6 Tips for first time Boston escape room players


Is it your first time playing a Boston escape game? Don’t worry. We have six tips for Boston escape game players!  Our team here at Trapology Boston has encountered every type of player you can think of! We’ve seen teams who have never played an escape game before and teams who have played over 100+ games together.  We’ve put together our top tips for escape games for you to enjoy.


Communication is key

We always tell players to communicate loudly and often! Working together and communicating is one of the best ways to help ensure your escape. We’re not saying the guy over in the corner screaming about a lock he found is going to have all the answers, but it’s worth listening to! Talk about what you’re finding in the room and what you think you have to find. Make sure to communicate what you have solved to your team. No idea is too crazy or obscure inside an escape game.


Explore things thoroughly

We can’t stress this one enough! Escape games are designed to get you thinking outside the box. Seriously. Clues are hidden everywhere in the room, it’s your job to figure out how to use them. Not everything is going to be as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 open up this box and find all your answers. You’re going to need to look around, inside, behind, underneath, and beside everything to find the clues to your escape.

Although communication is key, trust will not get you far in this game! We advise each player to double check everyone’s steps, ideas, and processes. Just when you think you’ve searched everything, a secret door is going to pop up and open a whole new puzzle to you.


Use your time wisely.

Divide and conquer! We’re not joking when we tell you that this will be the fastest hour of your life. Use your time wisely and keep an eye on the clock. Although this is a team effort, having everyone work on one puzzle at a time might not efficient. Try to split up and conquer several different puzzles at once if possible; you will cover more ground in a timely manner.


Don’t stress out about not escaping!

       Enjoy your time! There’s no need to stress out about getting stuck and not finding your way out. Not everyone escapes every single game they play. Have fun, immerse yourself in the game and do your best. These games are designed to get you working together and having fun. Win or lose, you will have obtained new information to apply to any future escape games!




Be organized!

Keep your clues and puzzles organized. Too many times we’ve seen teams fail because something got misplaced. Having a centralized area where you’re keeping everything will help you out through all the chaos! Once you solve a puzzle, it’s usually safe to put the puzzle aside (you might want to check with your game runners, this doesn’t always apply to every game). Pockets are black holes of escape games. Picture


Ask for help!

If you’re staring at a puzzle for 15 minutes and haven’t solved anything, it’s probably a good time to ask for some help. Here at Trapology Boston we allow you to ask for 3 hints! Use these when you’re feeling stuck and not progressing through any puzzles. These hints are designed to help you get out!