The Trapology control room–a nexus of camera monitors, complicated equipment, and highly-trained game masters. Every moment of your top-of-the-line escape at Trapology is made possible by the combined intellect and puzzle-smarts of our expert staff. Truly, the level of mental discourse that goes on in our control room is comparable to that which you could overhear in a Harvard lecture hall. Here are just a few of the iconic maxims that have been uttered behind the scenes at Trapology.

“Espresso at 6:30pm? Damn, girl.”

“I threw a chip at my mouth and I missed.”

“I can’t wait to go home and boil some lemons.”

“Reading is for nerds. Breaking things is what all the cool kids are doing.”

“Hachi machi!”

“Sorry I keep apologizing for everything. Wait, sorry! Wait, agh!”

“Where’s the thing that people talk into?” “You mean, the phone?”

“My life is like an episode of that really funny show.”

“Code five!”

“If you clench all your muscles and stare at your phone, it’ll charge faster.” “Yeah, but I might poop.”

“Leave me alone, Dad!”

“You guys are worse than the people who stole my lunch money in high school.”

“If you don’t take my compliments well, I will fire you.”

Now that you’ve been exposed to some of the brilliance of our game masters, don’t be surprised if your I.Q. has shot up a few points. Looking for things to do now that you’re genius-adjacent? We recommend a bracing test of your newfound smarts at Trapology. Maybe you’ll hear some more kernels of wisdom while you’re there.