This is who we are.

Trapology Boston Staff


Director of Fun
Operations & Management

Fun fact: I have purple hair.

Not-so-fun fact: I took a week off of work to play Kingdom Hearts 3 and I only needed 3 days.

Trapology Boston Staff


Creative Alchemist
Creative & Corporate

Fun fact: Fought a robot in the original Battle Bots arena

Not-so-fun fact: Can contort and fit into carry-on luggage.

Trapology Boston Staff


Chief Morale Officer
Morale & Snacks

Fun fact: Has a proven track record for finding food.

Not-so-fun fact: Sniffs butts.

Trapology Boston Staff


Assistant Manager

Fun fact: I was an extra in the show Cheers.

Not-so-fun fact: I love to mop.

Trapology Boston Staff


Assistant Manager

Fun fact: I studied to be a tightrope walker.

Not-so-fun fact: My career ended with a fall.

Trapology Boston Staff


Senior Game Master

Fun fact: I am a pickler.

Not-so-fun fact: I can’t eat raw carrots.

Trapology Boston Staff


Senior Game Master – Audio Guru

Fun fact: Blossoming rapper.

Not-so-fun fact:  Won a cereal box contest, but it was too late to redeem it.

Trapology Boston Staff


Game Master

Fun fact: I can read backwards.

Not-so-fun fact: I can only read backwards in Spanish.


Game Master

Fun fact: Steals co-worker’s lunches.

Not-so-fun fact: Replaces stolen lunches with an exact replica.

Trapology Boston Staff


Game Master

Fun fact: Holds high school record for the most tapioca pudding eaten in 10-minutes.

Not-so-fun fact: Holds high school record for the most time spent in a bathroom after the tapioca pudding contest.

Trapology Boston Staff


Game Master

Fun fact: Born on a leap year day.

Not-so-fun fact: Is technically 4 years old.

Trapology Boston Staff


Game Master

Fun fact: My name is actually short for Nickolopis.

Not-so-fun fact: I have an extensive silly putty collection.


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