Space Corp. Employee Help

They’ve got me working double duty at the Help Desk and the Archives since we’re low on personnel. Anyway, I don’t really have time to chat back and forth so I just wrote down a bunch of stuff that’s probably helpful below. Don’t take it personally. It’s just if I don’t get three naps a day then I won’t have the energy to deal with “investigators” like you.


The Secure Chat is the best way for Space Corp. employees to communicate.
Important Info to remember:

  • Secure Chat is password protected. You won’t be able to access it without the proper word.
  • To return to a previous message in the chat, use your special keyword.
  • In the rare case of a lost transmission, please close and open the chat again. Should the error persist, please try a different browser.


Before you begin your incredibly brave and selfless investigation, you’ll need to gain access to the Space Corp. Employee Portal.

  • Find your Human Resources Memo from Kiki to begin.

Once you’ve found your HR Memo from Kiki be sure to head on over to

Found the Employee Portal but don’t know your login credentials?

  • Your username will be listed on your Human Resources Memo.
  • Space Corp. auto-generates your password and leaves you the hint on the memo.  Please research the question before contacting HR.

Still need help? Answers are here.

Having trouble accessing the Secure Chat?

  • Try investigating the Employee Portal for relevant information. Investigating is your whole thing anyway right? So why am I the one telling you how to do this??

Lucky for you you’ll just need to look at the “Videos” section. Surprised you didn’t go there first considering your short attention span. Don’t get mad at me…you and I both know there’s no way you actually read the Emails or Documents.

…Just refer to XMSN #4

…”Reflections”. That’s a cool name.

Take a closer look at those 5 symbols. They’re not as strange as they appear.

Seriously the symmetry is just so perfect. Like a butterfly cresting the Rockies. Almost brings a tear to my eye.

Okay fine, I’ll tell you. Each of the symbols is a reflection of itself. Looks like it spells something.


Still need help? Answers are here.

Ohhh this Charlie figures seems like fun 🙂

Can’t figure out the three digit autopilot code? Lucky for you I have the answer. Don’t ask how.

  • Codes are left with three employees,  Ian, Chad, and Sarah
  • Take a look and see if there’s anything of theirs in your Archival Package

Still stuck huh? Don’t worry, ol’ Jared is here to help.

  • Please refer to all of their documents to find the correct codes.
  • If you seek help with individual employees, please consult their individual hints below.

Still need help? Answers are here.

Those lines and dots not making any sense to you?

  • Maybe check out Chad’s blog. That thing is chock full of useful info.

Take a gander at the blog post “Most Used Code Cyphers”

Someone never snuck notes in the back of math class did they?

  • Examine the “morse alphabet” 
  • Each series of dots and dashes will combine to form a letter
  • Words are separated by “ / “

Still need help? Answers are here.

Sorry about this one…didn’t manage to grab it before the Destruction Department got to it.

  • You’re going to want to look for some evidence.

None of this is useful to you in shreds. Try reassembling the pieces.

  • Try to form words, match shapes, and relate to proper MLA formatting
  • Once the letter is assembled, it may be easier to find the information you need.
  • Alternatively, throw it all in the garbage, give up, and stop bothering me.

Still need help? Answers are here.

Ian, Ian, Ian…you were supposed to keep that information a secret. To be fair, I’m not supposed to be re-coding the Help Desk. Lesson of the day: never trust someone with “Space Corp.” in their resume.

Oh yeah…hints…look for some bold words. They’re important.

Still need help? Answers are here.

Well it wasn’t very nice of Henry to change Chad’s password.

  • Complete Henry’s crossword
  • The letters in the circle will form a password to Chad’s blog
  • Password is lowercase

Still need help? Answers are here.

Having a hard time finding anything relevant in Chad’s letter? I don’t blame you…imagine being stuck in space with him…yikes.

  • Anyway, try taking a look at his blog. You may find what you need in there.
  • Take a look at the post “Most Used Code Cyphers” in Chad’s blog
  • Is it well written? No. Will it help you? Yes.
  • Examine the information for “first and last”
  • As the title implies…refer back to Chad’s letter.
  • Hard to believe I had to write this one.
  • Harder to believe you’re reading it.

Still need help? Answers are here.

Space is pretty big, it makes sense that you lost a planet.

  • Open up the Passenger Manifest
  • Do the next thing.

The next thing:

  • Locate the VIPs on the ship

“Okay, so what’s the big deal about these VIPs?”

  • No idea. But their Instagram accounts have proven to be super useful.
  • Take a look at them for clues regarding the ship’s last known location. 

As much as I love Theodore, his Instagram is basically unusable. The man needs to learn to actually stop and take a photo.

Angelica on the other hand…that sneaky space medium seems to have hidden something in her posts.

I’m not normally one for puzzles. Quite frankly I find them infuriating and a massive waste of time. Why anyone would subject themselves to puzzles is beyond me. But honestly…even I’m intrigued by what this strange space mystic is hiding.

