Escape Room Chronicles: How not to be “That Guy”

So,  who is “that guy?” He or she is the person on your team that totally ruins your experience in an escape room. They’re the person you wish you had just left at home. You might not think so, but “that guy” could be you! We have put together a list of helpful ways you can prevent becoming “that guy” when playing an escape game.


Follow the rules

Seems obvious, no? You would be surprised. The rules of the game are designed to ensure the best possible experience. Even though breaking things might seem like a good idea, it only buys you a one-way ticket to ruining your team’s good time. Sometimes, it can even lead to your game ending early. If you are the person who uses excessive force and repeatedly gets reprimanded by your game master, it is embarrassing for your teammates and ruins the fun. So, follow the rules!


Be kind to your teammates

You only have one hour to escape Boston’s most challenging escape game, so why waste time fighting with your teammates? If a clue is overlooked, or someone makes a mistake, being rude or aggressive towards team members is counterproductive. This is important to remember especially if you are playing a game with strangers. Harsh language might make players uncomfortable, and will hinder your ability to work together.


Be a team player

This tip goes hand in hand with #2, but it deserves mentioning. It is crucial that you keep an open mind during your escape game. If you are working on a puzzle and you aren’t making any progress, let others take a look. “That guy” has a habit of having a one-track mind and disregarding his teammates’ suggestions. Now, imagine that idea you just shot down was the very solution to the puzzle? Feeling pretty silly right about now, aren’t you? Don’t be a puzzle hog!


Be a good sport

Trapology Boston is home to the most challenging escape games. It would not be enjoyable if the game was easy. If you and your team do not end up escaping, try not to let your bad mood affect your overall experience. Your negative energy could end up coloring the views of your teammates. Even if you did not escape, you still want to be able to look back on your experience fondly.


Be kind to your game masters

When players forget that their game masters can hear everything in the room, it is…unfortunate. When “that guy” starts shouting expletives at their game master from inside the room, it decreases your chances of receiving a hint. Once again, using that kind of language and aggression can create an uncomfortable environment for the rest of the team.


Don’t ruin the surprise

We understand it can be highly entertaining to come back to replay games with your friends. What is not fun, however, is when repeat players solve puzzles before others have had a chance to try. We ask that you kindly stand back, and let your team work things out on their own.


If after reading this, you start to think that maybe you are “that guy,” don’t worry. There is still hope for you. Come and play a room at Trapology Boston and redeem yourself by being the most thoughtful player you can be!