Escape rooms are difficult. That’s the point, most of the time. Trapology Boston’s games are designed to be the most challenging rooms in town. But there are some simple things you can do to make it easier and more enjoyable for you and your team, and we’re taking this opportunity to share those things with you! Take it from someone who’s watched a lot of people play these things: this will help.


  1. Examine everything. 

I am not exaggerating. Don’t assume you’re stuck before you have looked at every possible surface that you can access without excessive force. Look under the bed. Under your shoes. In the cabinets. Look your friend in the eyes and tell her you appreciate her. Look deep inside yourself and ask: what’s truly holding you back? Do some yoga. Delete Facebook. Hit the gym. Escape. The. Room.

2. Share clues.

If something lights up, you should tell someone. If you find a key, you shout about that key to the mountaintops. Withholding information will not get you out of the room faster, but it will slowly degrade your relationships and other peoples’ trust in you over the course of years. The truth will set you free!

3. Use clues.

We give everyone 3 clues not as a way to cheat, but as a tool to win. We’ve factored those clues into the difficulty of the room, and there is no shame (no shame!) in using them. We would rather you win with clues than lose without them.

4. Enjoy the experience.

You also don’t need to win! As a wise dude once said, “It’s the journey, not the destination.” The journey! We make these rooms to be fun and immersive regardless of whether or not you get out, and we genuinely want you to have fun for as long as you’re in there. Think of it this way: losing means spending a full, luxurious hour in a scenic location. Why is everyone in such a hurry to leave :’(

5. Watch out for recurring symbols.

If something shows up twice it’s probably important, and the two things with the symbols are probably related. That key with an eye in a triangle might unlock that door with an eye in a triangle. Or you’re actually being watched by the Illuminati and you should seek help immediately. (Blink twice if you’re being watched and we will send help discreetly. Trust no one but yourself. And us. Trust us. We’re trustworthy :] )

6. Fill out the waiver beforehand!

Everyone who visits Trapology Boston has to sign a waiver for safety reasons, and you can do it on our website right when you book. It saves time on the day of and helps get everyone into the game as quickly as possible!


But seriously, the most important tip we can offer is: have fun.


We hope to see you soon for one of our games. As always, everyone at Trapology Boston looks forward to having new and exciting teams come through our doors.

George Carlin