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Trapology Boston® teamed up with Chris Evans (Captain America) and Omaze to design and build a pop-up escape game.

All proceeds go towards Christopher’s Haven, a non-profit that helps families and kids battling cancer.

Watch our behind the scenes video here!

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Trapology Boston® 

 Voted “Top 10 Best Escape Games in the USA”

Trapology Boston® offers an interactive experience, one where you and your teammates are locked in a thematic environment for 60 minutes with one mission: ESCAPE! Each of our games has suspenseful storyline that will unfold as you and your team explore the room, find clues, and solve a series of connected mind-bending puzzles. Some are are straightforward and simple. Some will require intense analytic skills and deductive reasoning. Communication and teamwork is extremely important and this will likely be the fastest 60 minutes of your life. Will you be able to escape?