Trapology Boston escape game player regrets

I wish…A tale of escape game players’ regrets

Trapology Boston escape game players' regrets

Trapology Boston escape game players’ regrets


As we move into a new year, we all strive to establish a list of resolutions and goals and truly live up to the popular phrase, “New Year, New Me!” Here at Trapology Boston, the city’s best escape room, we like to keep in mind some of the mistakes we wished we hadn’t made and escape game players’ regrets we have from this past year. We aren’t usually a negative bunch — in fact quite strongly the opposite — but we know the benefit that many can have from remembering the negatives and using that as the groundwork for that “New Me.” Working at a Boston escape room gives us all a prime seat to see, in a short-term setting, the process of mistake, realization, regret, and finally growth.

Many a time, we have had teams who have fallen short in one of our games, return with escape game players’ regrets in tow, and succeed greatly in another one of our experiences. Following are some of those past escape game players’ regrets and what we believe to be the lessons that may follow:

I wish..
I had listened to my teammates more!
Quite frequently we have some players who feel that they are the lone voice and the only reasonable person on their team. With that, comes unlimited power and the inability to hear the thoughts and ideas of others around them. Now unless we have a master escaper (i.e. Houdini or Andy Dufresne), we doubt that one person could possibly single-handedly lead their team to escape.
Usually, there comes a moment in these types of games where the “Lone Wolf” realizes, Hey, maybe I should have listened to these other guys. And more often than not, that moment is during the walkthrough following their failure. We can promise that, when that person has learned they missed 6 hidden clues, incorrectly solved 5 puzzles, and hurt the feelings of 4 of their teammates, they will be walking out with quite a bit of escape game players’ regrets.

I wish…
I had planned to hit the bars after escaping.
Downtown Boston offers a wide array of dive pubs, nightclubs, and themed bars; a perfect area to spend a fun night out with friends, and maybe a few libations. With a few drinks comes tipsiness, negatively impacted decision-making skills, and the thought: That looks like a nice escape game prop! Maybe I should destroy it so no one after me will be able to experience this fun!!
When people come to enjoy our games drunk, or even tipsy, it never ends well. Both for the players involved and for Trapology Boston. We ask that if you are looking to play one of our rooms, that you wait to drink after and not have to regret making a complete fool of yourself in front of friends, strangers, and us.

I Wish…
I had trusted the guidance of my game master.
We’ve seen it all; the drunk, the insane, the confident, and the bewildered. But no matter the person or scenario, we find there to be a rather significant divide between player and game master. Now, we take every single one of our games here at Trapology very seriously, and we have no hidden agenda when it comes to your success or failure. We are here for the sole reason of helping you and making sure everything runs smoothly. Anything we communicate to you during the course of your escape is given for a reason and deemed to be the most useful tip or hint at that exact moment. It is not worth refuting a message from your game master, and it is definitely not worth leaving the room regretting that decision. In most cases, our game masters are jumping up and down hoping you find the items you need and solve the puzzles that will get you out of the room. As stated before, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!
As you gear up for your next escape game, keep some of our past escape game players’ regrets in mind!