Trapology Boston, Boston Escape Room, at Club Drosselmeyer - Photos by Nicole Chan Studios

Trapology Boston <3s Club Drosselmeyer

Trapology Boston, Boston Escape Room, at Club Drosselmeyer - Photos by Nicole Chan Studios

We had heard a lot about Club Drosselmeyer, but even with all of the information, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. Like with all new experiences, Jason, Tina, and I shrugged our shoulders, said yes, and jumped head first. Knowing that we operate best of full stomachs, we stuffed ourselves silly before the doors to Club Drosselmeyer opened and shared excited thoughts with each other on what we thought the night would be about. I’ve attended a few immersive theater experiences before with my most recent one in New York being abysmal, expensive, and frustrating. (I clearly still haven’t recovered from the experience). Club Drosselmeyer was the exact opposite. I have so many wonderful things to say about the team that coordinated Club Drosselmeyer and the experience itself. This night was the highlight of my week! It’s a combination of  entertaining actor interactions, multiple puzzle tracks, an eyebrow-raising storyline, and highly talented dance acts that segmeted the night beautifully.

Trapology Boston, Boston Escape Room, at Club Drosselmeyer - Photos by Nicole Chan Studios

We teamed up with some of the other escape room owners in Massachusetts, and were excited to have done this experience together with them. Team Trapology booked a table right in the middle of the bottom floor. We had front row seats to the show and  had a great table to use as “home base” so that we could come together and solve our puzzles.

At first, the puzzle tracks got us all confused. We were getting duplicate paper puzzles, throwing them at the table, and were tripping over each other. Quickly, we segmented into small groups, divided and conquered. Each puzzle needed to be returned to a specific actor, who would then provide more information. These puzzles also allowed us to make certain decisions, which ultimately changed the ending of the final performance.

Trapology Boston, Boston Escape Room, at Club Drosselmeyer - Photos by Nicole Chan Studios

When we entered, we were given a playbill. Tina took copious notes on who was who.

One of the most memorable parts of the evening was when we needed to speak to one actress, who was busy swingdancing. We waited for her to be finished dancing, but I’m not known for being very patient… I asked to cut into the dance, and fumbled my way through swing dancing with the lead costume guy until my team was finished speaking to the actress.

Trapology Boston, Boston Escape Room, at Club Drosselmeyer - Photos by Nicole Chan Studios

The evening opened with a presentation about Herr Drosselmeyer announcing the new research director of his company, his niece, Clara. She introduces her latest robot, Charlie. The villan, Rat King, introduces his competing robont, RatBot 3000. The two agree to a duel at the end of the evening.

From the website:

“IT’S A COLD NIGHT IN DECEMBER 1940, but you’re on the list for the hottest club in town! Find mysteries, puzzles, dances, music, and mayhem all at Club Drosselmeyer.
Herr Drosselmeyer and his niece, Dr. Clara Stahlbaum, are busy with new research and development at Drosselmeyer Industries, including the famed military technology Project Nutcracker: Version Charlie.
This technology could change the outcome of the war …for whoever controls it.”


Trapology Boston, Boston Escape Room, at Club Drosselmeyer - Photos by Nicole Chan Studios

As we solved puzzles and talked to actors throughout the night, several dance companies wowed us with their performances.

Trapology Boston, Boston Escape Room, at Club Drosselmeyer - Photos by Nicole Chan Studios

I could go on for days about the environment and ambiance. The band was top notch. The costumes were realistic. The lighting and the setting of the Oberon theater was perfect.

Trapology Boston, Boston Escape Room, at Club Drosselmeyer - Photos by Nicole Chan Studios

Our team made a specific decision during game play that impacted the ending. We were on Team Evil. We have no regrets. Tina and Jason had some major questions at the end, and The Rat King was very kind to tell us all about the storyline that could have happened, but didn’t.

Trapology Boston, Boston Escape Room, at Club Drosselmeyer - Photos by Nicole Chan Studios

It’s not often that Jason, Tina, and I are out of our Trapology hoodies, but when we are, we try to look decent.

Drosselmeyer, kudos to you. Thanks for an AMAZING evening. You exceeded all of our expectations, and then some. We’ll see you next year!



Here’s a group photo of our escape room owner team! Represented here are: Trapology Boston, Room Escapers, North Shore Escape, and Curious Escape Rooms!

A special shoutout to Green Door Labs! Thanks for sponsoring such an awesome event, and for always coming by Trapology Boston for your team building!



Escape Room Chronicles: How not to be “That Guy”

So,  who is “that guy?” He or she is the person on your team that totally ruins your experience in an escape room. They’re the person you wish you had just left at home. You might not think so, but “that guy” could be you! We have put together a list of helpful ways you can prevent becoming “that guy” when playing an escape game.


Follow the rules

Seems obvious, no? You would be surprised. The rules of the game are designed to ensure the best possible experience. Even though breaking things might seem like a good idea, it only buys you a one-way ticket to ruining your team’s good time. Sometimes, it can even lead to your game ending early. If you are the person who uses excessive force and repeatedly gets reprimanded by your game master, it is embarrassing for your teammates and ruins the fun. So, follow the rules!


Be kind to your teammates

You only have one hour to escape Boston’s most challenging escape game, so why waste time fighting with your teammates? If a clue is overlooked, or someone makes a mistake, being rude or aggressive towards team members is counterproductive. This is important to remember especially if you are playing a game with strangers. Harsh language might make players uncomfortable, and will hinder your ability to work together.


Be a team player

This tip goes hand in hand with #2, but it deserves mentioning. It is crucial that you keep an open mind during your escape game. If you are working on a puzzle and you aren’t making any progress, let others take a look. “That guy” has a habit of having a one-track mind and disregarding his teammates’ suggestions. Now, imagine that idea you just shot down was the very solution to the puzzle? Feeling pretty silly right about now, aren’t you? Don’t be a puzzle hog!


Be a good sport

Trapology Boston is home to the most challenging escape games. It would not be enjoyable if the game was easy. If you and your team do not end up escaping, try not to let your bad mood affect your overall experience. Your negative energy could end up coloring the views of your teammates. Even if you did not escape, you still want to be able to look back on your experience fondly.


Be kind to your game masters

When players forget that their game masters can hear everything in the room, it is…unfortunate. When “that guy” starts shouting expletives at their game master from inside the room, it decreases your chances of receiving a hint. Once again, using that kind of language and aggression can create an uncomfortable environment for the rest of the team.


Don’t ruin the surprise

We understand it can be highly entertaining to come back to replay games with your friends. What is not fun, however, is when repeat players solve puzzles before others have had a chance to try. We ask that you kindly stand back, and let your team work things out on their own.


If after reading this, you start to think that maybe you are “that guy,” don’t worry. There is still hope for you. Come and play a room at Trapology Boston and redeem yourself by being the most thoughtful player you can be!

How to Pick a Winning Escape Team

When playing an escape game, you want to put your best foot forward. It goes without saying that you would also want your teammates to put their best feet forward as well. You are going to want to assemble a team of comrades, pals, associates who have the skills and enthusiasm to bring you (and the rest of the team) to greatness.

First things first, you need to open your mind to all the possible challenges that could await you inside of a highly immersive, generation 3 escape game. There is going to be quite a lot going on, and you need to be prepared. There could be puzzles that will test your physical strength, your heart, and even your 6th grade-level math abilities. Sounds like a lot of balls in the air, doesn’t it? That is precisely why it is so important to choose people for your team that you know might have a talent that you can exploit.

Now that you have an exhaustive list of all possible puzzles, riddles, and challenges that might appear, you can start to hand pick your team.

Before we get into the psychology of potential teammates, let’s talk physicality. Find yourself a tall person; someone with lank, and arms that can reach far away places. Likewise, get a petite person who may be able to squeeze into tight spaces, should the situation present itself. You want the observant, the diligent, and the initiators on your side.

When it comes to puzzle skills, lots of real life scenarios can be applicable. Got a friend who loves scrabble? That’s your anagram guy. Are you good friends with a math major? Bring ‘em aboard! We weren’t kidding about the 6th grade math skills. Trust us. You want them. Are you acquainted with anyone who likes jigsaw puzzles? Your grandmother, perhaps? Bring her on down! You never know what you might have to put together in an escape room.

A few words of caution: there are people you should think about avoiding when organizing your future team. Avoid the over-thinkers, the worry-warts, and people who don’t know how to share (only children, we are looking at you). Those are the people who are going to slow you down. You don’t want someone who, every five minutes, tells you that five minutes has passed. You do not want to play with people who aren’t going to listen to your ideas, or grab things out of your hands. Puzzle hogs are the worst, I don’t care HOW good you are. Avoid playing with complainers or those who blame others. If you lose, you’ll likely not want to listen to them! Over-thinkers will steer you in the exact wrong direction. Puzzles will be intricate, but they are meant to be clever, not complicated. Some minds tend to work harder than they need to.


We hope that with this information, you will be able to put together a top notch, and collaborative group of people that could escape any room they set foot in. If you think you have that team, test them out at Trapology Boston, Boston’s best escape room!


Book your tickets to the best escape game in Boston here!

How to Not Feel Defeated After Failing to Escape a Room

You tried your hardest. You were so close. 10 more minutes and you would have had it. But, alas, you did not escape. You and your team are probably feeling a little upset, possibly even angry. Maybe you might take it out on each other. You might take it out on your game master. Perhaps you even bring the bad vibes home and complain to your cats about how you didn’t manage to free yourself from Boston’s most challenging escape room. However bad you may be feeling in this instance, we can assure you that this was not our goal. Here, we will give some helpful tips on how you can avoid the grumpies after failing to escape a room.

Escape games should be challenging

We specifically designed this game in order to stimulate your mind, and to really make you try to think out of the box. If the game was easy, and escapable in 15 minutes, it would not be worth your time or money. Is that really the victory you were looking for when you set the goal to escape a room. You came here to be challenged, and you were!

You will be better prepared for the next time you try to escape a room

Now that we have walked you through the puzzles you missed in our room, you will probably be better equipped to go on and succeed in future escape games. You will know to be more thorough, and communicate with your team next time.