As previously established, I’m not huge on puzzles. Or hidden things. But if I were the puzzling type, I would probably start with her first post. You know, the one that says START HERE. But you already knew that didn’t you, “investigator”?

It looks like each of Angelica’s posts leads to another one. See if you can follow the trail.

AHA I FOUND IT! The letters in the posts spell out her partner’s Instagram name! You just need to follow the trail she’s laid out in the comments and then string the letters together in that order! Incredible!

…um…that’s if I cared or whatever. Which I definitely don’t. Like I said, I totally hate puzzles.

…don’t tell anyone about this.

Still need help? Answers are here.

Her partner’s Instagram profile chronicles his time on The Freedom of the Skies. Take a look at the last planet he saw before they went into lockdown.

Still need help? Answers are here.

For all of Space Corp.’s incompetence (excluding myself of course) they kept really good track of information.

  • Look around for a log of some kind.
  • No wise-guy not from a tree.
  • I know you were thinking it.
  • Stop it.
  • You have a job to do.
  • And I have a job I’m avoiding doing.
  • Let’s work together on this okay?
  • The Employee Portal would be a good place to start if you still can’t find what you’re looking for.
  • And if you’re reading this then I’m assuming you haven’t found what you’re looking for.
  • So yeah…look at the Employee Portal.
  • The “Documents” folder is going to be your best friend.
  • Don’t look at me — I’m full up on friends.

Still need help? Answers are here.

Can’t calculate that angle and distance?

  • Step 1: Refer to the Travel Itinerary in your Welcome Brochure 

Still need help? Answers are here.

  • Step 2: Locate Uranus
  • Then locate the planet Uranus

Still need help? Answers are here.

  • Step 3: Take note of the distance and degree during the last known communication 

Still need help? Answers are here.

Looking for proper Thrust Levels?

  • The Engineer Data Log and Engineer IDs will have all the info you need to get started

“But what do I do with all 6 of these ID cards??”

  • Lucky for you, there are only two engineers that matter in this situation.
  • You’ll need to find who they are to get any farther
  • You’ll need to learn their character traits in order to find out which two like pizza and pickles
  • Those two are useless on their own (the truth hurts) but together…together they hold the key to this little enigma.
  • Be sure to use the correct hour from the last known communication, overlay the IDs, and line up the X’s

Space sectors can be confusing. 

  • Use your Wreckage Retrieval Tool
  • Align the tool on the proper Planet, Angle, Distance, and Thrust
  • Once properly aligned, the arrow will point to your sector

Still need help? Answers are here.

Not sure why you need to override the system…even I wouldn’t do that…but since you asked:

  • Hidden behind a label is something very Confidential
  • Check the outside of the folder. See that red piece? Yup. Nailed it.
  • Remember that X marks the spot, your box may contain more than meets the eye

Still need help? Answers are here.

Seriously concerned at why you’re doing this but…I’m also curious to see what you do:

  • Step 1: Assemble the override pieces
  • Step 2: This one will really a-maze you.
  • Step 3: Don’t draw any conclusions when finding your code.
  • Wait…actually disregard that. Definitely do that.

Still need help? Answers are here.

Is your signal too weak? Then what are you consulting me for? I’m barely qualified to be in the Archives Dept. never mind working IT for you. (Actually I’m not technically even qualified to be in Archives but let’s keep that between us).

Maybe take a look through the Employee Portal a bit more? I’m sure someone had to have mentioned a System Override.

Lilly Cortez sent a very interesting email…actually it’s honestly fairly boring. BUT it will probably help you with whatever task you’ve decided to go rogue on.

(“oh look at me, I’m just going to go request a bunch of confidential archival documents to find a missing space ship and then go ahead and ruin Jared’s career by hacking into a system that I know FULL well I’m not supposed to be in.” Why can’t just finding the ship be enough for you??)

Lilly is from CyphaCore…pretty sure I saw a CyphaCore Document in the Employee Portal. And by that I mean there’s definitely a CyphaCore Document in the Employee Portal.

That 3-digit “Signal Boost” code on the red System Override piece might come in handy with your CyphaCore Document.

See what you can do with that.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with math.

Look at the Document carefully and see if anything takes SHAPE.

Pleeease don’t make me SPELL it out for you. I’m already implicated in too much of your nonsense so far.

Each of those numbers (6-2-4) looks like it will make a specific shape in the Code Document.

Still need help? Answers are here.

Ol Charlie may be sitting back and lounging on his return trip but we still have work to do (because someone haaaad to go ahead and override the system and make more work for the both of us. Tonight was supposed to be my poker night. But now I’m here baby-sitting you to make sure I don’t land in jail because of you. So thanks.)

  • Not normally good internet advice…but maybe you should play along and click that link and put the password in.

Still need help? Answers are here.

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