Outdoor Escape Adventures

Boston’s only outdoor escape room.
All Outdoor Escape Adventures are private experiences.

Boston Outdoor Escape Room

Step outside and see Boston like you never have before. 

Trapology’s Outdoor Escape Adventures takes all the best parts of our indoor escape games and sets them loose on the city of Boston! Your team will physically traverse iconic locations while encountering puzzles, riddles, hidden clues, and so much more.

And with the help of Augmented Reality, you may even get a peek at the secret Boston that hides just out of view from the naked eye! So grab your friends, family, and whoever else and join us for the most interesting and interactive way to explore our historic city! 

How does an Outdoor Boston Escape Room work?

Gather your group of 1-6 adventurers per team.

Have more? No problem. Separate into multiple teams and compete against one another!

Meet at Trapology Boston and get mission-ready!

Our awesome game masters will get you set up with your Action Pack!

Go out! Uncover clues and solve puzzles as you explore Boston!

Your Action Pack will show you where to go and what you’ll need in order to uncover the next secret in your adventure!

Family friendly!

Chose from 3 adventures and varying difficulty

“So much fun I peed my pants!”
– Jack, Age 3

“Outdoor Escape Adventure” Games

Welcome to Operation Mindfall, recruits! We’ve gathered intel that may finally allow us to take down S.P.I.D.E.R. organization once and for all.

What are you standing around for? Get your team together, grab your mission pack, gear up, and most crucially – trust no one. We’re counting on you.

# of people: 1-6

Home to chubby squirrels and beautiful foliage, the Boston Common is a sight to behold. But all is not as ordinary as it seems on the surface.

Embark on a magical journey encountering the fantastical creatures that secretly live among us in a quest to save your new friends.

# of people: 1-6

You’ve fallen into possession of a mysterious package, a time machine, and a cryptic journal. Could this really all have belonged to Albert Einstein himself?

Commence on an adventure through time and space to decode Einstein’s final messages. Uncover what lies within his enigmatic last secret.

# of people: 1-6


This is, by far, the best escape room I have done. Ever. And believe me when I tell you that we are seasoned escape aficionados. We’ve done them everywhere. Across the world. Amsterdam, Belgium, Australia, London. You name it, we’ve done it. And THIS one? This one is the winner. Take on Ghost Submarine. It’s the only one that has caught us in its locked grasp and sent us sinking to the bottom of the ocean. 5/5 Trapology. I hope to see you again.

– Mckenziebeth5

Ghost submarine

Everyone in our group of five (ages 21 to 62) had a great time.

Our daughter had done an escape room once before and wanted the whole family to try one together – for the rest of us, it was our first time. The room (“The Retreat”) and its clues were well thought out, clever and very entertaining, hard enough that each of us had to contribute to the solution but not so hard that we ever got discouraged. We solved it (with a few carefully chosen hints from the staff) in the nick of time!

– 56tgh


I’ve done a fair amount of escape rooms before, and this was undoubtedly the best. 

Our group did “The Hustler,” which I would definitely recommend. I’d like to say we’re pretty good at puzzles, and we ended up using up all our clues and solved it with only 6 minutes left of the hour we had to solve it.

– Clever Joke


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