It’s not like you would have won anything

I mean, really, what do you get if you escape? Bragging rights? Big whoop. You played, you were entertained, it rocked. End of story.

Frowning gives you wrinkles


Regardless of a win, what you just did was COOL

You just spent a full hour with your friends, or maybe a group of strangers, solving riddles and puzzles. Maybe you didn’t escape a room, but you probably solved some, if not most of the puzzles. You can enjoy knowing that you just did something completely unique and unconventional.

Know the success rate

be sure to ask your game master what the success rate was of the game you just played. Odds are it is relatively low, and it will make you feel better, having not escaped. There is the chance that the success rate is high…in which case I won’t tell you how to feel. It’s your party, and you can cry if you want to.

We hope that these strategies can ease your pain. There are plenty of people who have been in your position. To escape a room requires just as much mental work as failing one does! On the other hand, if you think that you don’t need any of this advice, come by and prove us wrong.


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Mental Games to Play Before an Escape Room

In order to be successful in an escape room, you need to stretch your mind, expand your reality, roll up your sleeves and do some problem solving. Just like preparing for a race, you need to stretch your mind as you would your hammies. Mental games are the perfect way to loosen up and prepare yourself, because the last thing you want to happen in an Escape Game is for your brain to tighten up on you. When that happens, you’re done for! Your goose is cooked! Hit the showers buddy, because you’re out of the game!

If you wish to avoid this hideous embarrassment, you had better warm up with some mental games/puzzles/activities. Here, you will find a sufficient collection of the Trapology Team’s favorite ways to get their gears turning before playing an escape room.


Online Escape Games:

Being a pro at online escape games does not guarantee you success in the live-action escape room world (being really good at guitar hero does NOT equal being really good at guitar.) However, it certainly doesn’t hurt. Play a couple before you come by Trapology Boston. Playing these mental games will make it easier for you to change your perception about what certain objects could mean. As soon as you get in an escape room, you should be opening, touching, examining everything.  Online mental games warm you up to the idea that not everything is as it seems.



The easiest way, and probably the most entertaining, is to run through a couple riddles before your game. You can find a plethora of riddles on the Trapology Boston facebook page. Much like the online escape games, riddles will help your brain make the switch it needs to. When you work on a riddle, you analyze every word, to make sure there is not a second meaning to any word or phrase. You might want to be looking for similar double meanings inside an escape game.


Crossword Puzzles:

The hints given in crossword puzzles are similar to riddles. If you currently do crosswords, you are already at an advantage. Receiving a vague hint in an escape game might require some unpacking, in order to obtain the true meaning. Often in Escape Games, you will find puzzles involving words, letters, anagrams…etc. If you are good at crossword puzzles, you’ll be the guy everyone wants to unscramble the letters you need for those pesky letter locks! You can put your New York Times skills to use in one of our three games at Trapology Boston!


Very similar to anagrams and crosswords, math puzzles are very often found in escape games. The format of Sudoku is cohesive with the entire concept of an Escape Game. You might find a solution to one puzzle, but you need every puzzle to work together. If you find conflicting solutions, you might want to rethink your work. This may sound confusing, consider this scenario: you and a member of your team have found different answers to the same question. How will you know who is correct? You will just have to continue to solve the other puzzles to see which solution will fit with the rest of the room.


Rubik’s Cubes:

Most people know by now that the trick to solving the Rubik’s Cube is an algorithm. First, you must learn the movement in order to solve the cube, then be able to continually perform that movement to be successful. In an escape game, the solutions will not always be obvious. They might take more than one attempt, or activity, and it will take the same concentration and determination to solve, as with the Rubik’s Cube. It is important not to get overwhelmed, or discouraged in an escape room. If a puzzle is stumping you, try to look for a different pattern, or going at it a different way. Most importantly, don’t give up!



The easiest way, and probably the most  entertaining, is to run through a couple riddles. You can find a plethora of riddles on the Trapology Boston facebook page, and try them out. Much like the online escape games, riddles will help your brain make the switch it needs to. When you work on a riddle, you analyze every word, to make sure there is not a second meaning to any word or phrase. You might want to be looking for similar double meanings inside an escape game.


“Where’s Waldo”:

An important part of finding clues, is being able to be observant. You want to be able to spot something that could be of use to you, or someone else on your team. “Where’s Waldo” can train your eye to spot something small, but useful. Seeing the whole picture is just as important, but the devil is in the details, as they say. We’ve played plenty of mental games, where we’ve gotten tripped up for not noticing something small, but valuable.


Jigsaw Puzzles:

In an Escape Game, everything should flow together, as we mention time and time again. One key will not go into multiple locks. One piece of the puzzle can not fit in the wrong spot. Do a jigsaw puzzle the night before your escape game, and test your speed. Try to see how quickly you can envision how all the pieces fit together. When you start the daunting task of a jigsaw puzzle, you often get caught up in the small details. I may be helpful to you, to notice the overall image of the puzzle, and what kind of information you may be getting from it!


So, there you have it: the patented Trapology Boston warm-up regimen. Now, don’t come to us saying that you did all these activities before a game and you still didn’t escape. We don’t promise you a win. What we do promise, is a fun time with you and your teammates! Come test your puzzling skills at Trapology Boston.

Why Our Brains Betray Us

The Puzzling Psychology of Solving Escape Games

The best escape game is the one that you lose yourself in. You become fully enthralled in the world built around you. Continuously suspending your disbelief for the sake of mystery and fun. Stop me if this sounds like something you’ve felt before… In the midst of playing an escape game, you are stumped. You spend a good 5 minutes messing around, not really getting anywhere, seemingly missing the one thing you need most. You then receive a clue that has you smacking your forehead with the palm of your hand. Obviously, that is the solution. How could you be so dense? Normally someone would say “Don’t hate the player, hate the game!” However, in this case, you might actually be able to blame yourself a little bit. The psychology behind solving an escape room may sometimes be stacked against you.

We are constantly bombarded throughout our days with visual imagery. Seeing messages in the form of advertisements, music videos, television shows, and much more. Much to the displeasure of the creators, when we see all that visual stimulation, we take in and remember almost none of it. The human brain needs a little more than that to make a connection, take action, or create a memory.

By design, Escape games are immersive and engrossing.  

We want there to be a lot for you to see in there, our build out is realistic and tactile. If it wasn’t the game would be easy and boring. But, on the other hand, because there is so much inside the room for you to see, your eyes naturally gloss over exactly what you are looking for. And you look past it again and again.

Another plague of the human brain is decision paralysis, a phenomenon that plagues us every day. With so many choices in our lives, people will often become anxious over the idea of choosing something, for fear of choosing incorrectly. They might decide to put off the decision to a later date because choosing right now is just too difficult. A piece of advice we give to first-time players is: keep an open mind.

Escape games require you to think outside the box, so if you really let your imagination run wild, there are endless ways a puzzle could be solved.

Sometimes, this manifests itself in the form of strong personalities over-complicating a puzzle, and refusing to budge on their method. More often, people are so overwhelmed with the number of clues they find, they are unwilling to pick a train of thought and go with it. Some might get frustrated at the idea of committing to a tactic, or some might even be too embarrassed or shy to voice their ideas, for fear of being wrong.

Because of the realistic quality of our escape games, it is very easy to forget you only have a certain amount of time to get things done. This causes the procrastination aspect of decision paralysis to set in. You become stumped by a puzzle, decide you will come back to it later, and later never comes. Before you know it, 60 minutes has gone by, and you realize you completely forgot about that puzzle you left on the other side of the room.

Your perception is your own reality, and that perception is what you base your decisions on.

Any object in an Escape Game might have a very specific and unusual function, but you will not know what that function is because you have spent your entire life perceiving it in a different way. Puzzle solving is a form of problem-solving, as it requires more than your automatic perception. It requires somewhat difficult mental activity and conscious effort. It is very difficult to change your perception of your surroundings, and that is why escape rooms pose such a challenge. “Functional Fixity” is a term used to describe the tendency for humans to see an object as having one, and only one fixed function. Your brain is stubborn and blocks you from looking at a puzzle from a different perspective. People who are very talented at escape rooms know that one must keep an entirely open mind because things are not always as they seem.

So, when you are completely drawing a blank while solving puzzles, don’t feel so bad! It’s not your fault. It’s biology’s fault. It’s psychology’s fault. And here’s a little something to ease your mind: human brains forget more information than they remember. You know that puzzle that you think is the bane of your existence? In 72 hours it will be the furthest thing from your mind. Take solace in that.

On the other hand, if reading this made you frustrated about our baseless assumption that you could possibly get stuck on one of our puzzles, come prove us wrong. Book your tickets here and leave all that woo woo psychology to the birds! But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Game Master Bio: Nick

Game Master: Nick

Pet Peeve: When people are passive aggressive

Favorite Candy: Wild Berry Skittles

Nick is probably our friendliest Game Master. He is a laid back, easy to talk to kind of guy. We’ve never seen him without a smile on his face, and he is truly a joy to have around. Here’s everything you ever wondered about Nick:

Born and raised in Quincy, MA, Nick grew up playing all sorts of sports. Name a sport. He’s played it. He’s one of those people who call ping pong, “table tennis.” That’s how you know he’s legit. As you might have guessed, Nick has lots of friends. Because of his easy going nature, making friends comes naturally to him.

You might have also guessed, based on his athleticism, his favorite movie is “Space Jam.” According to Nick, he has seen the film at least 35,000 times. Who knows if that’s the truth. We never said he was honest.

Nick has a major sweet tooth. He always comes to work with at least one bag of candy. He always shares whatever treats he brings in, which we thank him for. You may know of Sledder, our shop dog. Nick is her absolute favorite, and we are all extremely jealous. Anytime she is in the control room, and Nick walks in, she immediately goes to him. It is incredibly frustrating.

He’s always down for ordering dinner, or a coffee run. He will help you out whenever you ask, and he has a great attitude. If this sounds like someone that you want running your game, you can request to have him run your game in your booking here.

