Special Events in the City that are Perfect for an Escape Game

Escape Rooms are designed for the purpose of teamwork, excitement, and imagination. Playing an escape room is a great activity for a rainy day… but it doesn’t stop there! We at Trapology Boston can tell you a number of awesome occasions and special events in the city that would be celebrated perfectly with an escape game.



If you know your friend likes to puzzle, and they’ve never tried an escape game before, bring them to Trapology Boston. It will be the best birthday present you can give them. An entire hour of them and their closest buddies all working together to escape, with fun surprises at every corner – what could be better? If it is a big party you could even rent out our entire lobby and have the place to yourselves! We have caterers and bartenders that we highly recommend, email Tina (tina@trapologyboston.com) for more info. Plus, the birthday boy or girl will receive a special gift from the Trapology team, but you will have to come celebrate with us to find out what it is!


Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

Picture this: you are the best man/maid of honor, and you have your job on lock. You’ve got the evening planned from dinner to dance club. You’ve got the t-shirts, the playlist, everything. But what do you do beforehand? Easy! Bring your squad to Trapology Boston for a little out-of-the-box fun! If you play The Drunk Tank there may or may not be handcuffs involved :)!!



If it is a family excursion or a group of friends celebrating the end of an era, you and your party will have an excellent time playing an escape game at Trapology Boston. Give your mind a break from all the final exams, plans for the future, telling your distant relatives if you have a job yet, and dig into some elaborate and amusing puzzles.


Mother’s or Father’s Day

Unfortunately, Mother’s Day this year has already passed, but now you can have an excellent plan lined up for next year. It is always one of the most enjoyable special events in the city. We would bet our right arm that all your Mother wants for her special day is to spend it with you, doing an activity. Skip the $40 candle and treat your mom to something she’d never thought she’d be doing…solving puzzles! When you’re done, you can take her out to a delicious brunch at one of these awesome restaurants nearby.

This is also an excellent plan for a Father’s day outing. Let your dad be the boss that he always tries to be. If you are a father yourself, bring your kids along (14-year-olds and older)! We have seen some excellent family teams come through our games. Have bonding experience that you will both take with you after you leave! Grab lunch or a drink at any of our favorite spots.

We hope you come to celebrate one of the many special events in the city with us.