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Why Trapology Boston is the Best Escape Room

What makes Trapology Boston escape rooms better than the rest? People ask us this question all the time, but there’s not one simple answer. A few things that distinguish Trapology from other escape rooms are our amazing staff and our unique rooms. Most importantly at Trapology, we aim to go above and beyond in all areas. It also doesn’t hurt that we have floor to ceiling windows displaying a wonderful view of the Boston Common! Here are even more reasons why Trapology Boston is the best escape room around:


One unique thing about the Trapology game masters is that we make an effort to connect with the players in order to provide a great customer service experience. We like to engage with players by asking about their previous escape room experience and if they feel we reach their expectations, or how we can improve. We wouldn’t be able to do what we love if people didn’t enjoy themselves, which is why we believe that getting customer input is the most important part of our job. When customers have fun, we have fun!


Our fearless leader (and manager), Tina, ensures that game masters are always on task. She makes sure that games are being watched and reset properly so that all customers have a flawless experience. Tina is the ultimate jack of all trades, addressing and fixing technical issues, handling any issues customers have, and making sure the Trapology ship is running as smoothly as possible. She also has a fondness for dogs and Game of Thrones that is unparalleled!


Cori is a dedicated employee that focuses on corporate events and team building. She works hard to make sure the companies that come to Trapology have the best corporate bonding experience possible. Thanks to Cori, corporate teams that reserve our lobby space for their events can enjoy an open bar and catering! If you’re interested in planning a corporate event at Trapology, feel free to get in touch with Cori at


There’s no way Trapology Boston would even exist without the owners, Nicole and Jason. Not to brag or anything, but they are some of the most creative and driven people you will ever meet. They design all of our rooms with care and precision because they strive to provide a fun and inclusive experience for everyone. They also take the time to read all customer feedback that we receive so they can constantly improve Trapology and make it the best it can be.


At Trapology all of our games are fully designed in-house, which is something we are very proud of. While Nicole gets most of the credit for this, she always asks for input from the Trapology staff and often incorporates their ideas into the rooms. While the exact methods of our design process must remain a mystery, we do allow members of the public to get involved by beta testing. If you’re interested in beta testing our new rooms head to our website and see if you can find the hidden button that leads to our beta testing page!

Still don’t believe that Trapology Boston is the best escape room around? Don’t take it from us, check out this awesome review left by one of our many satisfied customers:

This is the best escape room in Boston. The rooms are complex but rewarding, with excellent attention to detail and very professional staff. Our guide was Craig and he really brought the story of the room to life for our team. Their system of hints is great and all of their rooms are well done. Highly recommend!”


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