How to Not Feel Defeated After Failing to Escape a Room

You tried your hardest. You were so close. 10 more minutes and you would have had it. But, alas, you did not escape. You and your team are probably feeling a little upset, possibly even angry. Maybe you might take it out on each other. You might take it out on your game master. Perhaps you even bring the bad vibes home and complain to your cats about how you didn’t manage to free yourself from Boston’s most challenging escape room. However bad you may be feeling in this instance, we can assure you that this was not our goal. Here, we will give some helpful tips on how you can avoid the grumpies after failing to escape a room.

Escape games should be challenging

We specifically designed this game in order to stimulate your mind, and to really make you try to think out of the box. If the game was easy, and escapable in 15 minutes, it would not be worth your time or money. Is that really the victory you were looking for when you set the goal to escape a room. You came here to be challenged, and you were!

You will be better prepared for the next time you try to escape a room

Now that we have walked you through the puzzles you missed in our room, you will probably be better equipped to go on and succeed in future escape games. You will know to be more thorough, and communicate with your team next time.

It’s not like you would have won anything

I mean, really, what do you get if you escape? Bragging rights? Big whoop. You played, you were entertained, it rocked. End of story.

Frowning gives you wrinkles


Regardless of a win, what you just did was COOL

You just spent a full hour with your friends, or maybe a group of strangers, solving riddles and puzzles. Maybe you didn’t escape a room, but you probably solved some, if not most of the puzzles. You can enjoy knowing that you just did something completely unique and unconventional.

Know the success rate

be sure to ask your game master what the success rate was of the game you just played. Odds are it is relatively low, and it will make you feel better, having not escaped. There is the chance that the success rate is high…in which case I won’t tell you how to feel. It’s your party, and you can cry if you want to.

We hope that these strategies can ease your pain. There are plenty of people who have been in your position. To escape a room requires just as much mental work as failing one does! On the other hand, if you think that you don’t need any of this advice, come by and prove us wrong.


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