Have you ever wondered if your Game Masters are actually paying attention to you? Well, either way, the answer is: yes – yes we are. And if you are part of the wonderful group that has made us laugh over the last few weeks in one of our escape rooms, then your witty charm may have just made it onto our list of…wait for it…

The Top 10 Things Overheard in our Escape Rooms:


  • (looking at Raquel Welch poster) “She’s a Star Wars, right?”
  • “You didn’t play catch with me as a kid, so this is your fault.”
  • “Shut up, Wilson!”
  • “Damnit Hailey! Now is not the time!”
  • (Puts bedsheet over head) “ooohh I’m a ghost”
  • (after Game Master heating up lunch) “Wow they even made it smell like a Chinese restaurant”
  • Screams… lots of Screams
  • “Fart muncher” (sibling fight)
  • “Diaper eater” (response to “Fart muncher”)


Stay tuned for our August list and, hey, maybe you’ll just see one of your fabulous phrases make our lineup! So stop on by for one of our escape rooms and give us a laugh or two! Do you have what it takes to make it onto our list and into our hearts?


The Pony Express