Top 5 Places to Take Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Last week we gave you 5 amazing gift options for Mother’s Day, but since Trapology prides itself on being helpful we’ve decided to go the extra mile. Now that you have the perfect gift for your mom, you need to figure out the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day with her! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of great places you can take your mom to make this Mother’s Day one she’ll always remember.

5. Mother’s Day Brunch

Brunch might be a bit basic, but it’s a classic Mother’s Day outing for a reason: People love food. That alone is why brunch will never go out of style, and luckily Boston has an endless number of brunch options. Some of our personal favorites are The Buttery, Stephanie’s on Newbury, Sonsie, and Back Bay Social Club, but you can find a much longer list of popular brunch locations here!

4. Boston Public Garden

Now that Spring is here it’s time to get outside! The Boston Public Garden is a great place to go if you’re looking to take a nice leisurely stroll outside, and you’ll also be able to see a variety of trees, flowers, statues, and more. If you don’t feel like walking, you can also sit back, relax, and take a ride on a swan boat!

3. Chocolate Tasting Kit

If you’re looking for something to do with a mom who’s got a sweet tooth, look no further! Purefections Chocolates offers custom gift boxes!

2. Brewery Tours

Speaking of tours, perhaps your mom prefers the taste of a nice cold beer over chocolate. Or if she loves both, make an entire day out of Mother’s Day by taking your mom on a brewery tour! The Samuel Adams brewery is popular among tourists, but if you’re looking to mix it up check out City Brew Tours. With City Brew Tours you can browse over 10 different Boston breweries, and book your tour right on their website!

1. Trapology Boston

I mean, come on. You had to know this was coming. Obviously we’re going to say that the best place you could take your mom for Mother’s Day is Trapology. But seriously, we’re not just saying that to give ourselves some shameless promotion, it really is a great place to take her. An escape room is a unique activity filled with thrills and adventures that promote teamwork and collaboration, making it the perfect opportunity to get in some bonding time with mom! If that sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day to you, you can buy tickets right here. And if that doesn’t sound perfect, click here. (It’s definitely not the same link, we promise.)