4 Types of Team Building Your Company Needs

Types of team building can include solving puzzles together like this team!

Team building is an important part of any company’s culture. It helps to bring people together, work as a team and get the creative juices flowing. There are many types of team building activities that you can choose from for your employees. This blog post will cover some of the most popular types including activity-based, skilled-based, value-based, and team bonding. Read on to find out about all the different ways you can build your company’s teamwork through effective teambuilding exercises.

Activity-based Team Building – set a goal and accomplish it together.

This type of team-building puts members into situations wherein they need to accomplish a common goal. The members must learn how to work together in order for the goal to be completed successfully. There are two types of activity based team building, physical and intellectual 

Physical activities such as Escape Rooms or Outdoor Adventures can be eye-opening experiences for people more used to sitting at a desk all day long. This type of team building also provides opportunities to work closely with others in order to navigate the course together. This is great practice when it comes time for brainstorming ideas on how best to approach difficult business problems. 

Of course, there is always intellectual activity too! Whether you’re bending your brain trying crossword puzzles, virtual escape rooms, word jumbles, Trappy Hours, or playing challenging games – these types of thinking exercises help cultivate creative problem-solving skills that could come in handy during meetings later down the line.

Skill-based Team Building – isolate skills and improve them

This type of group activity tries to help employees grow with new and improved skills. You can have these done either informally among your peers or formally through workshops led by experts who know best!  It is designed to teach them skills that they will be needing directly in their workplace. These include negotiation, conflict management training, sales pitching, communication, leadership, etc… 

Employees learn skills that are beneficial for their job, which will improve the team’s overall performance. There are a variety of methods employed to teach these lessons so not everyone feels bored or frustrated during the class. This can lead to higher team performance, which is something every organization, manager, and team member strives for!

Value-based Team Building – Get everyone behind the message

A good Value-based Team Building is one that the entire company can partake in. It helps to make everyone feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Which in turn gives them an opportunity to bond with each other as well. Value-based Team Building activities vary greatly from charity events such as food drives or donating time at animal shelters for abandoned pets.

These types of team building activities are a great way to get out there and feel like you’re making an impact in the world. This company you may have heard of even makes it an annual event!

Team Bonding –  Make Memories

This type of team building focuses on having the members of the team relax and bond. The goal is to build a stronger connection between people in order to help them work better together. It can be done at an office retreat or during company-wide meetings where you can set a designated time for fun activities as well as more serious ones like presentations or workshops.

Escape rooms for example,  are an excellent way for managers to emphasize teamwork over individualism. They can be played with any size team, making it perfect for all sorts of groups from family reunions to corporate retreats! As you watch your employees enjoy themselves playing games together after hours, you’ll notice that their relationships are strengthening and they’re forming bonds that will last far beyond the end of the event. This type of team building focuses on having members share information about themselves.

Final roundup

Your employees are the most important asset to your company. When they’re happy, they will produce better work and you’ll have more success in business. And as you can see, there are many types of team building that can be done in order to help keep your workforce motivated and satisfied with their jobs. 

If you want some extra guidance or advice from someone who has done plenty of this before, send us a message! We would love to chat about ways we could improve employee morale at your organization–it’s something we’re experts at!