A note from Nicole (Trapology’s® lead game designer)

When visiting a new city/country, it’s not uncommon for me scour the forums and play 3-5 games in a day. (Yes, my brain is mush afterward.) I rely on the reviews of experienced players because they understand what’s important to me:

        • Interesting and creative storyline
        • Variety in puzzles – physical, analytical, logical
        • Production value – A theatrical buildout. Impress me with your production!
        • Cool factor – Electronic-based effects, hidden rooms, cool things to do (and not just number locks)

Though we are thankful for all kind words that our players have to say about us, I’m extremely thankful for to hear feedback from escape game veterans!

Here a handful of Trapology® reviews from experienced escape game players:

Expect to feel awed. Trapology® is an all out production and immersive experience. All stops were pulled and no expenses were spared. Surprise after surprise will be thrown at you and just when you think nothing more can catch you off guard, BAM. I’ve done a few escape rooms before but this was head and shoulders above all others on a level of its own. The creativity and work that went into the game becomes more and more evident as you progress.

Expect to feel dumb. At multiple points in the game, I questioned my common sense, and then my ability to think critically, and then my college education, etc. You get the point. This is definitely not an easy escape. There is also no room for slackers. Every person will be busy alternating between the two stages of 1. running around frenetically and trying to avoid crashing into equally frazzled teammates and 2. debating if the risk of permanent damage outweighs the desire to bang your head repeatedly against the wall.

Expect to pee your pants. Not for the faint of heart. That’s all I will say.

Expect to feel good even if you don’t escape. Because the experience was so well done and thoroughly curated that I didn’t need to make it out in time to still marvel at all the surprises and puzzles.

-Jenni H.
Clarksville, MD

Where some of the big franchised escape room companies focus on a consistent, safe, and approachable first time experience for new players (snooze), Trapology® throws caution to the wind and makes sure your hour in the room is full of non-stop twists, turns, and surprises that will keep you thinking, keep you frustrated, keep you entertained, and keep you high-fiving throughout.  The execution and quality of Drunk Tank is outstanding, and the end-to-end journey is extremely fulfilling for all involved (definite bang for your buck).

My group was half new and half seasoned, and we all spent the car ride home gushing about the various obstacles that we overcame during our 60-minute session and where our diverse talents really shined.  And that’s where the Trapology® creators have done another particularly brilliant job--there is such a variety of skills required to get to the finish line that you really get to unearth and celebrate some of your friends’ most surprising hidden talents.

If you pay a visit to Trapology® Boston, you will get addicted, you will be sorely disappointed by the others out there, and you will start to save your pocket money for a revisit to conquer Trapology’s next room.

Trapology® is simply best-in-class.  Escape or not, you’ll leave the building giddy, curious, awestruck, and maybe even hungry (hey, there’s always time for lobster!).

-Jonathan L
Seattle, WA

I’ve done 18 escape rooms in the last month across New York City, Washington DC, San Antonio, and now Boston.  Some think I have a problem and need an intervention… so I scheduled a couple more escape rooms on an upcoming trip to Shanghai to prove them right.

I’ve done an escape room in Singapore, Las Vegas, Paris and London and this one was the trickiest! If you are lucky enough to be in Boston – I’d highly recommend it as there was a lot of thought put into its creation. I’m looking forward to returning back to do another breakout version of their creation.

From Paris, France. Played games internationally in Singapore, Las Vegas and UK.

One of the best escape rooms I’ve ever done. Currently they have only one escape room, but it’s phenomenal. The puzzles flow logically, the theme is on point, and there’s a great gimmick to the room. The room is definitely longer and more difficult then many other rooms that I’ve done, but don’t let that put you off. This is as good as a room escape gets.

-Paul H.
MIT grad. Coordinator of Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League (BAPHL) and Puzzled Pints. Played several games in Boston and New York.