Crush Depth

The ghost of the former captain thinks you’re the crew that caused his death! Bring your submarine back up to sea level to avoid the captain’s wrath before your submarine implodes!

# of players: 4-8
*We welcome 2-3 players to play Crush Depth, however, a 4 ticket minimum is required for all reservations.
Great for lovers of set design and challenging puzzles

The Boobie Trap

You’ve found it: The Boobie Trap, a secret BDSM playroom behind a local coffee shop. You have a dirty secret as to why you’re really there. *The Boobie Trap contains adult content and an actor. 18+ only.

# of players: 2-5
Great for those looking for a hilarious experience

The Institute

You mistakenly volunteered to be part of a clinical study. Now you’re a part of an experiment at Trapology Research Institute. Find your way out of the lab before it’s too late. Are you prepared to become a part of something much greater?

# of people: 2-5
Great for puzzle seekers and experienced gamers

The Retreat

I wish I never agreed to go camping. I heard that a couple of other campers went missing last week. *The Retreat uses strobe lights. They can be turned off upon request. *Content warning: Slight gore. No actors or jump scares.

# of people: 2-5
Great for first time escape room players

The Drunk Tank

GO SOX! The game last night was wicked awesome, but I don’t remember what happened after the game. How did we end up in this prison?

# of players: 4-10
*We welcome 2-3 players to play The Drunk Tank however, a 4 ticket minimum is required for all reservations.
Great for large groups


How is Trapology Boston different from
all of the other escape the rooms?

Boston locals born and raised – a literal mom-and-pop shop!

We’re often mistaken for larger than we are. Our team consists of Jason, Nicole, Tina, and Mike. We do all things in-house: puzzle design, build and install, photo/video, production, audio design, and destroy. We’re small, but mighty.

BIPOC represented, woman-powered, and LGBTQ+ friendly

Inclusivity has always been one of our core values. We’re a company founded in 2015 that is based on the premise that with teamwork and communication, we can all go further and reach bigger goals together.

We give back

We are immensely dedicated to our communities and are grateful for all the support. We support local as well as international non-profits that we feel deeply about (Women’s Lunch Place, Autism-based organizations, Doctors without borders, Too Young To Wed, and Boston Dragonboat Festival)

Puzzles, production, and technology that will amaze and delight

Over the last six years, our players have demanded more from us. Our gaming production skills are constantly evolving – raising the bar with more clever puzzles, and technologically-advanced ways to present them. Yes, and all while keeping you immersed in our make-believe, ultra-suspenseful worlds that we’ve created for you.

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This is, by far, the best escape room I have done. Ever. And believe me when I tell you that we are seasoned escape aficionados. We’ve done them everywhere. Across the world. Amsterdam, Belgium, Australia, London. You name it, we’ve done it. And THIS one? This one is the winner. Take on Crush Depth. It’s the only one that has caught us in its locked grasp and sent us sinking to the bottom of the ocean. 5/5 Trapology. I hope to see you again.

– Mckenziebeth5

Crush Depth

Everyone in our group of five (ages 21 to 62) had a great time.

Our daughter had done an escape room once before and wanted the whole family to try one together – for the rest of us, it was our first time. The room (“The Retreat”) and its clues were well thought out, clever and very entertaining, hard enough that each of us had to contribute to the solution but not so hard that we ever got discouraged. We solved it (with a few carefully chosen hints from the staff) in the nick of time!

– 56tgh


Creepy, cerebral, and tons of fun 

The decor added so much to the mood they were trying to create – some of the writing on the walls gave me shivers. The puzzles were very creative and quite challenging. Even with some seasoned “escape room”-ers, it took all our combined brain power to solve it before the time ran out.

– Sam_from_Boston


Unique, dirty and hilarious

My boyfriend, friends and I went to the Boobie Trap (18+ room) for my birthday. It was well executed with unique puzzles that I haven’t seen the style of in other escape rooms. The BDSM room is just as dirty and raunchy as they make it out to be but if you have a good sense of humor, it’s hilarious and fun.

– MacKenzie


Had a wicked awesome time bustin’ out of jail for my birthday last night!

The Drunk Tank was so much fun and a great challenge that almost got the best of us, but we prevailed and busted out with 10 minutes to spare!

– :DFok


This is definitely the best Escape Room biz in Boston.

Their attention to detail and immersion for the puzzles is unmatched in our experience, and they provide a great level of challenge! We brought a group of five friends here and had a blast, everyone left buzzing about it!

– Stephen & Ashley


Photos from inside of our Boston escape rooms