How to Pick a Winning Escape Team

When playing an escape game, you want to put your best foot forward. It goes without saying that you would also want your teammates to put their best feet forward as well. You are going to want to assemble a team of comrades, pals, associates who have the skills and enthusiasm to bring you (and the rest of the team) to greatness.

First things first, you need to open your mind to all the possible challenges that could await you inside of a highly immersive, generation 3 escape game. There is going to be quite a lot going on, and you need to be prepared. There could be puzzles that will test your physical strength, your heart, and even your 6th grade-level math abilities. Sounds like a lot of balls in the air, doesn’t it? That is precisely why it is so important to choose people for your team that you know might have a talent that you can exploit.

Now that you have an exhaustive list of all possible puzzles, riddles, and challenges that might appear, you can start to hand pick your team.

Before we get into the psychology of potential teammates, let’s talk physicality. Find yourself a tall person; someone with lank, and arms that can reach far away places. Likewise, get a petite person who may be able to squeeze into tight spaces, should the situation present itself. You want the observant, the diligent, and the initiators on your side.

When it comes to puzzle skills, lots of real life scenarios can be applicable. Got a friend who loves scrabble? That’s your anagram guy. Are you good friends with a math major? Bring ‘em aboard! We weren’t kidding about the 6th grade math skills. Trust us. You want them. Are you acquainted with anyone who likes jigsaw puzzles? Your grandmother, perhaps? Bring her on down! You never know what you might have to put together in an escape room.

A few words of caution: there are people you should think about avoiding when organizing your future team. Avoid the over-thinkers, the worry-warts, and people who don’t know how to share (only children, we are looking at you). Those are the people who are going to slow you down. You don’t want someone who, every five minutes, tells you that five minutes has passed. You do not want to play with people who aren’t going to listen to your ideas, or grab things out of your hands. Puzzle hogs are the worst, I don’t care HOW good you are. Avoid playing with complainers or those who blame others. If you lose, you’ll likely not want to listen to them! Over-thinkers will steer you in the exact wrong direction. Puzzles will be intricate, but they are meant to be clever, not complicated. Some minds tend to work harder than they need to.


We hope that with this information, you will be able to put together a top notch, and collaborative group of people that could escape any room they set foot in. If you think you have that team, test them out at Trapology Boston, Boston’s best escape room!


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