Quotes of Immeasurable Wit

Albert Einstein was once allegedly asked what he would do if he were given one hour to solve a problem; he responded that he would “spend fifty-five minutes thinking about the problem and then five minutes solving it.” The ratio of minutes-thinking to minutes-solving tends to vary over the course of the hour that Trapology guests are allotted to work their way out of our puzzle-packed award-winning escape rooms. There is one thing, though, that they consistently do for all sixty minutes and that, of course, is say hilarious nonsense under the duress of extremely difficult challenges. Below are some golden examples of quotes from guests for the past month.


  • (Guest walks out room) Staff: “Is everything okay?” Guest: “Oh, I’m just farting.”
  • “I thought this was gonna be so much easier.”
  • “Everyone stop. Hang on…Are we idiots?”
  • Guest 1: “I’m too cool to ask for a hint.” Guest 2: “So you’re gonna be too cool to win?”
  • “Dude, this is just like Fortnite.”
  • “Get Mom to do this one, it involves reading.”
  • “We can’t do math! Take pity on us!”
  • “This is a nightmare, but in a good way.”
  • Guest 1: “We already used that key.” Guest 2: “What if it’s like…a magic key?”
  • “Retweet!” (A guest said this every time their group solved something. Every. Single. Time.)
  • “See! I’m actually smarter than you think!”
  • “We’re not fools. It’s just hard and we’re scared.”
  • Guest 1: “You’re too aggressive.” Guest 2: “Someone actually told me that today at a meeting.”


Einstein also had another quote: “there are two things that are infinite: the universe, and human stupidity. And I’m not so sure about the universe.” We here at Trapology like to have a little bit more faith in the intelligence of our guests, but what’s definitely infinite is the endless source of wisdom and humor they spout while waist-deep in riddles and padlocks. Tune in next month for another set of quotes straight from the escape rooms at Trapology Boston–if you book a game with us today, your catchphrase just might make the list!