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As a Game Master for Trapology Boston I have seen many teams go through our rooms. Many excited from their recent success, and others who just enjoyed their attempt to escape. After analyzing what makes a successful team, the Game Masters here at Trapology have come up with the Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts while playing. If you follow our escape room tips at all costs, you’ll be sure to see your success rate skyrocket at any escape room!


And now for our best escape room tips!



1. Use Clues

While some escape rooms do not permit or use clues, here at Trapology we actively promote using your 3 available clues. Puzzles are designed to be tough and push your problem solving skills to the limit. Clues are perfect for when you’ve been stumped for awhile and don’t see yourself making any progress. And don’t worry, you’re not penalized for using one (at least here at Trap).

2. Communicate

Communication is key, and this one will either make or break your team fundamentally. Ideas will be flying left and right while doing an escape room. If you don’t share your ideas, the whole team loses out on a potential solution or clue that can push you forward. Alternatively, even if you do have a solution to a puzzle, improper communication can lead to incorrect execution. The last thing you want is to give up on a puzzle entirely. Solutions can also get lost in the chaos if you don’t make sure your teammates are listening to your contributions.

3. Trust Your Game Master

This might seem like an obvious thing to write for escape room tips, but I can’t stress how important it is to trust your Game Master. While each GM has their own style, we all share the common goal of wanting to get teams out of the room. Whenever we give you a clue it’s always to help progress you further. While there will be times it seems that your team already knows the information given in a hint, look at it more deeply. If you receive a seemingly obvious clue, reflect on why you’re being told something you’re already aware of. You probably just need to try a different approach, or fill in some missing pieces.

4. Work Independently, But Also As A Team

Out of all of our escape room tips, this one probably seems the most contradictory. Communication and teamwork are vital to succeeding in an escape room, but sometimes it’s also helpful to divide and conquer. If your group is smaller than the recommended size for a room, there are probably a lot of puzzles to get through, and you don’t want to waste a single minute. Just make sure you keep everyone updated on what you’re solving!

5. Move Past Finished Puzzles

This tip may seem redundant, but is essential in saving time and progressing further. I have seen countless teams return back to completed puzzles, used keys, and so much more. Most times when you use or complete something, it leads you to the next step. After that, set it aside in a designated “finished” area so that you can move on. This can save a lot of time and brain power. When you lose focus of what you need to do next it can be hard to move forward.



1. Get Frustrated

This one is the most important escape room tips. Getting frustrated can make you lose sight of what you can still try, and you begin to just want the solution handed to you. Giving up can have a huge impact on the morale of a team, and no one has fun when they feel defeated. As a Game Master I always want my teams to enjoy what they are doing. When you get stumped: step back, breathe, and consider all your options. Use a clue, ask teammates for help, take a new perspective on your puzzle. Because getting frustrated can stop you from getting anywhere close to escaping a room.

2. Break Rules

While most teams do follow this and don’t break our rules, unfortunately we’ve run in to players that have ruined the experience. Game Masters understand that sometimes you just need to check a text or the time. But when someone is sitting on their phone or doing something that takes their focus away from the game, the rest of the team loses out on help they could’ve provided. Not to mention it can be distracting for other team members. This is especially negative when you are playing with people you don’t know, because it may make them wary of public bookings.

3. Argue

Whenever you go out to an escape room the expectation is to have fun. Usually most groups show up ready to have a good time, but that isn’t always the case. When you’re under a time restraint and looking at what feels like an impossible room, tensions can build. While this doesn’t happen often, every now and then we see groups get a little too heated inside of our rooms. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a breath and focus on having a good time. Of course there’s a competitive component to getting out, and the potential to set a record, but most importantly remember to have fun. This helps to keep a cool head and keep everyone at their best to solve puzzles. You never know who is right or wrong until you finish the room and no one wants to be put down while playing.  

4. Do everything solo

While you maybe an escape room pro and quick on your feet, you want to make sure you include your team. This way they get the full experience and can provide insight you might not have. This can help improve your problem solving and equip you with even better odds of escaping rooms in the future!

5. Ignore ideas

This one can feel like a battle of give and take where some ideas are listened to and others are ignored, and can lead to a salty “I told you so”. Like previously mentioned, ideas are flying left and right in any escape room, which makes it all the more important to listen to everyone. While some may not lead you where you need to go, you never know which answer is correct until you try. This can feel like a waste of time, but I’ve seen many teams forced to return to puzzles or clues because a previous idea was ignored. Remember that every idea could be your way out and everyone wants to be included in the experience!


From every Game Master here at Trapology Boston, we hope these escape room tips are helpful. Regardless of your experience level playing escape rooms, come down and give us a try. Who knows, these tips might just lead your team to victory!


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****Always follow the rules, respect property, and be respectful of all staff and other people playing in rooms no one wants their experience to be lessened by one mistake****