. Okay, maybe I’m projecting a little bit, but the core concept stands the same for escaping a room. Long story short, involve everyone in your team! – who knows, they might just have the answer to a puzzle you’ve been pondering for ten minutes. Wouldn’t you feel silly if that was the case!


7.   People Named Mike

Teams with people named Mike in their party objectively do better. Don’t ask me why, it’s just statistics. Unlike your nosy neighbor, Jerry, you can’t argue with numbers, people.


8.   Communication

Not only is good communication going to make solving the puzzles easier for everyone in the room, it’s also super essential for our Game Masters so that we can know what you’re thinking and give you the best clues for the situation. So don’t be afraid to speak up, we like to hear your voices!


9.   Snacks

You can’t bring them in the room, but you can sure bring them to us. To eat. It won’t get you an extra edge when it comes to escaping the room, but just know that you’ve made your way into our hearts, and really, that should be incentive enough.


That’s just a short list of some of the things that we love to see in our teams. Overall though, here’s honestly and truly the most important thing — just have fun! After all, at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. If you think you and your friends check off any of the topics listed above, then book yourselves a game and swing on by. We can’t wait to see you!




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