Staff Spotlight

Here at Trapology, we take the utmost pride in our staff and love to create a job for college students in Boston. They all come from different backgrounds and are equipped with some of the most amazing talents. So, we’d like to spotlight some of our staff’s remarkable contributions to Trapology and show everyone how local students are dominating some of the most creative jobs right now. 

Trapology Boston Staff, job for students in boston


Media Arts Production – Emerson College 

Teacher’s Assistant -Trapology Research Institute

  • As a student at Emerson Boston studying  Media Arts Production and living on campus Erin was looking for a fun job for college students in Boston. She ended up joining the Trapology Boston team at the beginning of 2020 as a part-time Game Master. 
  • Her welcoming personality and unmatchable charisma allowed her to flourish in a customer service based industry. Honing in on skills from a Speech Communication class, Erin was able to deliver introductions to games that made you feel like you were actually inside the story before even seeing the set. 
  • Working in such a dynamic environment allowed her to sharpen up some writing skills as well. “I would also say that working in an interactive job really helps with writing because you can see how people naturally react to situations.” 
job for students in boston


Screenwriting – Emerson College

Alumna – Trapology Research Institute

  •  A Boston transplant and a screenwriting student, Lexi joined our team as a part-time Game Master and was able to help create, develop and refine many of the stories that make up the diverse tales.
  • Storytelling helps blend the world of escape rooms and imagination together. It helps create a more immersive and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  •  “I’m studying screenwriting at school (Emerson College) and knowing that the Trapology team gave me numerous opportunities to put my ‘out-there’ imagination to work. I was able to write a handful of the room intros and for those that were taped, I was allowed to see the final product sometimes within hours after writing them. Overall, I think working at Trapology taught me a lot about what inspires, scares,  excites and in general entertains people, which will prove to be very valuable knowledge as I leave school and enter the entertainment industry”
Trapology Boston Staff, job for students in boston


Music Industry – Northeastern University

Professor – Trapology Research Institute 

  • A New Mexico Native, Craig has found himself at Northeastern’s campus to begin his college journey in the Music Industry field and his part-time position at Trapology. 
  • Craig’s passion and skill for creating unique sounds and quirky ideas were immediately noticed by his managers. Escape rooms rely on the most subtle details in order to tie a room together and Craig was able to create perfectly mixed soundtracks for the games. Whether it’s a funky, hip beat for a coffee shop or an old-time piano number for a runaway train, Craig was able to bring customers into an experience just with sound. 
job for students in boston


Digital Art and Animation – Northeastern University  

Alumna – Trapology Research Institute

  • Originally from beautiful Colorado, Micha graduated Northeastern with a BFA in Digital Art and a concentration in Animation. While in school, she worked part-time at Trapology Boston 
  • Graphic Design work was one of Micha’s responsibilities at Trapology Boston. Using her knowledge gained from her coursework she provided the company with the images and designs needed to help them stand out from the other businesses. 
  • Escape rooms are filled with symbols, pictures, sketches, paintings, and all forms of art. Her comprehensive knowledge of graphic design enabled her to flawlessly craft together intricate designs used throughout the business. 
Trapology Boston Staff, job for students


Marketing and Information Systems – Suffolk University, 

Professor -Trapology Research Institute

  • Working towards her Master’s degree, Allie has been at Suffolk University since 2015. On top of many other jobs, Allie works part-time at Trapology Boston.
  • Allie came into the workforce extremely determined and confident she could get the job done. Her innovative ideas and inside knowledge of the evolving marketing world was a valuable asset to her employers. 
  • While technology and social media are at the front of everyone’s mind they make a great job for college students in Boston. She always has some new research or studies to reference and interesting techniques to share. Combining her ambitious spirit and knowledge from her coursework, Allie was able to find a useful place in a small start-up business. 
Trapology Boston Staff, job for students


Industrial Design – Wentworth Institute of Technology

Chancellor – Trapology Research Institute 

  • Mike started his career at Trapology as a part-time employee while finishing up his semester at Wentworth. He is currently the Creative Alchemis, Team Building manager and newly appointed Chancellor at the Trapology Research Institute.
  • Creatively, Mike’s limits do not exist, which makes him the perfect person to work at Trapology. Through game designs, puzzle creation, and incredible drawing skills, he has elevated the team. 
  • “Being at Trapology, I’ve had so many different projects that challenged me in ways I’ve never been challenged before, and luckily my training throughout school has been a huge asset in me being able to find creative solutions to these ever-changing needs.”

Boston is filled with talented individuals and students. At Trapology we encourage trust, working together, creative thinking, having fun all while making a difference. We think an escape room is a great job for college students in Boston, especially here!