3 Easy Ways to Save Company Culture While Working Remotely

Working remotely is a growing trend in U.S. business, with more companies choosing to hire remote employees and freelancers instead of on-site workers. The best way for companies to help workers during these uncertain times is by increasing company culture. That’s why we did the hard part for you – we’ve compiled 3 easy ways to save company culture for your remote team.

Employees who work remotely have found that remote working has improved their company’s overall experiences. This is because they are able to avoid crowded transportation, reduce stress, and have an increased sense of control over their work setting. Clearly, there must be something good about being in your own comfort zone!

A Virtual Trappy Hour is one of the many ways to save company culture while working remotely.

Why It’s Important to Save Company Culture

Even if we’re not in the same physical space as each other – now more than ever- it’s important to find ways to save company culture to maintain a healthy company culture.

The benefits are numerous: decreased overhead costs, increased productivity from a more focused work environment, and fewer distractions for the employee (fewer interruptions by co-workers). But it’s not all smooth sailing when you’re working from home. There are some pitfalls that come with the territory as well. Namely, how do you keep your company culture intact without being able to interact face-to-face with your coworkers on a regular basis?

Working remotely can be a challenge for some people. The loss of the watercooler conversations that make you feel like part of something bigger than yourself may leave you feeling disconnected and lost in space.

Save Company Culture with Spatial Chat!

Hold on! Let me explain because I’m not talking about running an 8-hour Zoom meeting *shudder*. One of the best parts of being in an office is those little moments you share with your coworkers in between meetings and calls. 

Effective (and safe) Communication

Remote work has proven to be a valuable solution for many professionals. Video and spatial chat apps offer the perfect way to collaborate with those who are working remotely. We all know that Zoom is a reliable app for everyone to use. However, consider trying these 5 unique video chat tools for some added utility to your team of professionals. 

Interactions Become Less Daunting

Professionalism is often tamed by seeing our colleagues wearing casual clothes at home. Spatial chats help humanize them. They help everyone build empathy and become more relatable. Imposing managers don’t seem quite so daunting with their kids screaming in the background.

Your employees might be feeling lonely and isolated working from home. But the solution could just be to have them do what everyone else does at work: chatter away! Video calls can feel intrusive. Instead, try an always-on voice chat app like Skype or Google Hangouts. This way, you can have your teams communicate and make small talk without having to worry about looking good in front of the camera. 

Interaction begets Productivity

Company culture is strengthened when employees have regular office catch-ups and work-related discussions. Remember, it’s not so much that these catch-ups happen frequently, but more so that they happen as scheduled.

Studies show that these interactions have a big influence on how productive an employee may see themselves. It’s also linked to how valued they feel in the (virtual) workplace. Spatial chat allows for managers to provide these interactions and improve an employee’s productivity — consider giving positive feedback to the team, greeting an employee with a “happy birthday”, or commenting on positive changes in a co-worker’s life.

Make Connections by Sending Out Care Packages

Show your team you’re thinking of them! Even something as small as a chocolate bar or cookie can elevate a team member’s day. Some companies prefer handing out a fun snack such as a loaf of banana bread or a bottle of wine. Other businesses like to give out custom company face masks to help advertise their brand. However, It’s best to consider a few other things before sending out your care package.

Give your gifts a bit more thought

Consider sending subscription services as tools that give a better quality of life. They probably already have a Netflix, Hulu, Prime, or Spotify subscription. Instead, try a subscription to Kindle Unlimited or Audible so they can read during their free time. You can also provide RSVPs for events they could attend in the future such as, let’s say, an outdoor escape adventure with friends and family?

Send a letter of appreciation!

It’s important for management to add a little message to have their employees know WHY it’s being sent. For smaller teams, this also allows for the chance to make the care package more personalized even if the contents are not.

Host a Virtual Happy Hour!

Remote employees can feel isolated at times. This is why it’s important to have virtual happy hours, coffee breaks, or lunches with remote teams in order for them to foster a sense of togetherness and understanding.

More than just a Company Gathering

Happiness is the key to success. You know how fun and exciting it is trying to finish a complicated puzzle or score a point during trivia night. Happy hours are a great way to encourage employee engagement and productivity. Moreover, they’re great for fostering teamwork and instilling confidence among coworkers.

Develop Positive Relationships

Happy hour with your team can be a great way to share laughs and let go of stress. It’s also important for forming close relationships that will lead to more productivity, cohesion, and trust in the workplace.

Improve Employee Morale

Virtual happy hours are a great way to build your team’s creativity and morale. You’ll notice that your employees become more likely to share their ideas or take initiatives in projects once they feel that their input is being valued. A small victorious moment during your happy hour activity is all it takes to make them feel like a productive member of the company.

Make it informal and relaxing. Work doesn’t have to always be ‘work’. Taking time to make sure your team is talking about more than that new expense report is important to not overlook.

Host a Virtual Trappy Hour with us!

Every month, the passionate Trapology staff can lead your team through a lively and wittyTrappy Hour activity. Wacky quiz shows? Check. The most bizarre project proposal you’ll ever give? Check. Virtual Trappy Hour brings an activity for every personality type and we can’t wait to show you how much fun a virtual team building event can really be!

It can be difficult to stay connected with your team when you’re working remotely, but luckily there are a few things you can try. Your company culture will suffer if it doesn’t feel like people are getting together at the office. We hope these 3 easy ways to save company culture can help make remote work more fun and enjoyable for your employees. So take some time this week to implement them and see what happens! If any of these ideas sound interesting or helpful, contact us today so we can discuss how we can work toward keeping your company culture thriving while running a remote workforce.