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What To Do After An Escape Room


The Trapology staff have played enough rooms to know it can be hard to figure out what to do after an escape room. When we finish an escape room, our adrenaline is still flowing strong and we want to do something fun with our remaining energy! We figure that we aren’t the only ones who never know what to do after an escape room, so we decided to come up with a list of our top 5 things to do after an escape room. Check them out below!

1. Ask for an in-depth walk through of the room


After each game, we offer complimentary walk throughs of the room. Whether your team gets out or not, we are happy to provide a chronological walk through of the solutions to all the puzzles in the room. 


2. Play another Trapology room


After your wonderful escape room experience at Trapology Boston, while you’re in the fun-having, puzzle solving mindset, be sure to ask what our availability is for the rest of the day! Here at Trapology Boston, we currently have five rooms (Drunk Tank, Hustler, Retreat, Crush Depth and SteamPunk Train). As an added bonus, if you play more than one game on the same day, you get a free Trapology Boston t-shirt! 


3. Take a Team Photo


In our lobby, we have a professional photo booth complete with signs, props, studio lighting and a Trapology Boston backdrop! Feel free to take as many photo booth photos as you’d like! We can also email and print out the complimentary photos so you can commemorate, hang up or share your exuberant experience. 

4. Reflect on your experience 

After a stimulating one-hour of teamwork and puzzle solving, be sure to reflect on your time in the room. Give your friend, son, mother, a slap on the back and tell them what a great job they did! If you had a good experience, feel free to write a Yelp or TripAdvisor review (just be sure you don’t reveal any of the room’s secrets). Reviews are always greatly appreciated, especially by your lovely game masters. If you give your game master a review shout out, they get a free pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! 


5. Celebratory drinks


After playing a room, whether you successfully escape or not, go out and celebrate afterwards! Bars are the perfect place to engage in celebratory drinks and post escape game reflections. Trapology is located on Tremont Street, in close proximity to various bars and restaurants. Teatro (a restaurant and bar) is conveniently located right below Trapology Boston!


Now that you’ve figured out what to do after an escape room, all that’s left to do is play the escape room first! Buy your tickets for a Trapology escape room right here.