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“My group was half new and half seasoned, and we all spent the car ride home gushing about the various obstacles that we overcame during our 60-minute session and where our diverse talents really shined.  And that’s where the Trapology® creators have done another particularly brilliant job--there is such a variety of skills required to get to the finish line that you really get to unearth and celebrate some of your friends’ most surprising hidden talents….” – -Jonathan L Seattle, WA


“Trapology makes by far the best escape rooms we have ever visited. The room’s design was creative with countless well-built details that matched perfectly with the story and sounds that added an extra layer of suspense and authenticity to the experience. Our game master, Maddie, was excellent, very positive and helped us out in perfect timing when we were in need of a clue! We cannot wait to return to Trapology and try our luck once again!” – Zeb Erdos (Tripadvisor)


“We had a work event at Trapology with 10 people, what a blast it was. It was clever and interesting but also doesn’t take so long that you’ve blown your whole day. There were skeptics in the group but by the end everyone had contributed in some way and even though we didn’t get out we were very close!” – Theresa Q(Yelp)


“This was my first escape room experience, and it was SO FUN! They put a lot of thought into the decor and set up of the game. I was initially intimidated because I was playing with friends who had all done escape rooms before, but I was able to hold my own with some puzzles. We had a great time working together on the more challenging puzzles that required creative/deeper thinking. The staff are also super friendly and helpful.” – Christine N (Yelp)


Expect to feel awed. Trapology® is an all out production and immersive experience. All stops were pulled and no expenses were spared. Surprise after surprise will be thrown at you and just when you think nothing more can catch you off guard, BAM. I’ve done a few escape rooms before but this was head and shoulders above all others on a level of its own. The creativity and work that went into the game becomes more and more evident as you progress.

Expect to feel dumb. At multiple points in the game, I questioned my common sense, and then my ability to think critically, and then my college education, etc. You get the point. This is definitely not an easy escape. There is also no room for slackers. Every person will be busy alternating between the two stages of 1. running around frenetically and trying to avoid crashing into equally frazzled teammates and 2. debating if the risk of permanent damage outweighs the desire to bang your head repeatedly against the wall.

Expect to pee your pants. Not for the faint of heart. That’s all I will say.
Expect to feel good even if you don’t escape. Because the experience was so well done and thoroughly curated that I didn’t need to make it out in time to still marvel at all the surprises and puzzles.-Jenni H.Clarksville, MD