5 Ways Escape Rooms Strengthen Team Dynamics

Ever wonder what it takes to make a communicative, collaborative, and thriving team? Trapology has the answer: escape rooms. In our themed rooms you and your team members have to solve puzzles and crack codes before the time runs out. Successfully completing the room unlocks an end goal that can vary from saving someone’s life or finding treasure. Boston Trapology escape rooms strengthen team dynamics by providing a fun, immersive experience all players can enjoy. We’ve compiled 5 reasons our escape rooms are the ideal team-building exercise for your business.

Escape rooms strengthen teams just like this one! A group of smiling successful escapees!

Improve Team Collaboration

Escape Rooms are more than just a test of physical and mental prowess. They require you and your teammates to work together in order to complete the objectives quickly and efficiently. Some of our puzzles can’t be solved alone: one may need to call out directions while the other carries out the tasks. 

In addition, escape rooms make a great way to break the ice and foster team cohesion. they provide opportunities for team members to get out of their own headspaces and share ideas with one another, which creates an environment that is both productive and fun! Moreover, it can help improve communication by having quieter team members share their ideas and speak more. In escape rooms, what matters is that the end goal is achieved. Our games provide an easy way to provide a platform for all players to present their ideas. 

Develop Creative Problem Solving

In an escape room, problem-solving is central to any experience. All throughout the game, your employees face many challenges that encourage them to think creatively around not-so-ordinary problems.

The time pressure will boost your creative process and support the development of innovation skills. When you’re under a tight deadline, it forces you to work fast in order to find an answer more quickly than if there were no time constraints. Moreover, the pressure allows for your coworkers to develop task and time management skills. It helps managers efficiently delegate a large number of tasks into smaller parts and employees to work cohesively with the team to accomplish the goal.

Work Together on Equal Ground

Everyone is in the same rank in the game. There are no CEOs when it comes to an escape room team. Everyone is working together on the same level to solve the game. Being able to communicate with upper management like equals makes for better overall communication within the workforce. It can also improve the relationships between employees and management for better open communication. 

Exercise Adaptability 

Trapology has various themed adventures that stimulate all your senses and project movie-like settings. Escape games take people out of their regular, comfortable environments and put them into a whole new scenario. Your team will have to adapt to the new surroundings to accomplish its mission. 

An adaptable employee is a valuable asset to any workforce. They are someone who thrives on change and can easily shift gears to stay afloat. They don’t get flustered when changes come because they know that every end of the spectrum brings an opportunity for a fresh start, whether it’s good or bad.

For example, if there are last-minute project changes in order for them to do well on their team’s current assignment, they will take this challenge and work together with others to find the best solution possible. Similarly, if the room calls for a member to be assertive in one puzzle and a good listener in another, an adaptable employee is able to fill both roles.  A round of escape rooms is bound to show you the more adaptable among the crowd. 

Create a Shared Experience

Having a great memory can help in the workplace. Employees who have memories with their co-workers and team members are more likely to work well as one unit, boosting morale for all parties involved. The memory of working together and having fun in one of our escape rooms will stay with your team forever. A more cohesive workplace can also make your team’s mental work environment better and can improve employee satisfaction.

When an employee is happy at their job it affects how well they perform on a regular basis and also makes checking into work easier. Happy workers are more motivated and are more productive during all hours of their shift as opposed to those who might slack off when their efforts are not appreciated by others around them. 

Added Bonus: Highlight Employee Strengths

Working together is the only way to succeed in our games. But other than being able to strengthen team dynamics, escape rooms make a good place to see people’s strengths in different situations. Knowing an employee’s strengths can help you leverage these advantages when looking to give someone more responsibility for their current project.

Our rooms have puzzles of varying difficulties with a certain type of player in mind. These puzzles will put a spotlight on their best skills and give others insight into how they might be helpful. It’s always enlightening seeing what your coworkers are capable of doing outside work — especially if it gives them confidence moving forward knowing they excel at something else besides sales.

Strengthen your Teams with Us!

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. If you’re looking to enhance how your team works together, a fun escape room might be just the thing. Escape rooms foster teamwork and communication skills in solving puzzles or riddles that will help players escape an elaborate puzzle. Trapology has created intricate scenarios with challenges for all skill levels so everyone can enjoy themselves without feeling lost. If you’re interested in learning more about how our escape rooms can help strengthen your team dynamic, reach out! We would love to chat with you and see what we could do for your business.