Trapology Boston Presents: The Retreat

Well guys, it’s finally here. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Our third game, The Retreat, is open for business, and it is going to rock your socks off. It is hard to imagine anyone reading this might not know about our latest feat in Escape Game magic, but if you’re in the dark, allow us to shed some light on the subject.

The story goes that you and your good friends have decided to take a vacation. A little “retreat,” if you will. You are making your way to a cozy, secluded “Tent and Breakfast” hidden away in the woods. What could possibly go wrong? Well, on the way there you find out that some previous guests have been disappearing. This worries you slightly, but the host assures you that there is nothing to be afraid of. You continue on your way, slightly wary about keeping your wits about you.

Needless to say, this game is full of surprises, not that we would reveal them…you will just have to play to find out. We would like to share with you some fun and interesting occurrences that have gone on during “The Retreat’s” young life. Only open a month, and already we have stories to tell!

Fun fact: something one of the players said inside The Retreat is now the password for all our computers here at Trapology. If you have already played the game, have fun trying to think of all the weird stuff you said in there. It is now the keeper of all our secrets! You were strange enough to make that much of an impression!

Something else that is interesting about our game, is that it features the voices of a couple of our game masters! Some of them are slightly disguised; we employ some very talented voice actors here at Trapology Boston. If you can correctly guess which one of our game masters it is, we will give you a free keychain!

Designed for a smaller amount of people, The Retreat is highly dependant on team work. You are going to need the brainpower of every member of your group! So gather up your most adventurous comrades and see if you can beat the game! Tickets have been going fast so you better get yours quick! You don’t want to miss out on experiencing Trapology’s newest and most exciting escape game yet!

*Bonus: Check out this video we created with some of our very first teams to play The Retreat!

Trapology Turns 2!

Break out the birthday cake and the party hats – it’s Trapology Boston’s second birthday! What a wild two years it’s been. It’s been a rollercoaster of fun for the Trapology family, and for our celebratory blog post, we are going to take you back in time to July of 2015, when we first opened.

Let’s set the scene. July 2015 in beautiful Boston, MA. We are well into the 15th year of the 3rd millennium. Omi’s “Cheerleader” is the song of the summer. The Greek government debt crisis was in full swing, and the U.S. and Cuba had just established full diplomatic relations. The gamemasters as you know them are spread far and wide across the country, having never met one another, and a young Jason and Nicole unknowingly are about to set out on an adventure of a lifetime.

Earlier that year, Nicole played her first escape room in January. About a month later, Jason and Nicole were flying home from Tanzania, where they worked nursing baby birds back to life with their bare hands. On their flight home, they had a layover in Istanbul where they played their second game. At this point, Nicole was thrilled by the idea of escape games, and just could NOT hold it in any longer. On the flight home to Boston she designed Trapology Boston’s most challenging game: “The Drunk Tank”.

She and Jason worked tirelessly to find the perfect location. It couldn’t be too small, but it also needed to feel intimate, and homey. They wanted to find a place they could grow in. In late spring, they signed a lease for Trapology’s future home, right on the Boston Common, the perfect boston-central location. With it’s proximity to bars and restaurants, being right across the street from the Boylston T-stop, it had to be destiny.

Smash cut to:

Two months later the buildout was done. Jason and Nicole hired their first employees, Pam, V and Nate, then brought on one kickass manager, Tina. In the following year, We worked tirelessly to transform our lobby space into the magnificent wonderland it has become. You can read all about the renovation in this blog, but here’s a little taste!

The Trapology family continued to grow, and we cherish each other very dearly. We spend tons of time together, outside of the office, hanging out, playing other escape games, and generally having a great time. You can read more about our staff and our adventures, like the time we had a secret santa christmas party, or our staff retreat, or our amazing Trapsgiving dinner!

best escape game in boston


Trapology Boston is now host to three immersive and engaging generation 3 escape games. “The Drunk Tank” was followed by “The Hustler,” which plays upon a gambling/restaurant theme. We are currently beta testing our third game, and everything is going well! It is called “The Retreat,” and is set to a rather spooky camping theme. Hopefully, by the time this blog gets posted, “The Retreat” will be completely up and running, and you and your team can book tickets!

So much has changed, but we are nowhere near finished building upon what Jason and Nicole started these short two years ago. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeve, and we cannot wait to show you! Stay tuned!


Game Master Bio: Sam

Game Master: Sam

Celebrity Crush: Ewan McGregor

Pet Peeve: Leaving food out overnight

Game Master Sam is one of the newest members of the team here at Trapology Boston, and we are having so much fun getting to know her. She is originally from West Hartford, Connecticut, growing up with her three siblings and her two dogs. Sam is definitely, 100% a dog person, but we have heard her say that her goal is to have a dog, a cat, a gerbil, and a gecko. Let’s hope the cat doesn’t get to the gerbil….


In her free time, Sam loves to cosplay as her favorite characters from various television shows, comics, and movies. Her favorite television show is “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, but she has yet to tackle any of the characters for her cosplay. We think she would make an excellent Spike (google it, nerds). Her big-hitter is Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games” for which she has cosplayed professionally.


In the control room at Trapology, Sam is encouraging and kind to her teams. She roots for them every step of the way, and masters games with a gentle hand and a full heart. Unlike some game masters, Sam rarely gets angry with her team, gives them the benefit of the doubt, and genuinely wants them to succeed!


If you like the sound of Sam, you can request to have her run your game here.

Staff Retreat: Our team Eating, Laughing, and being Merry

On May 15th, 2017, the staff of Trapology Boston set off on a journey with absolutely no idea where they were going. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It did to us, as well. Nicole and Jason, our fearless leaders, planned a mysterious three-day long staff retreat, jam packed with riddles, puzzles, and escapes.

48 hours prior to the start-date, the staff received a detailed packing list that really made it seem like we were going camping (“bring LOTS of toilet paper”). We all met up at 9 am at our manager, Tina’s house, and awaited instructions. A series of riddles sent via text message, gave us the numbers 9, 5, and the word “North”. So, off we went to 95 North, without a care or an exit in our future.

More riddles lead to an exit, and more lead us to a coffee shop. Eventually, we were given an address from a barista at a coffee shop in Portsmouth, NH.

The address ended up leading us to an escape room in Portsmouth. All of us are seasoned escape room players, so this was pretty well-worn territory. We put our game faces on and got to work. About half way through the game, we unlocked a door that lead into a new section of the room. You can imagine our surprise (and blood curdling screams) when Nicole, Jason, Karen and Sledder were waiting for us, inside. According to Nicole, our faces were priceless.

We were given a new address which took us about an hour and a half north of Portsmouth. It was cold and raining. The idea of camping was really bringing us down, especially since none of us had packed warm clothes. The level of crankiness was getting dangerously high. We met back up with Jason and Nicole in a driveway next to a house and were motioned to get out of the car. Sluggishly, we obliged. Nicole opened the house and with a sheepish smile said “you’re not camping! Welcome to your home for the next three days!” *Queue a collective sigh of relief as our staff retreat would be even better than imagined.*

The Troll under the table

Pick Up Sticks!

Some of us claim to have saw it coming, some of us were in disbelief/denial. Either way we were happy to be in a warm house with a running toilet. This was a staff retreat we were going to be happy to be on. We settled into our cozy house on the top of a hill in the white mountains, happily. Dinner of mac n cheese and grilled chicken was made, but just as soon as we got settled, we were ushered right back out the door to play escape game #2 of the day.

Mangia Mangia!!!

Since there were eleven of us, we had to split up and play the two different games, at a room in North Conway. Nicole and Jason picked teams, dodgeball style, so it got very competitive. In the end, Nicole’s team escaped first, but in Jason’s defense they had the harder game and less people.

The next day, we all headed out in the morning for some kayaking on North Conway Lake. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we were all in good spirits. That is, until we paddled out into the middle of the lake where it was insanely windy, and SOME OF US nearly died trying to paddle back in. Once safely back on shore, we ate sandwiches that we made that morning. For dessert there were brownies from Nicole’s Mom.

Our fearless companion, Sledder!

Just catching some rays on the lake

Eating part. 2!

We went for a quick walk to Diana’s Baths for a scenic group photo, and then it was back to the North Conway game for round 2. The teams swapped games and interestingly, each beat the previous team’s record by exactly 4 minutes. Spooky? We thought so. We were all pretty beat after that; drained from our day of physical and mental activity. It was time to go home for dinner and a movie.

Diana’s Baths

Jason and Nate grilled up some burgers, while the rest of us sat around in the beautiful weather. Sunset came and we took another awesome group shot with Jason’s drone! We all then cuddled up on the couch to watch Amelia’s favorite movie: “Wet Hot American Summer.” (parental discretion advised)

On Wednesday, it was time to head home, but Tina wasn’t quite ready to let go of her vacation. We headed out with the cars packed and made our way to Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern United States. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go all the way to the top because it had snowed the night before and the road was too icy. We were able to make it to the tree line and saw some breath-taking views. Plus, Tina got this cool sticker!

…well at least two-thirds of the way

The Trapology Team left North Conway and this staff retreat, more bonded than ever over that fact that we probably have the best bosses in the world.

Nicole and Jason were so thoughtful and generous to plan this staff retreat, and we are so grateful to have them as our fearless leaders. I mean, not only are they the power couple of the century, but they are also kind, thoughtful, and extremely attractive??? Can you blame us for loving them? Like, hello! Save some goodness for the rest of us, am I right? Next year, we are going to have to plan something extra special, that will show just how much we appreciate them. Wish us luck and stay tuned!

Special Events in the City that are Perfect for an Escape Game

Escape Rooms are designed for the purpose of teamwork, excitement, and imagination. Playing an escape room is a great activity for a rainy day… but it doesn’t stop there! We at Trapology Boston can tell you a number of awesome occasions and special events in the city that would be celebrated perfectly with an escape game.



