Q: How much are tickets?

$32  Book tickets here or Buy gift card

Q: When should I arrive?

Arrive 17 minutes before game start time so we can brief you on your mission and Trapology game rules.

Your 60 minutes game experience will start exactly on time – with or without you!

Q: Will other people be in my game?

The Drunk Tank, Hustler, Retreat, Crush Depth, and Steampunk Train are all public booking. If there are extra tickets in your game, it is possible that others may also book into your game.

The Boobie Trap is private bookings only.  Once you book your tickets for 2-5 players, the room is closed off and the only people playing in this game are the ones that you’ve purchased tickets for.

Q: How do I book a private game?

To ensure a private experience, book all the tickets in your game.

Q: Is this suitable for children?

Trapology games are 18+. Alcohol, drinking, and other adult themes are referenced
Teens aged 14-17 must be accompanied by a legal guardian
Children 13 and under may play only with a private booking. All tickets in the game must be booked.

Q: What are your hours?

Monday: Special request only
Tuesday: 5:30-10:30
Wednesday: 2:30-10:30
Thursday: 2:30-10:30
Friday: 2:30-10:30
Saturday: 10:00-10:30
Saturday: 10:00-10:30

Additional hours are available upon special request

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Q: How many can fit in your games?

Drunk Tank: 10
Hustler: 10
The Retreat: 5
Crush Depth: 8
Steampunk Train: 5

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

Trapology has a strict no refund or reschedule policy

Q: How do I get to Trapology?

177 Tremont St Boston, MA 02171. Buzz up to the 2nd floor!
Boston Common Garage on 0 Charles St. Boston, MA 02111

MBTA: Green line on Boylston / Red line on Downtown Crossing / Orange Line on Chinatown stop


Q: My company would love to do a team building event with you

Excellent. We’d love to hear about how we can help your company. Read more about corporate team building here or e-mail

Q: I’m looking for a job. Can I join your team?

We are hiring gamemasters to join our team. E-mail your resume to

Q: Is the game more fun if I’m drunk?

Gaming under the influence (GUI) is strictly prohibited. If you are excessively intoxicated and/or being destructive, our gamemasters will end your entire team’s experience without refund or reschedule.

Q: Can you accomodate a wheelchair?

Trapology is located in a historical building in downtown Boston. There is an elevator available that can accomodate some wheelchairs. However, the elevator in the building is not ADA compliant.