Ten funny things heard in The Hustler – A Boston Escape Game

A lot of our players ask our staff after their escape game, “wait….you heard everything we were saying?”.  The answer is yes, yes we heard everything during your escape game. While we’re watching your games intently, sometimes we just have to giggle with you. Our staff kept a list of the funniest things they hear during The Hustler here at Trapology Boston.

  1. “Something has to do with something; and this thing definitely has to do with that thing”
  2. “I have the smallest hands here. Let me do the small thing.”
  3. “Oops, My penis fell off’ (bachelorette referring their penis keychain)
  4. “Woah, how did they get that up there”
  5. “Pam, it’s cause you pressed it into the hole!!” (buzzer)
  6. “Is it my left….or the lock’s left?”
  7. “We’ve got too many hands in the pot!!’
  8. Person 1: I don’t read anything.  Person 2: Well that’s why we have this problem.
  9. “Everyone start hissing!!” (Group all beings to hiss like snakes)
  10. “I laughed so hard I just farted…again!”