TrapTalk Episode 8: Laia Cabrera & Co – Multimedia Design

TrapTalk Podcast with Laia Cabrera & Co – Multimedia Design

In this TrapTalk, dynamic pair Laia and Isabelle from Laia Cabrera & Co. discussed how they first met and continue to work together to combine their skills in technology and film making to turn a multimedia design into beautiful visual and interactive storytelling. We explore how their design continues to evolve as technology progresses. The latest technology mixed with authentic stories helps Laia Cabrera & Co stick out from the rest. We dive deep into the methods Laia and Isabelle use to create their well-known performance art pieces.

Listen to this TrapTalk about Multimedia Design and hear about how: 

  • Projection mapping is paving the way for interactive events.
  • These two women are breaking down doors and making a name for themselves with these emerging platforms.

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