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Top Adult Activities Around Boston

There’s plenty to do around the great city of Boston. Really, there’s no surprise there. But if you’re taking a look at most lists you’ll probably notice an influx of family-centric activities. Don’t get me wrong, I love families as much as the next blogger. Heck, I’m even part of one if you’d believe that. […]

Game Master Bio: Liz

Game Master Bio: Liz Known Aliases: Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzy-D, Captain Liz Guilty Pleasure: birds Pet peeve: The destruction of Coral Reefs A Brief History Liz – Game Master by day, a connoisseur of fine antique wallpaper by night. I have no evidence to back up that last claim, but I also have nothing to say […]

Top 9 Things We Love to see in Teams

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, humans of all ages – welcome to the Trapology Top 9! Now you may be wondering why it’s not a typical Top 10. You also might be thinking that Top 9 just seems like we ran out of things to say. And to that, I say – correct. So…here. […]

Coffee Shops Near Trapology

Excited for your escape game but need that extra boost of energy to give you a winning start? Well, luckily the neighborhood around Trapology has you covered with a plethora of places to get a great cup of coffee and snag a quick bite while you’re at it!   Explorateur 186 Tremont St. Boston, MA […]

Whisper – A Trapology Halloween Story

oday on this very hallowed eve, we gather to recount tales long passed but not long forgotten. Tales you’ve undoubtedly heard as a whisper in the night but turned a deaf ear to out of disbelief…or perhaps…fear? The type of fear you can’t put a name to, yet it still unnerves you to your very […]

Top 6 Boston Indoor Activities (You Won’t Believe #8!)

There’s never a lack of things to do across the beautiful city of Boston. But, with the beginning of Fall greeting us, you might want to think of alternatives to your outdoor excursions. With crisp afternoons making way into chilly evenings, it’s quickly becoming cozy flannel season, my friends. But worry not, for fun still […]

Life of a Game Master

So, what does a Game Master actually do? Let us be the first to tell you, it is not as easy as it sounds. At first glance, being a Game Master seems like a lot of sitting around and watching a screen. Sure, that is a large part of it, but there is oh-so-much more! […]

Game Master Bio: Mike

Game Master: Mike Pet Peeve: Being Grumpy Guilty Pleasure: His “Tasty Burger” hat   Trapology is full of lively characters and Mike fits well into that category. He’s full of smiles and jokes that he shares with staff and customers alike — yet is also full of sass, (but in a loving kind of way) […]

Staff Retreat 2018

Another Year It’s been an exciting year for Trapology Boston and a lot’s been happening in that time. We’ve opened a new floor with two new games, hired a bunch of cool new staff members, and have been working hard on so many new ideas that we can’t wait to share with you in the […]

Quotes from Inside our Escape Rooms – September Edition

We’ve said it month after month but it still remains true — our guests give us some of the biggest highlights of our days here at Trapology. With their fantastic attitudes and witty (and sometimes a little weird) remarks, our guests make Trapology the fun and welcoming place it is. Below we’ve compiled a list […]

Famous Teams vs. Trapology

Famous Teams vs. Our Famously Difficult Escape Rooms Besides being a terrific excuse to be in an air-conditioned room, Trapology Boston is also a fantastic way to determine the strength of you and your fellow escapees. Occasionally, complete strangers in the same booking walk out of a successful escape having become best friends. Conversely, friends […]

Game Master Bio: Allie

Game Master: Allie Pet Peeve: Linear Induction Motors Guilty Pleasure: Japanese eye cleansing drops that burn her eyes but leave them feeling oh so minty fresh.   Carrying on the hallowed tradition of Game Masters worth their salt is Trapology’s very own Allie. A juggernaut in her own right, Allie simultaneously works her Game Master […]

Director of Serious Matters Bio: Dylan

Director of Serious Matters: Dylan Pet Peeve: Solar Flares Guilty Pleasure: Dylan’s never been guilty about any of his pleasures As the Director of Serious Matters, it might come as a surprise that Dylan is anything but stern and overbearing. To Dylan, serious matters and playful adventure are never mutually exclusive. A man of the […]

Funny Quotes from Inside our Escape Rooms – August 2018

Quotes of Immeasurable Wit Albert Einstein was once allegedly asked what he would do if he were given one hour to solve a problem; he responded that he would “spend fifty-five minutes thinking about the problem and then five minutes solving it.” The ratio of minutes-thinking to minutes-solving tends to vary over the course of […]

Back to School – Bring Your New Roommate Here!

The story’s the same every year You pick out all your classes, make sure that your room is outfitted with only the best in interior design, and your dream of becoming a world-class flautist are one step closer to completion. Every last minute detail planned out to the letter. Yet there’s that one teensy little detail […]


Trapology Turns 3!

It’s party time people! Drop what you’re doing, leave work, and call your grandmother. That’s right, this year Trapology turns 3 baby! Of course, on a monumental occasion such as this, it’s only right to celebrate — and celebrate we did. I’m talking about cake, clowns, and cookouts. I’m talking about tiny teacups full of […]

Pop-up Escape Room: Steampunk Train

Let me introduce you to the wildest train ride you’ll ever have the pleasure of hitching onto, partner. First thing’s first: this here is no ordinary train. And it ain’t no ordinary situation neither. Normally, out-of-towners are welcome aboard the Steampunk Express, but regrettably, this here caboose has some “uninvited” guests. Yes, sir: on this […]

Game Master Bio: Leanne

Game Master: Leanne Pet Peeve: Other people’s silverware (You should ask her about it.) Guilty Pleasure: Raisin Bread Leanne joined Trapology earlier this year as a new Game Master and has quickly become a cherished member of our team! Whether it’s lending a hand in whatever needs doing, or by offering you a slice of […]

Crush Depth: Our Newest Game

Are you ready for our newest challenge? Here at Trapology our most recent room, Crush Depth, opened a few months ago and is now known as one of our hardest rooms. This room is coming in at a 13% success rate and has challenged both new and seasoned escape room players. The challenge in this […]

6 Tips to Success at Trapology

Escape rooms are difficult. That’s the point, most of the time. Trapology Boston’s games are designed to be the most challenging rooms in town. But there are some simple things you can do to make it easier and more enjoyable for you and your team, and we’re taking this opportunity to share those things with […]

THINGS GAME MASTERS SAY: Quotes From The Control Room

The Trapology control room–a nexus of camera monitors, complicated equipment, and highly-trained game masters. Every moment of your top-of-the-line escape at Trapology is made possible by the combined intellect and puzzle-smarts of our expert staff. Truly, the level of mental discourse that goes on in our control room is comparable to that which you could […]

Trapology Boston <3s Club Drosselmeyer

We had heard a lot about Club Drosselmeyer, but even with all of the information, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. Like with all new experiences, Jason, Tina, and I shrugged our shoulders, said yes, and jumped head first. Knowing that we operate best of full stomachs, we stuffed ourselves silly before the doors […]

How to Pick a Winning Escape Team

When playing an escape game, you want to put your best foot forward. It goes without saying that you would also want your teammates to put their best feet forward as well. You are going to want to assemble a team of comrades, pals, associates who have the skills and enthusiasm to bring you (and […]