Trapology Escape Rooms

Our in-person immersive experiences are a suspenseful hour of challenging puzzles that require intense teamwork and logic skills.

Outdoor Escape Adventures

OEA is a digital escape game, played outdoors and in-person. You and your team will physically explore Boston , guided by an iPad, while uncovering secret clues and puzzles with the help of augmented reality.

Escape Room In a Box

Space Corp is a 45-90 minute game for 1-4 people. It combines challenging puzzles and a series of mysterious artifacts to provide you with an exciting play-at-home adventure game.

Trapology Boston Escape Games

Outdoor Escape Adventures

Indoor Escape Rooms
2 players – $45/person
3 players – $42/person
4 players – $39/person
5-10 players – $38/person

All games are private
No booking, service, or other annoying hidden fees
All games are sanitized on a regular schedule

Which game is best for me?

I’m bored at home, and would like to go outside in Boston and do something safely.

Outdoor Escape Adventure Games is right for you!

I have kids (or roommates that act like kids) and they’re driving me nuts

Outdoor Escape Adventure Games will get their legs moving and wandering around the Boston Common.
Play-At-Home Puzzle Adventure for when you’re bored of Scrabble and Monopoly

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Boston's thriller escape room

The Institute

We’d like to invite you to Trapology Boston’s newest game clinical trial, at The Institute.  Pioneers of countless groundbreaking scientific advancements, Trapology Research Institute is finally one step closer to completing their mission. All they need is you.

Are you prepared to become a part of something much greater?

Difficulty: Medium

# of people: 2-5

The Retreat

This well-furnished tent is as close to camping that I’m ever going to get. We heard that a couple of people went missing last week. Seems a bit creepy. Wait… Did you hear that?!

Difficulty: Medium

# of people: 2-5

*The Retreat uses strobe lights and special effects but can be turned off upon request.
*Content warning: Creepy theme. Slight gore. No actors or jump scares.

Crush Depth

The ghost of the former captain thinks you’re the crew that led to his demise. You and your fellow crew aboard, must bring your plunging submarine back to sea level and avoid suffering a similar fate.

Difficulty: Wicked Hard

# of players: 3-8

boobie trap trapology boston adult rated r bdsm game

The Boobie Trap

You’ve found it: The Boobie Trap, a secret BDSM room, behind a local coffee shop. You have got a dirty secret as to why you’re really there. Can you stay focused enough to get in and out without spilling the beans?

Difficulty: Hard

# of players: 2-5

*The Boobie Trap game contains adult content and an actor. It is for players aged 18+ only

The Drunk Tank

GO SOX! The game last night was wicked awesome, but I don’t remember what happened after the game. Was there something in my beer? How did we end up in this prison?

Difficulty: Wicked Hard

# of players: 2-10

The Hustler

Mahjong?! The owner of the restaurant invited me to his underground gambling ring, and I can’t believe I lost everything. They locked me in here and are going after my family. I need to get out of here and warn them!

Difficulty: Hard

# of players: 4-10

*The Hustler requires mild physical activity (i.e crouching, kneeling)

RoomThe Drunk TankThe HustlerThe RetreatCrush DepthThe Boobie TrapThe Institute
Best For:Traditional escape game experience, Large gameCommunicating & collaborating.
Puzzle-filled. Large game
First time players
Players looking for a challenge, high-productionDirty minds, Players looking for a private game, A hilarious R-rated experienceEveryone
Room Capacity:10105855
Warnings:Alludes to drinking and drugs,Players are challenged by starting off
in separated areas, but will (hopefully) be reunited very quickly, typically within the first 15% of the game.
Not suitable for people uncomfortable with slight blood or gore. Strobe lights are used in game
Minimum 3 playersNot suitable for people under 18 years old.A little twisted…
Accessibility:Includes mild physical activity (i.e crouching, kneeling). Game can be altered.
Includes mild physical activity (i.e crouching, kneeling). Game can be altered.
Uses strobe lights and special effects, but can be turned off upon request.
Fully accessibleFully accessible
Fully accessible