What kind of an escape game player are you?


The Hufflepuff/Hoarder; finds all the clues but solves nothing

You are The Hoarder! You start the game a little overwhelmed, and not too confident in your abilities. However, you are a great asset to your team, as you are able to very thoroughly inspect the room. You find and collect all of the clues and serve as a storage unit for your teammates. It is okay that you may not know what to make of your findings, as your teammates can come to your aid. Without your help, your team would not know where to even begin!

The Delegator

You are the team’s Delegator! You are extremely confident in your abilities and immediately decide to carry the team on your back. You give directions, pep talks, useful insight etc; You oversee things. You assign people to puzzles, then sit back and watch your ideas come to life. Your team would be nothing without you (or at least that’s what you think) leading everyone in the right direction.

The addict / Master of Escape; has played every escape room in every country

You are the Live escape game master! Ever since you got your first taste, it has been non-stop adventure. You try and satisfy your cravings maybe a few times a month, and even go the extra mile of traveling to various countries to play. You know all the tricks puzzlemasters have up their sleeves; as a result, you are well respected and appreciated by your team.

The Natural; supposed first time escape room player that breezes through everything

You are the Natural! You decided to attempt an escape room just for fun. Being that it was your first time, you were not expecting much out of it. However, out of this experience was born a star. You performed with so much excellence, that the puzzlemasters doubted that you never played a similar game prior. Naturals like you are rare, don’t let that talent go to waste.

Double checker. Distrusting of other teammates and rightfully so.

You are Doubtful Debbie! Whether you are playing with friends or strangers, you often have trouble trusting your teammates. You are very thorough and make sure to double check every inch of the room(s). However, you do so in a manner that is not hurtful to your teammates’ ego’s. You manage to pick up everyone’s slack very gracefully and your actions do not go unnoticed.

Lock picker; finds a way to successfully brute force every lock in the room/confident and trusting of himself

You are The Locksmith! You are able to use a minimal amount of clues in order to finagle your way into combination locks. You are also very thorough, and prefer to use mental strength versus physical. You are never one to begin a task without ensured completion.Your teammates can rely on you to get them out in record time; however, they may secretly loathe you for taking the fun out of puzzle solving.

The DO-ER; tries to solve everything in the room on their own

You are The Overachiever! You get very excited and competitive, maybe a little too much so. Even with a group of teammates ready to help, you often try and solve every puzzle on your own. You are of great use to the team but it wouldn’t hurt to take a step back once in awhile, and let your other teammates shine. You are confident in your abilities and want to get the full experience out of the game.

Quiet person; solves everything but doesn’t communicate it to their teammates…

You are The Silent, but Deadly player! To you, actions speak louder than words. You are not one to brag and boast on your successes. In a game, you are efficient at solving all the puzzles, but often fail to communicate your discoveries to your teammates. Your ideas are often great, so have a little more faith in yourself! You could lead your team to success.

The Skeptic

You are The Skeptic! In real life you might be one to follow conspiracy theories. In the game, you may feel like the establishment is out to get you; maybe they are… Is everything in the room a red-herring? Are the clues being given even true? Are you even really locked in the room? You do a little more questioning then solving, but at the end of the game, remember it’s all fun and games!

The Scatterbrain

You are the Team’s Scatterbrain. You seem to be afraid of commitment and prefer to bounce from puzzle to puzzle, contribute a bit, then run away. It might be that you do not want to be wrong or maybe you just want to experience every part of the room. This method is perfectly fine as you are both helpful but still allow your other teammates to chip in. At the end of the game, your teammates will be sure to give your ideas a shoutout.

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