If you know your friend likes to puzzle, and they’ve never tried an escape game before, bring them to Trapology Boston. It will be the best birthday present you can give them. An entire hour of them and their closest buddies all working together to escape, with fun surprises at every corner – what could be better? If it is a big party you could even rent out our entire lobby and have the place to yourselves! We have caterers and bartenders that we highly recommend, email Tina ( for more info. Plus, the birthday boy or girl will receive a special gift from the Trapology team, but you will have to come celebrate with us to find out what it is!

Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

Picture this: you are the best man/maid of honor, and you have your job on lock. You’ve got the evening planned from dinner to dance club. You’ve got the t-shirts, the playlist, everything. But what do you do beforehand? Easy! Bring your squad to Trapology Boston for a little out-of-the-box fun! If you play The Drunk Tank there may or may not be handcuffs involved :)!!



If it is a family excursion or a group of friends celebrating the end of an era, you and your party will have an excellent time playing an escape game at Trapology Boston. Give your mind a break from all the final exams, plans for the future, telling your distant relatives if you have a job yet, and dig into some elaborate and amusing puzzles.


Mother’s or Father’s Day

Unfortunately, Mother’s Day this year has already passed, but now you can have an excellent plan lined up for next year. It is always one of the most enjoyable special events in the city. We would bet our right arm that all your Mother wants for her special day is to spend it with you, doing an activity. Skip the $40 candle and treat your mom to something she’d never thought she’d be doing…solving puzzles! When you’re done, you can take her out to a delicious brunch at one of these awesome restaurants nearby.

This is also an excellent plan for a Father’s day outing. Let your dad be the boss that he always tries to be. If you are a father yourself, bring your kids along (14-year-olds and older)! We have seen some excellent family teams come through our games. Have bonding experience that you will both take with you after you leave! Grab lunch or a drink at any of our favorite spots.

We hope you come to celebrate one of the many special events in the city with us.

8 Reasons Why Trapology Boston is the Best Escape Game

Trapology Boston is the city’s most challenging and immersive live escape game. Across multiple personal review platforms, we are recognized for our engaged customer service, our original gameplay, and our beautiful, central location. On Yelp one reviewer, Beth J., said “This company is so great!” and Martin B. of TripAdvisor said “Trapology, apparently, is a synonym for a ridiculously fun time.” We love to hear the reflection of those who come to enjoy our rooms.

And now the reasons why Trapology Boston is the best escape game:


Our Team:


Our Team here at Trapology care deeply about our company. We are like a family! We have monthly game nights, and even spend holidays together (like Trapsgiving and our holiday PJ party). Sometimes we spend 3 days in the middle of New Hampshire lauging, eating, and having fun. Most importantly, we play escape games together! We are escape game fanatics, and are happy and enthusiastic to run games for you!


Across the board, none of us had ever had a “work family” that we got along with so well. We absolutely love spending multiple hours a day squeezed into our tiny control room together. If you’d really like to see us in action, check out this game night we all enjoyed together here.

best escape game in boston

Game Night!

best escape game in boston

Team outing to a Celtics game

best escape game in boston


best escape game in boston

Team Holiday PJ Party


Game Design:


When you play one of our games, you will get to work with a variety of puzzle types. There is something for everyone! Trapology Boston tries to stay on top of all of the latest technologies being utilized in the escape room community. Escape rooms are categorized into 4 generations. The range begins at Gen 1 (the simplest) and ends at Gen 4 (a fully automated room). The games offered at Trapology Boston are designated as Gen 2+ rooms. Though we do not offer fully automated rooms, we are constantly moving away from simple lock and key puzzles. All of our most exciting puzzles are designed and programmed “in house.”

We have had great experiences of playing many of the other games in the area. We are always drawing from what we did and did not enjoy in those games to help improve our own. Large logic leaps and an excess of red herrings are extreme turn offs and wreck havoc on the pace and course of any game, we believe. Additionally, any good puzzle has an interesting path from brain stinging obstacles to a relieving and complete end. Cool effects are something we are always hoping to add and upgrade in our rooms. We strive for a mix of struggling and being rewarded with a jaw-dropping effect.

Here’s what one of our reviewers, Jenni H. , had to say:


“Expect to feel awed. Trapology is an all out production and immersive experience. All stops were pulled and no expenses were spared. Surprise after surprise will be thrown at you and just when you think nothing more can catch you off guard, BAM. I’ve done a few escape rooms before but this was head and shoulders above all others on a level of its own. The creativity and work that went into the game becomes more and more evident as you progress.


Expect to feel dumb. At multiple points in the game, I questioned my common sense, and then my ability to think critically, and then my college education, etc. You get the point. This is definitely not an easy escape. There is also no room for slackers. Every person will be busy alternating between the two stages of 1. running around frenetically and trying to avoid crashing into equally frazzled teammates and 2. debating if the risk of permanent damage outweighs the desire to bang your head repeatedly against the wall.”




We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of escape room technologies. Along with the traditional lock-and-key puzzles, we design custom tech puzzles that we know will surprise and entertain you.

The staff at Trapology has played many escape rooms, so we know how exciting it is to come across puzzles that are more intricate than simple number locks. We would always rather see three items get specifically placed somewhere and trigger your next clue to appear. None of the rooms offered at Trapology Boston contain only lock boxes; the best escape game wouldn’t! Instead, we have high-tech puzzles, designed and programmed completely by Trapology team members. All of these puzzles are on-theme with the room as well. We don’t just build tech for tech’s sake. We want it to enhance our story lines, and make your entire experience more compelling and exciting!


Production value:


We take great care to make our rooms as immersive as possible. As avid escape room players ourselves, we build rooms that we would like to play in. You won’t just be walking into a blank room with furniture. We offer multiple soundtracks to accompany your escape, fog machines to create a mystical atmosphere, and purposefully placed spotlighting to accentuate points of interest in our rooms. We leave no stone unturned in dressing the immersive rooms you will enter. The use of colored gel lighting, or an accompanying soundtrack adds to the overall atmosphere. We are constantly thinking of every detail to guarantee a great experience for all who play. With the dozens of paint jobs and deliberate prop and furniture choices, we believe our rooms speak for themselves.


We recently created a holiday season, pop-up mini game. The team worked tirelessly for 3 days to create a hand-painted winter wonderland mural. When we hire employees, we don’t usually ask for talented artists, but it is amazing what wonderful work has come out of our team! 

Boston Escape Game - Holiday-themed escape game in Boston - Trapology Boston Frosty The Snowman

Frosty Wall Painting

We have endless stories about the process of renovating our lobby space, usually involving the pains of building our beautiful palette wall. Nicole and Jason, the owners of Trapology, periodically went dumpster diving around Quincy, late at night acquiring old and used pieces of wood. They then hauled them all the way back to downtown Boston. There we set up a workshop on our newly acquired 5th floor. There we sanded, cleaned, and hand-stained each piece of lumber. Finally came the task of placing and attaching each piece to the wall… 600 screws later, and voila!

best escape game in boston

Lobby with Pallette Wall




Our service is relaxed and noninvasive. We want your Trapology experience to be as smooth as possible. A trip to the best escape game in Boston should be fun and worry free. We never spam your inbox, and we always send booking reminders so you won’t forget when you are scheduled to play. Plus, as an added bonus, let’s just say our rules video is… colorful.


We are often told that our customer service is what makes the difference in our business model. We pride ourselves on having a group of kind, genuine, and helpful individuals sitting in that control room. They bring forward a friendly and welcoming vibe that will be felt from the moment you enter to well after you leave. We are all well trained to support each team with the most helpful hints and guide you with a thorough walkthrough to answer any questions you still may have. Because we are all such fans of escape rooms, our staff is eager to hear your feedback about your time spent at Trapology Boston. We want all the information we can get, in order to give you, and future players the best possible experience.

best escape game in boston

Karaoke and Dancing

best escape game in boston

Pam’s Farewell Dinner

best escape game in boston

Team Pumpkin Carvin’

Here is what Zhitong Z. had to say:


“As for the customer service part, our group got put with four strangers to fill the room — and three of them were cool people.  However, one guy had apparently done the exact same game before, and was trying to act like he was just super smart by whizzing through the puzzles (trying to impress his date — which was super lame and a little pathetic).  Because of him taking over all of the first puzzles and not giving others a chance to think, we escaped the room in thirty minutes, which would have been a record time.  We were all a bit suspicious, and these suspicions were confirmed when the staff told us that they checked old tickets and realized we had a ‘repeater’ in our midst.

Long story short, Trapology actually gave us vouchers because they felt like our experienced got ruined by lame-o!  We really appreciated that gesture, and will definitely return to play ‘The Hustler.’  Great customer service!”


Location, Location, Location:


When customers enter into our lobby, they are greeted by our beautiful lobby space. It offers comfortable seating and large windows overlooking the Boston Common. We have a high-tech photo booth that customers can use at their leisure. It includes the ability to share to our social media and even print your photos to take home. We have a convincingly-real looking fireplace, mental games to entertain you while you wait, and a couch so comfy you just might want to sleep over. How many businesses can say that there staff willingly and continuously volunteer to spend hours of their free time just hanging out, on the work premises? We’d wager not many.

Check out a blog on the lobby renovation, here.



You and your friends just had one of the greatest experiences of your life playing the best escape game ever, Trapology Boston. Fresh off your win in the Drunk Tank, and you are ready for an evening of celebration.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy some libations with your friends, check out this list we put together for you here.

Looking for some grub, post-victory or loss? We have your answer here.

We are lucky to be able to offer you a short walk to some of Boston’s greatest places to eat, drink, and be merry. The Boston Common Frog Pond, the AMC Loews Cinema, and Yvonne’s are all located within a 5-10 minute walk. A similar distance away you will find the Swan Boats in the Public Garden, excellent shopping and fine dining on Newbury Street, and the wonderful main branch of the Boston Public Library at Copley. 

Not only do fun games and original stories help make an escape game great, but the location and local resources add to the entire experience of what is the best escape game a town can offer.


