The Trapology® Boston Team


Director of Fun
Operations and Management

Fun fact: I have purple hair.

Not-so-fun fact: I took a week off of work to play Kingdom Hearts 3 and I only needed 3 days.


Corporate Team Building Representative

Fun fact:  A sloth hugged me so tightly and slowly, it hurt.

Not-so-fun fact: I once threw $1000 into the Boston Harbor.


Assistant Manager

Fun fact: I can recite the entire Star Wars Episode 3 Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker fight dialog.

Not-so-fun fact: I am deathly afraid of Edward Scissorhands.


Senior Game Master – Audio Guru

Fun fact: Blossoming rapper.

Not-so-fun fact:  Won a cereal box contest, but it was too late to redeem it.


Senior Game Master – Training

Fun fact: Knows where to always find the best boba place.

Not-so-fun fact: Made coworkers try burning ‘minty fresh’ eye drops.

Game Master: Mike


Senior Game Master – Writing & Design

Fun fact: Fought a robot in the original Battle Bots area

Not-so-fun fact: This is my excited face.


Senior Game Master

Fun fact: I was an extra in the show Cheers.

Not-so-fun fact: I love to mop.


Senior Game Master

Fun fact: I love pasta.

Not-so-fun fact: I eat it plain. Without sauce.


Senior Game Master

Fun fact: I studied to be a tightrope walker.

Not-so-fun fact: My career ended with a fall.


Senior Game Master

Fun fact:  I put Teddie Peanut butter on everything from pizza to pasta #everettpride

Not-so-fun fact: My Channel


Fun fact: As a child I dreamt of having my birthday party at a grocery store.

Not-so-fun fact: I finally had that birthday party.


Fun fact: I have a mini-me.

Not-so-fun fact: I named her Tinalina.


Fun fact: I am a pickler.

Not-so-fun fact: I can’t eat raw carrots.


Fun fact: I have a twin sister.

Not-so-fun fact: She doesn’t look like me.


Fun fact:

Not-so-fun fact:


Fun fact:

Not-so-fun fact:


Fun fact:

Not-so-fun fact:


Fun fact:

Not-so-fun fact:


Fun fact: Has a proven track record for finding food.

Not-so-fun fact: Sniffs butts.


Are you interested in being a part of our team? E-mail with a cover letter and resume. Also tell us what your favorite cookie is and what super power you wish you had.


The founders, Jason and Nicole, are Boston locals who hope that your Trapology® Boston game experience will be an intoxicating escape from reality. The two Bentley graduates have played escape games all over the world and are excited to bring their creative interpretation of the escape game experience to Boston. Though their backgrounds are in finance and accounting, their experience in the theater community has been most helpful in building and designing an immersive game experience.

In 2015, the two were invited to play a live action game for a friend’s birthday. Jason was not happy about it. He thought the ideas was silly and attended begrudgingly. Fast forward to after the game (they lost, by the way), and the group of friends spent hours at a bar talking about how much fun they had  whose fault it was that they didn’t win.

Inspired, the two were determined to bring their creative interpretation of escape games to Boston. They found a space in downtown Boston and took a risk together on a space that needed a heaping amount of TLC. The space was a rabbinical council for over 20 years. The floors were moldy once-blue carpets and the walls were stained all sorts of shades of yellow and green. The stunning main feature was the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful Boston Common.

Jason restored the floors to their original oak. Our team learned how to sledgehammer walls and break them down. New walls were put up. Nail by nail, Jason created a pallet wall from scrap wood found in Quincy. Nicole designed the first three Trapology games – The Drunk Tank, The Hustler, and The Retreat. Within 18 months, they outgrew their first 2,400 square foot space and signed a lease for the 5th floor, another 2,400 square foot space to host three more games!

The original small team of 2 is now a team of 19, with dedicated members for corporate team building, photo/video production and design, and audio engineering for Boston’s most strategic companies.

Read our article on or watch our faces squirm during our Boston Globe interview