Holiday pop-up mini escape game: Frosty



You have just stumbled into a magical winter wonderland, and who do you find? None other than Frosty the Snowman! Only something seems wrong… his magic hat is missing! Looks like you’ve got about 30 minutes till high noon. If we can’t find Frosty’s magic hat within 30 minutes, dear old Frosty has got a one way ticket to puddle town. We can’t let that happen! Look around, solve the mystery, find Frosty’s hat and save the day!

Trapology Boston will be donating proceeds from our Frosty mini pop-up escape room to help the Boston homeless.

“The mission of Women’s Lunch Place (WLP) is to provide a safe, comfortable daytime shelter, nutritious food, and supportive services to women experiencing poverty or homelessness in Greater Boston. Our maxim is ‘Dignity is Everything.’ Our belief that every woman is worthy of being treated with dignity and humanity encompasses every aspect of how we provide services. From the moment a guest first enters our door, we recognize her value and strive to help her feel worthy. We are prepared to respond to her critical immediate needs and after those are met we collaborate with the guest in reaching longer-term goals. First we feed the body then we feed the spirit. We support her desire to find a home, a job, or to seek treatment for a mental illness or substance abuse. We are always open to building a trusting relationship with each woman and offering personal attention to assure she is supported in the decisions she makes to recover and thrive. Since 1982, WLP has been a refuge for women seeking a respite from the streets or in search of a welcoming community.”

We, at Trapology Boston hope to raise our goal of a $1000 donation and also purchase warm sweaters, socks, and clothing that will really help people this winter! Trapology’s Frosty mini escape game is 30 minutes long and $90 per game. The game is suited for up to 6 players. The game can be adapted to be easier/more difficult dependent on the group.





Q: How can I book?

A: Purchase tickets here! — Ticket sales are not currently open. Join our mailing list above to be the first to know!


Q: How long is the mini escape game? 

A: 30 minutes


Q: How much are tickets?

A: Each game is $90 and can hold up to 6 players.


Q: How many people can we fit in the Frosty game?

A: 6 people!


Q:  Is this a family-friendly game?

A: Yes! This is our Trapology game that is available for all ages. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We recommend this game for ages 6 and above.


Q: What should I bring/wear?

A: Bring your sense of adventure, and wear your best puzzling pants! No serious acrobatics are involved.


Q: Where is it?

A: Please meet in our 2nd floor lobby of 177 Tremont St. Boston, MA 02111. We are expanding to a new home on the 5th floor of the same building and will escort you to Frosty’s winter wonderland.

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