A spaceship has gone missing and a stranded astronaut needs your help to come home

An out of-this-world adventure played from the comfort of home

A spaceship has gone missing and your role as a space investigator is to solve the mystery of its whereabouts.

Space Corp, our escape room in a box game, is a 45-90 minute game for 1-4 people. It combines challenging puzzles and a series of mysterious artifacts to provide you with an exciting at-home adventure game.

Warning: This adventure will take you into the depths of (online) space.


How is “Space Corp, We Have a Problem” different from all of the other escape-room-in-a-box games?

Not another boring murder mystery

We get it. You’re bored of the same boring killer storyline. This game has a narrative unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

No overpriced subscription fees

One purchase, one story! No commitments, add-ons, sneaky fees, or waiting months for the next chapter. We’ve designed this whole narrative to be contained within this box.

Clever puzzles that require brain gymnastics

We love cleverly designed puzzles and require a little brain gymnastics.

Surprise technology components

We’ve created an interactive mechanic to enhance your game play. That’s all we’ll say. “Space Corp, We Have a Problem” is not just a collection of paper puzzles.

What’s in the box?

Packed into each game you’ll find secrets from the now-defunct Space Corp., each playing a critical role in helping you save your stranded comrade.

To win this game, you’ll need to gain access to Space Corp. confidential servers via your own personal device .

There’s an astronaut that needs your help! (and he’s running dangerously low on cinnamon rolls)

*Space Corp. requires an internet connection to play.
*MacBook and some trinkets in the photo to the right not included

Check out what the Puzzling Company had to say

Here’s what others had to say

The interaction with the computer AI was an awesome touch! This was worth every penny!”

– Joey

Space COrp, We Have a problem

We had so much fun playing this game! Made for a great at home date night!

– Jen


We were surprised how detailed, intricate, and involved this game was!

– Gabriel


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is “Space Corp. We have a Problem”?

“Space Corp. We have a Problem” is Trapology Boston’s newest at-home adventure game. We took all the fun puzzles and intricate storylines from our escape rooms, and wrapped them up into a fun package, then mailed it to your doorstep.

What is an escape room?

An Escape Room can best be described as an immersive set filled with puzzles, clues, riddles, and challenging tasks you have to complete in order to achieve an overarching goal in a certain amount of time.

Is there a time limit?

Nope! That’s the beauty of a take home game. Take as long as you want.

How many people can play?

We suggest 1-4 players

Is this game good for kids?

We recommend 12+, but your kids might be a lot smarter than all of us.

The content of the game is rated PG

Is it replayable?

Technically yes. You can replay this game as many times as you want.

You’re going to get the same answers and outcome.

I need help!

Head over to the Space Corp. Help Desk