We give back:


As part of our initiative to do some good in this world, we designed a Frosty the Snowman themed escape game in order to raise money and donate to Women’s Lunch Place,  an organization that provides hot meals to homeless women in Boston. With winter coming to a close, we used remaining funds to buy warm hats, gloves, socks, and blankets to give to the homeless population in Boston.


Trapology joined forces with Omaze and created a pop-up mini game for Chris Evans and a few unsuspecting customers of the local comic shop, Comicazi. This game was created to add to the ongoing sweepstakes Omaze had put together to win the chance to play an escape game with Chris Evans. This project benefitted Christopher’s Haven, a local charity providing housing for children battling cancer and their families. It was an honor to work with Omaze and Chris Evans and to know that our work directly influenced the lives of those children. You can read more about that experience in our blog, here.

Check out the Omaze video, here.

And our “behind the scenes” video, here.

best escape game in boston

Team members with Chris Evans

We care:

Our team cares about our customers. We care about your feedback. Our team actively encourages and appreciates players’ thoughts on gameplay. We want your experience to be the best it can be, and we love any suggestions you might have.

To tell you Trapology Boston is the best is completely partial. Yet, we have to let you know that we just can’t shy away from sharing why we love this place so much. And we are very lucky to have past players do the same.

Trapology Boston is ready to provide you with the best hour and change that you can have locked in a room in Downtown Boston. Come and see for yourselves, the best escape game in the area!

We suggest you read this article written about the best escape game in Boston. Come on by to see for yourselves.

Game Master Bio: Hayley

Game Master: Hayley

Likes: Dying her hair

Dislikes: Mushy foods

Game Master Hayley is the newest member of the Trapology family, so in some respects, she is still a mystery to us. Here in this blog, we will reveal what little we know about her thus far.

Hayley is from Fort Worth, Texas. She came to Boston for her education and because she finds Texas to be too darn hot. An interesting fact about Hayley is that she has no sense of smell, which means that she tastes everything very mildly. Because of this, texture is a big thing for her, hence the dislike of mushy food.

In her free time, Hayley enjoys giving back to her community, teaching elderly people synchronized swimming and macrame. Her talents extend into the far reaches of artistry. She is a talented photographer and videographer, an eloquent public speaker, and can draw a perfect circle. Sometimes she makes outrageous claims, like that her mother invented dental floss, or that she can beat any of us in an arm wrestle. I don’t buy it.

Much about young Hayley is still wrapped in mystery, but we hope to learn more about her in the coming months/years. Based on observation, she is a friendly, adaptable person who carries herself with the utmost grace. We hope you like her as much as we do!
If you would like enigmatic Hayley to run your game, you can request for her when you book here.

Game Master Bio: Amelia

Game Master: Amelia

Favorite Movie: No Country for Old Men

Catch Phrase: “Bite me”

Next in the series of bios, is everyone’s best friend, Game Master Amelia.

Meelz (Amelia’s nickname) is always at Trapology. It’s almost like she lives here. But we aren’t upset about that. In fact, we love when Amelia is around to make us fall to the floor in bursts of laughter.

When not making us laugh, you’ll find Amelia listening to some “sad girl tunes” (as she likes to put it). She is an avid listener of anything Aimee Mann, Linda Ronstadt, and Liz Phair produces. She’s always got a song on the tongue, brain, and in the heart. Meelz is an amazing singer…just ask her. I promise you someday soon her name in lights.

Amelia grew up in good ole’ Pelham, New York. There she spent most her time carrying her beloved cat, Comma, up and down the stairs. She also spent a great deal of time at her favorite place in the world, Camp DOAC in Winsted, CT.

Amelia partook in many of the great activities offered by the counselors. She starred as Alice in “Alice in Wonderland” and thrived as the comic relief, Mushu, in “Mulan”. Along with delighting peers with her excellent singing and acting, Amelia loved her some arts and crafts. She made such beautiful work, including, but not limited to, a wonderful bead necklace featuring the phrase “Everybody loves Amelia Kuskin.” Hold on to that self-confidence kid, it’ll get you far.
Look up the definition of “Game Master” in the dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of me, Nate. Under that, however, you will find an image of Amelia with that beaming smile. She is probably the most well-rounded employee we’ve got here at Trapology Boston. Meelz can run one heck of a game, and you’ll never receive a greater employee-customer interaction than the one you will have with her.

Want to have one heck of a Game Master run your game, mention Amelia in your booking here.

Game Master Bio: Micha

Game Master: Micha

Catch Phrase: “Sorry!”

Celebrity Crush: Eddie Redmayne

Micha, a quiet and reserved game master, is our resident Midwesterner. She grew up in Colorado but unfortunately doesn’t have any kind of an accent. At most, she says the word “rather” slightly posh-sounding. But she is friendly and easy to talk to, so we keep her around.

When Micha was young, she used to spend hours after school, biking around with her friends. She has a refined appreciation for nature, video games, and music of the pop-punk persuasion. She has a lot of buttons on all of her bags/purses/etc, and it should also be noted that she can speak nearly perfect Japanese.

Recently, Micha has been on a bit of a baking stint. She is slowly perfecting the art of fruit bread. So far, our favorite has been the apple cinnamon. Her other talents include graphic design, animation, and she is insanely good at the game “Just Dance.”
All in all, she’s a great game master and a good friend to have. Micha is a good man in a storm, and we are glad to have her in our corner.

Looking for a smoothly run escape game? Mention Micha’s name in your booking here and tell them I sent you!

Game Master Bio: Pam

Game Master: Pam

Pet Peeve: Nate

Catch Phrase: “Grow Up”

Ohhhhh Pam! Where to begin on this Game Master. She is as enigmatic as she is lovely. Her laughter is elusive, yet infectious. She is mischievous, though you wouldn’t be able to tell that just by looking at her.

No, at first glance, Pam is a friendly, hardworking, and kind Game Master. She is always rooting for you to escape. Her voice is soft and calming. She will make even the silliest mistakes you make in a room seem justifiable and understandable. Once she gets comfortable with you and considers you a friend, she likes to get a little pranky. She has been known to pull a few fast ones and get a few goats.

Pam was born in France and was raised in Cape Cod. She rides horses, is a natural sailor, and is fluent in seven languages. Pam is happiest relaxing on a warm beach perhaps in Nice, or Martinique, with a cold drink in her hand. She also enjoys underwater basket weaving and acro yoga.

Someday soon, when Pam leaves her Game Master days behind, she hopes to go on to start a profession as a physician’s assistant. Anyone would be lucky to be in her medical care, and her Trapology family wishes her the best of luck.

Want the gentle hand of our friend Pamela running your game? Make a note in your reservation here.

Game Master Bio: Nate

Game Master: Nathaniel (Nate)

Height: 6’5

Catch Phrase: “Get over yourself”

Here are some things that you might not be able to guess about our Game Master, Nate;

First, he hates being called Nate. I don’t know who started it, but the people who work at Trapology Boston are the only people in the world who call him that. His whole life, his friends, family, every teacher, doctor, every person who has been introduced to him, calls him Nathaniel. Except for us! And he hates it.

Originally from Salem, Nate grew up a happy child, playing golf and baseball. Hold onto your hats ladies, Nate is actually in his high school Hall of Fame for varsity golf. He has boasted around the control room on more than one occasion that his mother is the best quilter in the North East, but I have yet to see any proof.

We like him because he’s very helpful around Trapology HQ. Nate is very good at reaching things on high shelves, and he does all the editing for those AMAZING blogs you’ve seen. He likes show tunes and his cat. He is also probably the best Game Master in the biz. You’re lucky if you have him watching your game. He’ll treat you right.

For more insider information about Nate, come play a game at Trapology and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse.
P.S. Do yourself a favor and watch the video for the song “Orinoco Flow” by the Celtic Women. Nate says that this song was the soundtrack to his childhood.

Want Nate to run your game at Trapology? Mention his name while reserving tickets here.

Game Master Bio: Carolina

Game master: Carolina

Pet Peeve: Un-pushed in chairs

Catch Phrase: “Up your butt!”

Carolina is a huge asset as a Game Master here at Trapology Boston. She is the powerhouse of the cell that is our business. She’s whip smart, has a silly sense of humor, and loves her family. She’s the type of person who seems shy and sweet at the beginning of your relationship, but as you become closer, she starts being really mean to you.

That’s how you know she likes you. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

Raised in Revere, Carolina started taking karate classes when she reached the ripe old age of 14. She has been a black belt for about three years now. Whenever we need things to be deconstructed around here, Carolina is always there, with her eager fists-a-punching. She has a niece and nephew who she loves VERY much. Do you want to see a picture? She’s got loads. Trust us.

Carolina currently takes classes at Mass Art, with a concentration in photography. You can often find her lugging around her 4 by 5 camera, or tucked away in the darkroom, developing and printing beautiful images.

She is OBSESSED with Harry Potter, Star Wars, and all things nerdy. But, like, COOL nerdy. You know….the hip nerd stuff.
All-in-all, she’s just a fun loving gal, with a heart of gold. She likes relaxing after work with a nice cold Woodchuck cider. Someday, she is going to be a successful wedding photographer/Jedi knight.

Looking to play a game run by Carolina? Head here and ask for her in your reservation!

The Thoughts and Cares of our Friend, Sledder

Maybe you have seen her, if you’re lucky. Sometimes Sledder graces you with her wondrous and fleeting company out in the lobby of Trapology Boston.

Her name is Sledder. She is mysterious, beautiful, and wise beyond her years. She is a dog.

To be more specific, she’s a husky.

Stoic and poised, Sledder spends most of her time at Trapology Boston curled up in a little ball, underneath a desk in the control room.  We often wonder: What is on Sledder’s mind? What occupies her thoughts? Does she hate us? Is she hungry?

Here we have compiled a list of possible things that could be running through the mind of Sledder at any given moment:
  1. Why is my water bowl empty? The tall human probably stepped in it again.
  2. I just woke up from my nap, and I think I’m ready to go back to sleep.
  3. The humans seem to have just finished vacuuming the lobby. This would be the perfect time to go roll around on the carpet.
  4. I look cute today.
  5. The humans like to pick me up and put me on their laps while they watch games. Their deaths cannot come soon enough.
  6. (Follow up thought for #5) It seems a cruel twist of fate that on this mortal plane, the humans are expected to live longer than the likes of me. The universe is a fickle mistress. She gives dogs, like me, the power of time travel and telepathy, and the poor humans still can’t even figure out how to live without fossil fuels.
  7. (Follow up thought for #6) Even crueler still, I can’t go to the bathroom without some kind of assistance from them.
  8. I need to pee.
  9. I am hungry.
  10. This physical form constrains me.

Thanks for reading! Come and play at Trapology Boston and maybe you’ll see the pooch… but probably not!

9 Things Escape Game Players do that Game Masters Can’t Stand


I’m surprised that it has taken us this long to compile this list. Lord knows we’ve been dealing with these things for as long as we have been open. Give this a quick read and learn from our Game Masters’ escape game pet peeves.

  1. Stop breaking our stuff!

The number one thing that game masters hate to see is players being destructive within the escape game. We understand that accidents happen, adrenaline is high, and that we are all here to have a good time. However, there is a clear difference between:

a.) Accidentally dropping an item that you had in your hand or accidentally snapping a key

b.) Flipping over a table. Throwing props against the wall, etc. etc. etc.

If you wanted an hour to work on your anger management, stay home and smash your own belongings. Or go to Please leave our puzzles out of it.

We, the game masters running your escape game at Trapology, can see and hear you at all times. We will be able to stop you as you are about to smash that item you have in your hands. Be warned! We are also very proud to share that we devote a very specific 1:1 ratio of game master to ongoing game. We find that each team truly needs and deserves one person running their games at all times. With this set up we are able to guarantee the quality, attention, and uninterrupted fun that comes with experiencing a game at Trapology Boston.


  1. “We already did that!”:

We promise, you didn’t. Game masters know where you are in the game at all times. If we give you a hint regarding a certain puzzle, it means you have not yet solved it correctly, even though you think you may have.


  1. Take our keys and clues home from our escape games:

We will say it once, twice, three times, for the rest of our lives. Don’t take our keys/clues/locks/games home with you! When you do, it causes game masters serious panic and inconvenience. It can also severely impact the escape game for the next players. Save a life; check your pockets before you leave!


  1. Playing the escape game twice:

We are happy to hear that you enjoyed our game so much! That is what we strive for with every team that passes through our doors. But please don’t come back already knowing the solution to all of the puzzles you solved a week earlier.

Especially…especially, if you are bringing a date to try to impress them. We have had that happen too many times, and it is just not a fun situation for anyone involved. Bring them on a date in which you aren’t lying to them and pretending to be a genius to try to win their love.


  1. Ignore your teammates:

This just breaks a game master’s heart. You should listen to your teammates’ ideas. Entertain any possibility, because anything is possible in an escape game. If something isn’t working for you, give someone else a try!


  1. Disregard everything we clearly stated in the rules:

There’s a reason we ask you to arrive early before your game. We have important rules and information that are essential to your game play! If you disregard our rules, not only will you not escape, but your experience may not be as fun as you had hoped going in.

Example of going against our rules: [que Rules video] “…Rule #1: Please do not use your phones inside of the game room. We ask you to refrain from photos and videos in order to keep our rooms secret…”

[15 minutes later during the game]

“Guys, lets take a selfie for my snap story”

We have had this scenario happen too many times to count. And if you are not going to listen to and respect this rule, we truly will provide a place to lock up your phone and not allow you to have it for the rest of the game. We have worked extremely hard to bring you these great experiences, so we ask that you please listen to the rules and keep everything a surprise for future players.


  1. Being stubborn and never asking for hints:

We understand that many teams who come through our doors are looking to beat a record and not use any hints. And to those people we say, right on! But when we do have a team that has been stuck for the past 10 minutes without solving a single thing, and fighting over whether or not to ask for a hint, we start to become a bit upset. We are here to help and provide you with helpful hints at your disposal. The ideal game for us is when we work seamlessly with the teams inside of the room, as they work cohesively and productively together. When we have a divided team arguing over whether or not to receive a clue, that makes us sad.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have teams that refuse to take clues, but stand idle and give up on the puzzles they are working. These are usually the teams that we decide to throw a free hint to, and the reaction we receive is more often than not a negative one. If we see you struggling, we like to make sure you progress through the game. We are sorry that we gave you a helpful hint, but please don’t get so mad at us.


  1. Saying mean things about the room or game masters out loud:

Like we tell you at the beginning of every game, we can see and HEAR you at all times. How would you feel if you heard someone say something very rude/inappropriate things about you? We always appreciate feedback on our games, but please keep your insults to yourself.

We have feelings too!


  1. Sneezing, putting things in your mouth, general lack of sanitary common sense:

Are players not aware of how many people have played these games before them? Well, game masters are. And when we see you hold a flashlight in your mouth, we have to wonder: what are you thinking? Now we have to go in there with gloves and disinfectant. So many people go through coughing and sneezing all over. And to those people, game masters ask: would you please cover your mouth? Note to all other player: We at Trapology do our best to frequently lysol and clorox our game props and sets.
When you decide to join us here at Trapology Boston for one of the most challenging and immersive experiences in the city and area, we ask that you keep this list in mind. We hope to have a smooth and amazing experience for you, and if you avoid doing any of these things, we will be at our best.

The Wonderful Transformation of Trapology Boston’s Lobby

If you played an escape game back when Trapology Boston first opened in July 2015, you probably wouldn’t recognize our lobby if you walked in today. We put a lot of tender love and care into transforming our lobby from the white-walled, stained-carpet-sh**-hole that it once was, into the inviting, entertaining space and welcoming lobby we have cultivated.

Walk into Trapology Boston today and you are greeted with the smiling face of Trapology team members (that much has stayed the same). After the waivers get signed and the jackets have been hung, you step into our waiting area. Hardwood floors! A free photo booth! High tables and bar stools! Beautifully designed posters! Did you just step into heaven? Who am I to say?

At your disposal, you find a wide assortment of small games to play before you begin your escape adventure. There are cards, trivia, riddles, and physical puzzles… and we are always adding more. We have plenty of seating, and a large, comfortable couch. “How did they ever get that enormous and luxurious couch up that teeny, tiny stairwell?” you wonder. A lady never tells!

That pallette wall you see there? Labor of love is an understatement. A whole lot of trial and error. Sanding, resanding, making the whole damn thing fit together. Laughs were had, tears were shed. Mostly tears. Frankly, it was a little hard to watch, but boy was it worth it.

You sit, you gab, until it is time for your Trapology experience to really begin. One of our staff will put on an animated video for you and your team, explaining our house rules on our 55 inch 4k television. It is quick and highly entertaining. Then you are taken down our mysterious black hallway, until you arrive at your game door. There your live action escape game begins, and there you are fully immersed in the story of the game, forgetting all about the wonderland you left behind….

But Rome was not built in a day.

Take a time machine back a year or so and your first acquaintance with Trapology Boston might have been…different. Picture this: white walls. Sad, stained, could-have-been-blue-at-one-time carpeting covering the entire floor. A bench or two. Maybe. That was what we had to work with, what the office had left us with. Talk about starting from scratch! We used to do the rules sitting on the floor because we had no seating! Like animals!

Man. You didn’t know how good you had it, did you?

We have come quite a long way. This metamorphosis is just one example of how hard we work to constantly improve. Be it in our welcoming lobby or in our games, we want you to be wowed. We subscribe to the business philosophy that continuous improvements should be made, and hope that our service and lobby space reflects that.

Not only do we want our guests to be comfortable here, in a beautiful and welcoming lobby, but we want that for our team as well. We frequently have game nights here at Trapology where we get together off the clock and play some games, relax, and have some fun! I bet you wouldn’t choose to spend extra time at your place of work, but that’s how we roll. There WAS that one time when our team had a heated moment over playing the board game “Clue” but we have since buried that bad blood. We are a family and this is our home. A home where we want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable. So come hang out!

The final product (a welcoming lobby)…

We would also love your feedback/input. Let us know if you have a cool idea for our space!

Bars Within a 15 Minute Walk from Trapology Boston

We see it all too often: disappointment, rage, sadness. Our players’ experience a range of emotions when realizing that Trapology Boston does not actually provide the drinks leading them to their Drunk Tank lockup. However, after the game (if you haven’t learned your lesson) you and your team might want to head out for a celebratory drink, or one to drown your sorrows away. Either way, there are a ton of nearby options for you to choose from and we’ve compiled a top ten list of bars based on ratings and proximity! So you are sure to find the best Downtown Boston bar for your taste.

A map directing you to the perfect Downtown Boston Bar:


Located just one floor beneath Trapology Boston, Teatro is the most convenient bar following a game here. This is the place for you if you’re in the mood for a crafty cocktail or a classic Italian dish.

The Tam:

The Tam is just a 2 minute walk from Trapology Boston. Reviewers rave about the cheap but strong drinks along with the friendly atmosphere. Be aware this bar is cash only, so be sure to make a quick stop at the ATM if you’re thinking of stopping by here!

Sip Wine Bar and Kitchen:

If you are looking for a more quiet and casual night cap, Sip Wine Bar is a good bet. They offer wine by the sip, which allows guests to try different varieties.

Shojo Boston:

Awarded the top Downtown Boston bar for cocktails by Travel + Leisure, Shojo Boston will surely provide you with a good time. This bar provides a modern asian flare to it’s unique cocktails.

JM Curley:

Named after one of Boston’s most celebrated mayors, James Michael Curley, this bar is a fittingly good place to celebrate with friends. Reviewers rave about their extensive beer list, and blended concoctions blended up right before your very eyes.

JJ Foley’s Bar & Grille:

A family-owned bar since 1909, JJ Foley’s is a friendly Irish pub located in South Boston. They pride themselves on great food, drinks, and service that has followed the family tradition.

Good Life:

In the neighborhood is Good Life bar. It is a hip Downtown Boston bar offering a youthful vibe and a great cocktail menu. The bar also acts as a great hub for nightlife, being a 2 floor mini club.


It may look like you are walking into a hair salon, but in actuality you are entering one of Boston’s coolest, hippest restaurants/bar. If we may go as far as to suggest a drink… an Old Fashioned.

Cheers Beacon Hill:

“Where everybody knows your name!” Visit everyone’s favorite watering hole, Cheers in Beacon Hill. Enjoy some great pub food, drinks, and the famous sitcom facade. If you are going to eat, we suggest the chili.

Silvertone Bar & Grill:

In this below-ground hip location, Silvertone offers great, warming food and an extended list of specialty cocktails. This Downtown Boston bar is themed with a retro vibe that creates a truly enjoyable setting to relax with friends.

We are sorry that we can’t offer you the liquid courage that you may think you need to escape. And we do want to let you know that drinking prior to the game is definitely not the right idea. However, we think going for some celebratory drinks (or ones to sooth your loss) are a great idea, and that is why we have compiled this list.

Restaurants within a 15-minute walk From Trapology Boston

Did you work up an appetite spending an hour in one of our amazingly well designed, original games? Yeah, that’s what we were expecting. We find that all we can think about throughout the course of the day is food…and we’re just watching you play. Well, we thought that you might like some suggestions of places to eat within walking distance of Trapology. We wholeheartedly suggest you check one of these great downtown Boston restaurants.


Scale for all Downtown Boston Restaurants:

$ = $10 and under/person

$$ = $11-$30/person

$$$ = $31-$60/person



Located on the first floor in the same building as Trapology Boston, treat yourself to drinks and a high-quality Italian meal. Karen recommends the risotto! P.S. We may be biased for adding this establishment to our downtown Boston restaurants list, but we fully recommend it for your hunger satisfying needs. $$$

177 Tremont St

Boston, MA 02111


Barcelona South End:

If you’re in the mood for tapas, this is the place. It is great for large or small groups, and serves small plates perfect for sharing. Amelia recommends the potato tortilla OR the chorizo with figs.$$

525 Tremont St

Boston, MA 02116

Luke’s Lobster:

Have a classic Boston experience and treat yourself to a little seafood. Small menu selection, but that is because they focus on the quality of the food! We have heard good things about their lobster roll. $$

290 Washington St

Boston, MA 02108


The Salty Pig:

Chow down on some authentic italian cuisine. Treat yourself to the real italian deal, or play it safe with some of their delicious pizza! Either way you will not be disappointed. You can’t go wrong with their charcuterie plate (it comes with fig jam!). $$

130 Dartmouth St

Boston, MA 02116



This place is great! And depending on what time you play your game, you might be able to sneak in for brunch. This place has awesome modern european/french dishes, great service, and good prices. Try the steak frites! $$

560 Harrison Ave

Boston, MA 02118


Jm Curley:

Here’s another great lounge/restaurant spot with delicious American food. The restaurant has a great interior. Fun experience and kid friendly! Get the fried chicken. You know you want to. $$

21 Temple Pl

Boston, MA 02111


The Parish Cafe:

You when all you want is a sandwich, but you also want to feel cool and fancy? Well this place can satisfy all of that. Great spot for groups, and you can tell how much care they take to construct each sandwich. Amelia likes the Rialto. $$

21 Temple Pl

Boston, MA 02111



This asian fusion tapas bar is awesome! They have a wide assortment of It’s casual and hip, and they have a very cool wall mural. Carolina recommends the Suckling Pig Bao. $$

9A Tyler St

Boston, MA 02111


Avana Sushi:

This place is awesome if you are looking for takeout. It’s a pretty tight squeeze, so not recommended for large groups. It’s located right downtown inside a food court, so it’s a little hard to find, but the food makes it worth it! They have awesome vegetarian maki rolls. $

42 Beach St

Boston, MA 02111


New Dong Khanh:

A small space that offers traditional vietnamese cuisine and a cozy vibe. They also offer a great menu of bubble tea. We obviously recommend you try the pho, because who doesn’t love pho!! $

81 Harrison Ave

Boston, MA 02111


Kaze Kabu Shabu:

Have no fear! Delicious Japanese hot pot is right around the corner! The service is friendly and the food is great! Perfect for groups and cold weather. Nate recommends you try the lamb. $$

1 Harrison Ave

Boston, MA 02111



This place is great if you want something casual.Grab some sandwiches and french fries and unwind. It’s right in the north end, a block away from Improv Asylum, and it’s open late! Amelia recommends the poutine (obviously). $

33 Union St

Boston, MA 02108


Da Vinci:

High end italian food that accommodates all dietary restrictions! They have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options. Located an easy 0.4 miles away, they have fantastic food and you can watch the chef while he works! $$$

162 Columbus Ave

Boston, MA 02116



Enjoy your evening at a swanky lounge restaurant with delicious food and cool ambiance. Set up as a speakeasy, Yvonne’s is sure to thrill anyone looking for a good night out! Tina recommends the Buttermilk Hush puppies. $$$
2 Winter Pl

Boston, MA 02108
We hope to see you soon to play one of our amazing and original games at Trapology Boston. Hopefully after that record setting escape, you will choose to celebrate with a well deserved lunch or dinner at one of these great downtown Boston restaurants. Cheers!

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Boston board game night @ Trapology Boston

The team at Trapology Boston hosted an awesome Boston board game night this week. It was a night filled with laughter, goofy antics, and of course, inevitable blaming. I took a second to step back and look back at the people that sat in front of me and the facility that we were sitting in. We had been having these Boston board game nights on a regular monthly basis, and it’s something I look forward to.

Eight months ago, Jason and I longingly looked at a beautiful 5th floor, 2500 square feet property that overlooked the Boston Common. The ceilings were tall, floors were polished, views were spectacular, and the monthly rent… well, that was spectacular in its own way. We were heartbroken, but there was a silver lining: We were lucky enough that the 2nd floor was available, and we somehow managed to rub two pennies together to make this piece of property work for us. Neither Jason nor I are strangers to hard work. We were committed to making this venture work, no matter how many people called us crazy. (“People pay you to lock them up?”) After countless hours of sanding, painting, and sweating, (with special thanks to Bob, Erin, and my Dad) we launched our first escape game – the Drunk Tank. It was an absurd idea that was born from a long wifi-less flight from Tanzania.

If you had told me eight months ago that we would have grown our measly team of just him and I, to a ridiculous family that collectively speaks eight languages, possesses unusual special talents (animation, karate, love of baby vomit scents, and doggie daycare), and varies in height from 5’0″-6’5″, I’d tell you that you were batsh’t crazy. Well… this crazy Trapology Boston family is the reason why we’re still alive, kicking, and having an amazing time. Escape rooms have been popping up around every corner. Maybe they’ll be flashier, more popular, and higher tech than ours, but one thing is for sure… their Boston escape room team will NEVER be as awesome. I’m also pretty sure that I cherry-picked some of the most competitive people in the city and so, we’re dedicated to constantly improvement so that our games stay on top!

This week, we welcomed two more people to our Trapology team – Micha and Carolina. We celebrated with an after-hours game night that was filled with inappropriateness, embarrassing stories, and infectious laughter. We’re excited that they’re on this fast-paced journey with us as Trapology Boston builds Game #3, and *drumroll* expands to the 5th floor! To our firecracker manager (and fearless leader), Tina, we have no doubt that you will keep us all in check. Who knew that when Jason and I hired you, that you would end up being OUR boss, too? 🙂 Nate and Pam, our middle management team, it is without a doubt that you both will be fantastic role models for our newbies. During game master training, try to share the Sour Patch Kids with them, yes? V, we miss you. Thanks for coming back and keeping us in your life! We attribute much of our success to your suggestions and constant feedback. Karen, you’re my rock. My life wouldn’t function without you. Jason, our bossman stressball leader, we all think that you should spend more time in the corner of the lobby (and not in the control room). 🙂

Without all of you, we wouldn’t be here. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. Every time I walk into Trap, I’m still a bit in awe of what we’ve built together. You all are awesome. Cheers to many more boston board game nights together.





Our welcome party for our new team members – Micha and Carolina
Images courtesy of Boston photogapher, Nicole Chan Photography

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Trapology Escape Room Boston Team Building Game night fun

Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston

Game design @ Milton Academy

This week, I stood in front of 120 students at Milton Academy, a co-ed boarding and day prep school, and talked to them about escape room game design and creative fields that have spawned from my passions in theater, math, and art. With the help from my Trapology Boston team (and our favorite volunteer temp employee, Gabriel Cheong), we designed an instagram game specifically for Milton Academy, using a room from our Hustler game as the background. Play the game on instagram: @trapologyboston

Special thanks to Heather Sugrue for inviting me. I had a wonderful time, and can’t wait to be back on Milton Academy’s campus! 🙂

Another special thanks to Karen Eng from Promessa Studios for capturing the below images.

Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology BostonBest Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology BostonBest Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston Best Escape Room in Boston, MA - Trapology Boston

The Adventurous Couple’s Perfect Valentine’s Day at Trapology Boston

Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Activity?

If you’re like me, you want your significant other to surprise you, take you out on the town, challenge you, connect with you, and most importantly want to have fun with you. There is no better choice than an escape room, as a fun and perfect Valentine’s Day activity!

Frequently it falls to one person to create and set into action the plans for this holiday. And if that sounds familiar, you’re in luck because we just gave you your decision.

Located downtown, we are right in the action, so this will definitely qualify as at least a few notches higher than sitting on the couch, watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and doing laundry. Your “honey bunny” will appreciate the effort.

Surprise them, challenge them, excite them with a game at Trapology Boston. You will be locked in a room together, and possibly with more teammates, for one hour and challenged to solve puzzles and escape! Whether you make it a competition, or try to test how well you work together, we know you will have a great time! Playing an escape room is an extremely bonding activity. You both will have to bring your A-game! What’s better than becoming fully immersed in a new experience with the person you love (or like like)?

Your S.O. is your best friend, your chosen life partner, and your ultimate teammate. But are they? Why not test just how good of a team you actually are. Put love on the line here at Trapology. And hey, whoever solves more puzzles, the other person gets to buy dinner!

Conversely, for the enlightened few that have realized that Valentine’s day is a fake holiday created by capitalism to sell cards, and loathe the sight of seeing couples out having fancy dinners and horse drawn carriage rides, Trapology Boston is STILL the place to go. Bring a group of your 9 most cynical and single friends and stick it to the Valentine’s day man. You can all have a laugh about the people you know in doomed relationships. When you love nothing, you have nothing to lose. And in this case, it still is the perfect Valentine’s Day activity (without the annoying parts).

So come play Trapology Boston!


Buy tickets here for your perfect Valentine’s Day activity.

Five Concerns players have about Escape Games

Many players come to us here at Trapology Boston with concerns and worries regarding their experience looked in a room for an extended period of time. Whether they are stressed about actually being locked in a room or uneasy about the idea of tackling multiple puzzles with a group of people you don’t really know that well, we are used to these concerns and very able to run your game smoothly and relieve your stress. We’d like to share with you Five Concerns players have about Escape Games and provide some responses!


  • I am claustrophobic, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to play!

This concern is quite often shared with us, and for a very good reason. This is definitely the top of the five concerns players have about escape games.  For those of us who have a hard time dealing with small spaces, the idea of intentionally being locked in a room for an hour is a terrifying one. Of course, this was a top priority in the designing of our rooms; keeping everyone comfortable. While playing any one of our rooms, participants will, at all times, have the ability to unlock the door and leave the room for any emergency reason.

push to exit

push to exit

Pictured above, is our emergency exit button. They are located next to each door in our game rooms and that will be the way for you to leave if need be. And before you ask, NO it is not an accepted form of escape!


  • I’m not smart enough!

We believe that our games are designed to truly allow every member of your team shine! Quite often the most timid people, players who start off not speaking for the first 15 minutes, are the team members who end up contributing the most and solving the hardest puzzles. And speaking with players after their game, we have learned that people are mainly quiet because they come in with the idea that they don’t have anything to add and aren’t smart enough. And that couldn’t be more false! We have never had a single player, in the thousands that have come through our doors, that has not added anything to their team or the path to escape. Our puzzles are designed to combine both everyday common knowledge and some complicated critical thinking. So that even if you can’t solve 53x=57x-2 within seconds (which none of us could), you will still be able to say, “Hey! Maybe we should put together this puzzle!”


  • Is it scary?

Many people are concerned that these rooms are made to intentionally scare our guests. To that we have to say, we are not a haunted house experience, there are multiple hidden effects, but ultimately we are not in the business of scaring people.


  • Am I going to have fun?

Well, we may be a bit biased with our answer to this question, but we believe that the thousands of happy faces that have left our doors speak for themselves. Across many experiences reviewing websites, we have numerous positive reviews that we believe truly reflect the time you will have at Trapology Boston.


  • What if we don’t get out?

Well, I guess you’ll be spending the night at 177 Tremont Street. Just kidding!! When your 60 minutes are up, we will come into the room and walk you through what you solved and the remainder of the puzzles. Each team gets a walkthrough and even the teams that do successfully escape our game frequently miss a few subtle clues around the room. And just to let you know, we’ve never had a team too disappointed that they couldn’t make it out of the room.


Those would be the top five concerns players have about escape games expressed to us here at Trapology. We hope that we have addressed them in a way that will make you comfortable and ready to come join us for Boston’s greatest escape game.


Behind the scenes of the Chris Evans escape game



Authored by: Tina, Director of Fun


If you told me a year ago when I started this job at Trapology Boston that I would be in a basement with Chris Evans pranking people, I’d tell you that you were crazy.

It started off with a casual conversation between management about possibly working with a celebrity for a prank to help support a charity. We loved the idea of building something off site to put our skills to the test and for a good cause.

Flash forward to mid-October and Nicole, Jason and myself [Tina] are staring at each other in silence with sketch books, rulers, pencils and a notebook filled with crazy ideas spread across the table.


photo credit: Nicole Chan


Jason and Nicole went through what I assume was 100 different game designs and puzzles before they even told me what was happening. After playing a game of chance with our staff to figure out who was going to be the fourth person to help us get this project done, we had about 10,000 ideas.


With our brains full of ideas and puzzles, we set off to scope out the potential location for the event. We measured, we sketched, we looked strange talking about hidden doors and hiding cameras. Remember all those 10,000 ideas I told you about before? Forget about them because it gets narrowed down to about five puzzles total. For prank videos, the puzzles must “read” well on camera and be engaging enough to keep the unsuspecting players progressing to the end. Our ideas of multi-stepped puzzles, decoders, and other logic based ideas were just a litttttle too much for what we needed to convey.


I remember our staff all packed into the mini-van coming back from playing another escape game together (we like to take team trips to play other rooms because we are also addicted to them on top of running them). Jason and Nicole dropped us off at Trapology and I was eating pizza with the staff (it’s was an extra cheese from New York Pizza, it was delicious)  when we got the e-mail about the location change. Now, five days before the event is scheduled to run we have to change everything.


Jason came back to Trapology to pick me up and head over to Somerville. ComiCazi  is a dream world for all comic book lovers, it was packed to the brim with so much cool stuff.If you love comics, I suggest checking that place out. Our team was scouring around, discussing logistics and where to put all the puzzles. Things seemed to flow together nicely and we were happy with our final design! Jason and I had a phone meeting with Omaze, while sitting inside his tiny car at 10pm. After that meeting, everything was ready to be built.

Photo credit: Jason Loeb


Now to keep the element of surprise, we couldn’t do our build out until the night before. No pressure, right?


Wrong. The pressure felt pretty high for us. We wanted everything to be perfect for this event. Not only do we love when players enjoy our games, but this was also going to support Christopher’s Haven. If you don’t know, Christopher’s Haven is a non-profit that provides housing for families with children who are battling cancer. There is no way we were going to let any of our build out disappoint.


The days leading up to the prank were filled with a lot of running around. I’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to our Trapology Staff: Pam, Nate, Carolina, Amelia, and Sledder who held down the shop while Jason, Nicole, Micha, and myself were running around like madmen. We weren’t allowed to tell them who the celebrity was, which inspired them to make a crazy wall complete with red yarn, notes, and a lot of thumbtacks. They were our little rays of sunshine when we were feeling defeated.


We spend hours upon hours ordering, moving, building, stress-eating, testing, destroying, re-building, and not sleeping. This brings us to Friday morning, 24 hours before the event. We planned to drop our stuff off at ComiCazi and start working on set up in the basement.  After picking up Micha, we were ready to head over, until Jason and Nicole called us because their car died and was in the process of waiting for a tow truck in Chinatown. We tried not to take this as a bad omen. Micha and I picked up Jason and all of the equipment from the broken down car in Chinatown and left Nicole there to wait for AAA… in the rain. 


We got to ComiCazi to meet with the Omaze team and run through everything. After enjoying some burritos and bubble tea, we ran back to Trapology to pick up some more stuff to begin the final build out. The night arrives and we’re ready to get down to business in the comic book store. Our behind the scenes video at the bottom of the post will show you the insanity that took place.  You can think you plan for everything that could possibly go wrong, but you never can. No matter how many obstacles we hit, we were able to overcome them. Around 2am, we were as confident as could be with our build out. We headed home to sleep as much as we possibly could (it was 5 hours).


The morning of the event our emotions were pretty mellow, because we are not morning people and being up this early was foreign to us. Top it all off, we were sleep-deprived, and still weren’t completely finished with our cameras, audio, and other special effect tech. Once we got to ComiCazi, things started to heat up and we were ready to rock and roll!  After a several quick partial run throughs of the game, we were as cool as a cucumber!


Chris Evans showed up and we were able to get things rolling. A quick personal side note, you may think you can be prepared for Captain America to stroll into a room, but you can’t. I kept it together by slapping Micha’s leg a couple times. After that I was totally cool and Micha had a bruise.


We gave Chris a run through of how things work, and he was ready for his career as a game master. He’s ridiculously hilarious and watching him run a game and guide people through the puzzles was an experience we’ll never forget.  It was really fun for us to watch everyone go through our puzzles and get scared by Chris at the end.

While it was incredible to meet someone like Chris Evans, underneath it all, we were all very grateful to be able to work on something so meaningful. This video will draw so much attention to Christopher’s Haven, and that’s the most important part of all.


We’d like to thank Omaze for letting us work on this project and Chris Evans for being such a great game master!  Enjoy our behind the scenes video, and please consider supporting Christopher’s Haven!!!

Use the code TRAPOLOGY to get an additional 100 free entries!

A personal note from Tina:

Jason and Nicole are the owners of Trapology Boston and the best bosses you could ever hope to work for. Working with them has proved to me that you can accomplish anything given enough drive to get things done. I don’t know how they find the hours in a day, but they do. I couldn’t think of a couple better suited for this project! Thanks for letting me, and the rest of the Trapology Team be part of this amazing project :]

Ten funny things heard in The Drunk Tank – A Boston Escape Game.

Trapology Boston’s first escape game, The Drunk Tank has had over 1,000 teams come through since we first opened. Our game masters have seen and heard some pretty wacky things! We’ve made a list of ten funny things heard in The Drunk Tank, that were rated PG enough for us to share with you.

Woman: Uhm, that’s mine….

2.“We have a minute and 28 seconds left…(face fills with despair) uh-oh.”

3. Man with an extremely determined face: Let’s find everything we can find!

5. How do you use a white-board?

6.“Sometimes a coat rack is just a coat rack”

7. Group of 6 grown men;
After reading the hint 3 times….. “OOOOOOOoOOOOoOOOHhHHhHhhhhh
8.  YAY!
Two seconds later…
9.“Guys, we done goof’d”

10.Person 1: It has a do not touch sticker!
Person 2: What does it mean?
Person 1: Do not touch!

We promise to keep this list growing and let you in on all the fun. Next time you play a Boston escape game, remember that all your game masters are laughing along with you!